About Me & My Subscription Boxes Story

Hey there!

Thanks for dropping by, my name is Jenny. I am 26 years old and I am a Graphic Designer that loves to learn and try anything and everything!

My latest obsession is subscribing to subscription boxes. At first, I thought wasting your money every month on something you probably don’t need was dumb BUT after seeing so many reviews and subscription box discounts, I thought I would try it out. How bad can getting free stuff be, right?

I started on July 10, 2013 with Birchbox, the infamous beauty sample box that EVERYONE loved… somethings I liked and somethings I didn’t. For $10 getting 5 samples wasn’t too impressive $2 a pop was ridiculous if you ask me… samples are suppose to be free so why would I pay that stuff? Well despite all my discretions, I thought to myself… “Would I rather buy $50 or more to get 5 deluxe samples I want or pay $10 for samples I don’t know if I’m going to like them?”. Well in order to see what I will and will not like I have to experiment somehow. I figured it’s better to test the expensive products first then to buy them and having to return them because it doesn’t work with my face.

I usually spend around $70 for like two things of lotion and softener and that lasts me several of months, expensive I know! I don’t know why but my face constantly changes a lot so when I buy these expensive name brand products and can’t use them anymore-it’s money down the drain. I tried using cheap products and my face reflected badly so I end up going back to buying brand names again. The good thing about some of these subscription boxes is that they have deluxe/luxury brands for a reasonably price. Subscription boxes it is!

After reading blogs after blogs about subscription boxes I was interested in, I decided to subscribe to a different beauty box each month and compare which company had the best quality line. Since it’s barely been a month-researching takes time. And apparently subscribing to these boxes takes time too… you’re literally on a waiting list. Some sites even give you an option to skip or cancel whenever you want, that means I can try all the different companies with different brands all I want- when I want! Sweet deal!

As of August 1, 2013 I have subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy, both are $10 a month. I’m actually receiving Birchbox now because I just got my box in July and I subscribed to Ipsy not too long ago (a week ago to be exact). I’m still on the waiting list and the feeling sucks! You can read about my first Birchbox review here. It was okay but there were better boxes for me. It’s definitely worth the money but there’s a downfall when you can’t or don’t want to use it. I’m sure it’s worthwhile in the end. For these beauty subscription boxes they personalize by having you fill out a quiz. It’s great because it’s geared towards what you need so most of the time- you get things you need.

Aside from beauty boxes, I also wanted to try new subscription boxes like food. Who knew they had so many? It’s great to find new organic and healthy subscription boxes. I was trying to eat healthier so this was perfect. I subscribed to NatureBox, Goodies Co., and Love with Food. Naturebox was easy to sign up for without any waiting period, I’m really happy with this selection even though it’s slightly more than I want to spend each month but it’s natural and organic foods so its still a great deal for 5 full sized bags for $20 a month. The reason why I signed up was because I found a 50% off coupon code so my first box was only $10. The customer service is great and I’m happy to say I’ll be ordering August’s box. Read about my first NatureBox here. Goodies Co has a long waiting list so my first box is coming this month, same with Love with Food (I think I missed the cut off date so my box was going to start in August). I’m really excited to start Goodies Co. and Love with Food because they cost less than NatureBox. Goodies Co. costs $7 a month and Love with Food costs $10 a month both having smaller sized snacks but more variety.

Another passion of mine includes fashion. I love jewelry and accessories such as purses so I’m a sucker for Julep, Wantable, JustFab, and Little Black Bag.

I subscribe to Julep because of their cute polishes. Each polish is worth $14 but I never pay that price for nail polishes, EVER. For $20 a month Julep sends me 3 polishes and free gift. However my first box only cost me $4 for shipping. I wanted to see how the polishes were so 3 polishes for $4 was a steal! I liked so much I re-subscribed (I canceled before because I only wanted to try the free box)! I’m a sucker for free pretty things. And I’m a sucker for great advertising- the downside (or upside?) of a graphic designer! haha.

Wantable has two kinds of subscriptions one for make-up and one for accessories, I picked accessories. This company is one of the more expensive subscription boxes I’ve paid for, I try to stick to ~$10 or so but there was a satisfaction guarantee I was attracted to… (weird decision-making I’m sure) so I tried it… loved the expedite shipping but wasn’t in love with the box =(… sending the box wasn’t a hassle it was quite easy to return and they refunded me the amount. I actually follow them on Facebook so I get a lot of contest giveaways for free bags, boxes or shoes so that’s how I got reeled in to Wantable in the first place. I signed up but I didn’t buy the box so there was a lot of back and forth to subscribing and unsubscribing going on. Luckily, Wantable is awesome and gave me a $35 credit for participating in the giveaway even though I didn’t win! So after unsubscribing- I re-subscribed for my $1 box! =) What savvy shopper I am. 😉

I didn’t subscribe to JustFab and Little Black Bag until I got a free $10 credit after subscribing to Love with Food… these things just keep building up one after another like virus! I didn’t buy anything for Little Black Bag but I did find a better deal on JustFab… these two had the same products but each sold them differently. For example, Little Black Bag sold their bag individually priced with an option to add accessories for a little bit more. If chosen to add these additions (blindly), you have an option to trade with other users after you check out. This could be fun for people but I just want the bag so I looked into JustFab and their entire site is one price ($39.95) for each product… I don’t know about you but $39.95 is a lot to spend on one thing- BUT they had a promotion which drew me in… an extra 50% off for the first purchase for signing up as a VIP member. Like always, there’s a catch to having a VIP membership- each month you can spend $39.95 using a personal stylist to pick out bags, shoes, and accessories for you. There’s no pressure to buy something every month but if you chose to skip that month- it has to be done before the 5th. If you want to cancel however, you need to call… canceling the membership alone won’t do it.

