Julep July 2013

My third box Julep (invitation code: 21756735), a high quality nail polish company with an option of a hand/feet product(s). As a Maven member you get discounts on certain polishes and other products. Each box comes with an additional free gift. For my starter box I chose the It Girl Starter Box, three different nail polishes.

The picture on the left is what I was supposed to get according to the site. I think they gave me two out of three of the ones they listed. The purple polish was brighter and a different tone compared to mine. 

My order (on the right) wasn’t exactly the neon purple color, its darker when I paint it on. The actual bottle looks purple though.

1. Eden. Retail:$14.00. Deep purple color with a matte finish.

2. Stefani. Retail$14.00. Medium metallic grey with a shiny finish.

3. Bunny. Retail$14.00. White sparkly color with a shiny finish. When I painted this on I couldn’t see the glitter so it look straight up white.

4. Glycolic Hand Scrub with Natural Apricot Seeds. This bonus gift exfoliates your hands/body leaving a softer and younger looking skin.

Each nail polish retail price was $14.00 so the box was worth $42.00 (without including the bonus). With my promo code FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN. I paid $3.99 (for shipping). Or you can enter JULEUPVIP for .01 cent. I wish I knew about the VIP code before hand. If you tried this code, please send me a pic in the comment page. Share the love!

The Julep box when it came in the mail, the shipping was very fast. I got it within 2-3 business days from my order.

It came in a pretty pink paper bag with a black ribbon, bubble-wrapped. 

The pretty polishes and the bonus hand scrub laid out on the black crimped paper.

I painted my nails each a different color so that you can see the true color (without top coat). I do like the quality of the polishes though, its fast drying and long lasting. I’m definitely keeping my subscription. If you want to join Julep, use my referral link and enter the invitation code: 21756735.

I’m sure you’ll love their nail polishes as much as I do!

Happy subscribing!


3 thoughts on “Julep July 2013

  1. It’s cool that you like Julep. I actually don’t think I’ll be ordering from them anymore as I don’t care for the formula of their polishes. I actually find them to be VERY slow drying, and they are really messy on the brush. My favorite things from them have been their cuticle oil and the Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil from July. I’ll be posting my July Julep review tomorrow (again delayed because I was sick half of July,) and would love to have you visit.

    The other reason I’m thinking I’ll be dropping Julep is because Bondi New York started their subscription box service this month and my box is on it’s way. I like their colors better, and their box is a better value for the same cost as Julep’s. I’ll be sure to post my review as soon as I get my box.

    Hope to see you around!


    • Aww I hope you’re all better now! Being sick stinks! It’s interesting… I never heard of Bondi NY before. I’ll definitely look out for your post on that! I’m always down for new polishes.

      But yeah, the thing with Julep is that you need to paint it in thin layers… its the long way but it’ll dry properly and smudge/chip less. I had the same problem with my metallic color when it was on super thick – it took forever to dry until I did it in thin coats. Since its a long narrow bottle ALL the polish collects in the cap so I had to “swirl” of the polish on the brush/stick before I used it. Every polish is different. I think for most Julep colors you need to apply thin layers and coat the brush with what you need each time. It’s a thin formula but I think it goes on pretty smooth if you have the right amount on your brush.

      I’m excited to see what you’re gonna get from Bondi… I checked out their site and signed up for emails! Maybe I’ll subscribe for Sept. =]


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