Naturebox July 2013

So I wasn’t expecting to get my Naturebox until early August (I ordered it before the 15th). I was tracking the progress early July and it seemed like it was never going to leave the Cali post office- it stayed there for a week! So it finally came this weekend (7/27/13). =] I was totally expecting 5 full-size bags of random treats but to my surprise, I got the box I personally picked out! I remembered they said that the first box would be random but I was happy that I got the one I picked out.

Naturebox gives you an option to pick your own snacks or leave it up to them to surprise you. You can also add to the box $4 for the first and second bag and $2 for the third and fourth bags and $1 for the fifth bag. Or upgrade and get 10 snacks for $30 (save $10) or 20 for $50 (save $30) depending on how big your family/appetite is.

This is the first food box I got so when it came in the mail the size amazed me! It was like twice the size of my Birchbox, Julep or Wantable box =].

I like to show how big the box is by holding it… as you can see it’s a pretty decent size for $20 (and its organic)!

Naturebox is in the process of updating their packaging so what you see here are the old packaging.

My first impression of the Granny Smith Apples were that they were going to be crispy. I didn’t read the description when I picked this but they did mention that it was soft and chewy. In my opinion it would have tasted better if it was crunchy but I guess this version is healthier and I guess most dehydrated/dried fruits are soft and chewy anyways. It’s nice to know they don’t use chemicals and preservatives for their products so that’s always a plus. I don’t eat as much apples like I should but I like to eat fruits little by little when I feel like it. It wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t my least favorite either. The serving size was a pretty decent portion, I’d say there was about 2.5 apples in there.

These Honey Sesame Crisps were delicious! It’s actually lighter in color but Naturebox doesn’t use food coloring so everything is the natural color. I love the taste of sesame seeds, they just taste so fresh and yummy. I’d say this is my second favorite out of them all. It’s not too addicting and it satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time. The size of each crisp is small so you can eat more or as little as you like and it’s not too sweet.

OMG these Peppery Pistachios are so addicting! Definitely my favorite out of them all. I love it so much that I’m ordering more in my next box! =] Man did these disappear fast… I wish they packed more in there but I guess they knew that I would eat the whole thing in one sitting (not literally lol). I tried my best to “portion” my intake. Pistachios are healthy for you because they have natural fats that are good for you and the process of breaking opening the shells limits your intake and helps you feel full in the process. I like to eat them without the shells so I cheated and bought a plain salted bag so I wouldn’t eat the entire pepper flavored ones so fast. So good. In addition to my next box I’m getting the Chili lime! Woo, going pistachio crazy!

These Yogurt Dipped Pretzels weren’t what I thought it would taste either… it had a sweet but tangy/tart taste and I was expecting just sweetness. I usually buy the white chocolate covered pretzels so I guess its not the same as yogurt. I wasn’t a big fan of these, I tried to trade them out (not knowing it shipped already) for the Big Island Pineapple slices but it was too late so that’ll be in my next box. =]

Another thing I didn’t like was that when I tried to eat these, my entire bag was stuck together! =[ I had to break them apart to eat one and it broke the pretzels. I wasn’t a big fan of them but it would’ve been nice to eat a whole pretty pretzel than a broken one. Oh well… I guess you can’t control the heat when it’s being shipped across the states (the warehouse is in Cali and I’m in Florida).

The last snack bag are the Mighty Trail Mix… I didn’t get this for me so it was all up to my bf to eat these. From his perspective, trail mix is trail mix- they all taste the same! lol This had a bunch of nuts, perfect for hiking… too bad we don’t hike! haha I don’t know why I picked this. Even though all these nuts were organic- for some reason my mouth got really itchy! Not sure which nut it was but I didn’t want to see which one it was. =X

Overall, I really like Naturebox… even though I didn’t love each and every bag- I still would like to explore the different kinds of organic snacks. I used the 50% off coupon code so my first box was just $10. I love snacks so eating healthy snacks is a super plus! It’s more than my other box subscriptions but I’m still waiting for them to ship to me so I’ll see which ones I like better. If you want to subscribe, please use my referral link! As for the coupon code, use SPECIAL25 or SHARE10.

I’m thinking of creating a page that compares all of the similar boxes… so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Naturebox July 2013

  1. Great review! I’ve been really curious to try NatureBox, but the hubs isn’t keen on the price. He snacks A LOT though so I would prefer to have him nomming healthy stuff vs junk. I just might take you up on that half price box code. It will like be in September though as I have myself a strict one new box per month “diet” and that is Bondi for me this month. I’ll let you know if I do subscribe.


    • Kudos to you for having restraint! I on the other hand have a box addiction soo I’m always looking for new boxes hehe

      I was hesitate too because of the price but I found the $10 coupon so I was like why not? We love snacking and were trying to be more healthy so it was a win win. If you want it by September I would order it after the 15th because it takes a week to be shipped out and then another 2-3 weeks to get to fl.

      I’m sure you and your hubby will enjoy your box if you choose to get it, keep me updated- I’d love to see what you got too =]

      Happy Subscribing!


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