Being a subscription boxaholic, you need a lot of organization, dedication and responsibility. You need to know the terms and agreements before you sign up for anything. I had to learn the hard way a long time ago when I turned 18 and all these credit card companies called me and lured me to sign up. Random companies would call my cell phone and convince me to subscribe to a years worth of magazine I didn’t need. Being older and slightly more aware of these things makes me conscious of being responsible and smarter in a way.

I want to thank you for coming to my site and reading everything, I hope you will read more about my subscription boxes and sign up if you’re interested. I might be going a little crazy with all of these subscription boxes but maybe you can learn through me and experience what I’m going through for yourself.

I encourage you to subscribe to as much subscription boxes you want or need. There’s no shame in learning new things and trying new things. If there’s a box that you really love, please share with me! I love trying new things, especially if it’s free! There’s plenty out there for you to try for free… I will be posting coupon codes for subscription boxes so please subscribe to my blog.

I wish you the best. Keep happy, keep subscribing!


19 thoughts on “About Me & My Subscription Boxes Story

  1. Love the design, I think it’s adorable!! You are reminding me I need to update my list of boxes I do actually subscribe to. I can only pay for so many. There are SO many. Isn’t a subscription box blog funny? It’s like the antithesis of the subscription box itself. If you get a Klutchclub account they always have those offers for other boxes, I use quite a few of them!

    • Thank you! I know right, they are so addicting though… I love seeing everyone’s goodies- thats a great thing about a blog. I’ll check out Klutchclub, thanks for advice! =]

  2. Thanks so much for your blog! I love the freebies section- keep posting! Have you tried Sample Society? Just last month they had a promotion: Get one sample box free! I definitely took advantage of that offer. Sample Society doesn’t offer many discounts as Birch Box or ipsy (SS only gives you $15 off your next purchase of a featured item in the box), the products are essentially more high end.. I enjoyed some of them. I saw that you were tempted to subscribe for the $15 monthly membership just for the candle and let me say that it was FABULOUS! The soy candle WAS simply Christmas! Other than that i wasn’t really impressed- the moisturizer was good but not great. Sign up for the newsletter… maybe they’ll do something similar soon. Thanks again for your blog- it has been a blessing 🙂 Keep blogging!
    -Mary C.

    • Thank you so much Mary! That means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy your free boxes as much as I did.
      I’m actually getting my free Sample Society box next week so I’m really excited! I should’ve jumped on that last box since I really liked most of the things they had but hopefully this month is just as good. =]

  3. I Loved ur blog. I am new to sub boxes. So far I hv EcoEmi & Birchbox.Money is sooooo tight for me too since I am a stay at home Mom of a 9 month old.
    So one question, how can I get free boxes or $1 box sub u were talking abt above?
    Also I knw am asking probably a very dumb Question but how can I make some money online. Plz help

    • Hi Saba, thank you for checking my blog! Money is tight for me too and even though I don’t actually make money from these boxes- I do save money from them. When you buy boxes like birchbox you get points that you can use to get free products later on. I have a post coming up that will tell you all the prices and perks so keep a look out for that!


  4. Jenny,

    I would love for you to review our MercoBox, it is a monthly subscription box filled with all local products from Utah! Let me know if we can connect and if I can get you a box and one to giveaway!


  5. Have you checked out GlossyBox yet? They are probably my favorite beauty box, well they are tied with Ipsy lol. Another one to try out is MunchPak which sends you munchies each month, and they are all from all over the world. I am going to check out graze next, I’m still waiting for that one to come to my door, but like you I have become obsessed with the boxes. Its like christmas every time I open one, and I love trying out all the new products.

    • Ooo yes! I want to get Glossybox really bad but I’m waiting for the right time ie:$$$ savings lol. They have really great stuff so when the time comes I will jump on that deal! I haven’t heard of MunchPak but I will check it out- thanks for the tip. =] Graze is pretty awesome- you can’t complain about free food! lol

  6. I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because I love following your blog and think you deserve a lot of recognition. Please check out my post below to see the rules or how Leibster works, who else I nominated and (if you don’t know what Leibster is, find out what it is!) If you have already been nominated by someone else, please just know I admire you and keep your posts coming! Thanks so much!!


    • Thank you SOOO much Janet! I was actually nominated awhile ago but I haven’t had the time to do all of the posts and questions but I PROMISE I will do them both by the end of April.
      Your words mean so much to me and I really do appreciate the admiration. =]

  7. Hi Jenny!

    I recently started following your blog because I am currently on the Ipsy waiting. This is my first subscription EVER and I am super excited about getting off of the list and receiving my bag :). Your entry for new Ipsters was very helpful and it answered many questions I did not know that I had lol. But anyway, I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    ~Tia, an up and coming Ipster

    • Tia, you’re gonna LOVE Ipsy! It really is one of the best/cheapest subscription boxes for your money. I hope you get off soon but if you watch their facebook page- they’ll have “skip the wait list” for a limited time so if you REALLY want it faster, I would do that. Thanks for your kind words, keep me posted! =]

  8. I hate boxes that have wait lists. Have you tried inevitablychic.com? I really like that box, no wait list! It’s jewelry and accessories and I pay $15.00 for my subscription. I don’t like boxes that are on the pricier side because I feel like I get more subscription box for my money with the lower priced ones! I am currently on the waitlist for Ipsy. I signed up, was put on the list. Then they sent me an email saying I was off the list and to come sign back up but I procrastinated and by the time I went to enter in my cc info I had to go back on the waitlist…wah wah! I enjoy reading all about yours though!

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