Julep August 2013

Whoa, it’s not even August yet and my Julep box came! That’s right, I got my Julep box super early… I like it! The presents just keeps on coming… =] Oh man, my shopping addiction might have gone a little out of hand. After my first free box, I called and canceled… then I got an email about the August box and I couldn’t resist but get another box! Damn you Julep and your pretty polishes! lol They sure do know how to get you hooked and coming back for more… *sigh* my poor piggy bank…

But on to the reveal!

This is the first box that came all messed up… like REALLY messed up… I don’t know if someone got really angry that I keep getting packages but it looks they punched my box!

It’s all good though because my goodies were just fine! I love the pretty colors from the It Girl collection. This month’s theme is a Garden Party. The wrapping paper is just lovely- I really like that pastel green color. It’s also their 2 year anniversary so this box has a story behind one of the polish’s name. Keep reading to see what it is!

 I was debating whether or not to get the entire Garden Party collection but that would be going way overboard so I settled for my usual It Girl collection.

The box had a small card with a quote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin” and an extra goodie, “Forget-me-not” flower seeds. What a perfect way to tie into the August Garden Party theme and their anniversary =]
I was really excited to try some nice bright colors unlike my last box.
1. Marjorie. Retail:$14.00. Bright shimmery orange polish. I was kinda hesitate about this color but I still wanted to try it out before I say orange isn’t my color. I tested this on my nail next to the fuschia and it looks awesome! the brightness next to the deep pink really compliment each other! Good job Julep!

2. Nellie. Retail:$14.00. Deep, bright pink/fuschia nail polish. It looks super pretty when I tested on my nail so I can’t wait to polish my nails in this color. I’m digging these colors so far. Nellie has a shiny finished look so you can use it without top coat. If you want your colors to last- I would use top coat to seal it.
3. Fiore. Retail:$14.00. Very dark mocha color. I’m not a big fan of this color since it’s so dark it kinda looks black. Your first impression might be “How is brown a garden party color?” Well, its not! The color Fiore actually comes from a coffee shop across from their own office when they first got started, so this is a tribute to their anniversary color. Cool right? If only we can see the nice brown color… maybe I’ll do a thin layer over white.

The total retail price of the box is $42.00 (not including the extra flower seeds) for $20.00. As a Maven member I had a choice of adding discounted colors to my August box (prices ranged from $8 and up) but I was having trouble with adding the extra polishes so their technical problem was a money saver for me. Knowing I’m a shopping addict- it worked out for the best.

The names from left to right are: Marjorie, Nellie, Natural, Magenta and Fiore. The Forever21 polishes are pretty transparent so you can either layer it to get the bottle color or paint it on top of an opaque color for a different hue. Marjorie didn’t need too many layers I did two and it covered my entire nails. Nellie however only needed one layer! The color is so vibrant and opaque it didn’t need anything else. Natural was really light in color so I ended painting about 4 times to cover up the white part of my nails. Magenta was also thin but its made up of glitter and top coat so it needed about 4 or 5 coats to get the full glitter effect. Fiore was pretty light on the first coat and it didn’t evenly cover my nails so I couldn’t get the light brown color, I had to paint it twice for the dark brown/black color.

Here’s what they look like on my nails… I actually added in a couple more colors from Forever21’s Love & Beauty collection (they were on sale for$1!) so I can paint my nails with more options. hehe


The first image is a plain palette, the second is with the same colors but in a design form. Since I really like the orange and pink combo I did a pink french tip over the orange color- great look for the beach/summer. I saw this cool design on Pinterest so I did a heart in the corner of my nail… this look would’ve looked better if my nails were squared instead of rounded but you get the point. My third design is simple and elegant… it could be an everyday look or for a simple black dress… since the dark brown color was too much for the entire nail using it on the tips gives it a nice simple touch. The fourth design uses complimentary colors purple and orange… it kind of reminds me of halloween but I like to use this diagonal design a lot because its easy for me to paint. The last design was the dark brown color with a transparent purple polish over it, layering opaque polish and a sheer polish can give it a new interesting color. 

The Love & Beauty polishes are really nice in color but you do have to paint multiple layers to get a nice color, what I do like about it is that you can layer them on top of another color without it getting too thick. The brand itself might be a low quality but with a top coat it can last for a while. I love the natural color so much that I used it with Fiore for an everyday look.

If you want to try your first box for free (with $4 shipping), use FREEBOX or FREEMAVEN or use JULEUPVIP for $.01 box.

If you do join through my link, please post your boxes or your nail designs with the colors you get. I love to see them!


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