Wantable July 2013

My second subscription box was Wantable, for $36 I got the limited edition jewelry box instead of the make up box since I already ordered a makeup box from Birchbox. There wasn’t a waiting list for Wantable so I got my box pretty fast (I joined the same time as Birchbox). But I actually ordered on 7/14/13 and got my package 7/17/13! Totally loved the fast shipping!! =] So I opened up my box and to my surprise… I wasn’t in love with it. I know, right? Bummer… however I did like one of the necklaces they chose but the other stuff- wasn’t up to my standards/liking. BUT Wantable’s satisfaction guarantee says that if I’m not totally in love with the box- return it and get a full refund, so I did. The return shipping was free of course.

In case you wanted to see what I got, I posted up the invoice picture they gave me (sorry the pics are so small). According to my quiz I wanted necklaces rings and bracelets instead of earrings and other accessories.

Here’s what I got:
Rose Barrette. Retail:$8.00. Fabric hot glued on a hair clip. Mine was actually red but I don’t really like hair clips to begin with and it wasn’t the greatest quality to me at least, it wasn’t worth the $8.00.

Lebi Bracelet. Retail:$24.00. Red and gold lacquered belt buckle bracelet. This was actually really nice, it had a hinge that opens up when you “unbuckle” the bracelet. The gold buckle actually worked like a belt except the bracelet was all metal/lacquered so you can kind of adjust it to your size according to the holes.  I couldn’t kind the actual bracelet and I had returned the box so this is the closest I found. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it even the smallest size was too big on me, I have a skinny wrist so it wasn’t their fault.

Zara Necklace. Retail:$24.00. A long necklace made of a bunch of rustic metallic pins. This was my favorite out of all of them, but it was a little too long for my liking. I would have worn it though if I kept my box.

Clea Necklace. Retail:$24.00. Long gold necklace with a cutout clover-like design, when doubled can be used as a layered medium length necklace. It was nice but it wasn’t the style for me. I really wanted a bib necklace.

The total retail value was $74.00 for $36.00. Great deal but in my opinion, the retail price was way too high for each of them. I didn’t want to give up on this subscription just yet so I’ll be waiting for the August box. Fingers crossed!

Just because I didn’t get my dream box, doesn’t mean I going home empty handed… I went to the mall to get the bib necklaces I really wanted! hehe

Guess how much I spent? They were 2 for $10 so just $20 all together! Yup, I spent less than the actual Wantable box. =] I went to Wet Seal (green squares & white flowers) and Charlotte Russe (pink tribal & gold pyramid). I definitely satisfied my bib necklace addiction for now. =]

If you also subscribed to the July Jewelry edition, let me know your feedback! I want to see what others got or felt about their box.

If you want to try the limited edition accessories box use my referral link, thanks in advanced!


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