JustFab July 2013


My JustFab bag came! Awhile ago lol what can I say, I was lazy… anywho I ordered on 7/30/13 and my package came 8/3/13. Pretty fast considering it was both processing and the shipping time. I wasn’t expecting anything more in my package but I got a TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner! It’s suppose to repair up to 2 year of damage! Wow 2 years? I haven’t tried it yet but I don’t think I have enough to see if it truly works. My hair is really damaged and I have crazy split ends everywhere. Split ends on split ends sometimes! I get a trim every now and then but it keeps coming back =/

Another thing that was in the box was a VIP Membership in detail. They list the benefits and everything again (because most people DON’T read everything when they checkout!) This is really important because I’ve been in that situation before and got charged for things I didn’t read before. So pay attention when you click confirm!

For those who aren’t familiar with JustFab its a site has sells accessories at a fairly affordable prices, I believe Kimora from House of Fab created this site. If you know what to look for, you’ll get that bang for your buck. If you do some research and look at several similar accessories sites, you can get a price range depending on the quality of the material and the amount of craftsmenship to determine if the bag is worth the price OR you can just buy whatever you want if you don’t have a budget. =p

I look at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie and H&M because they have fairly priced bags. The quality is very similar to JustFab and I’ve actually seen the same bags in the stores. So do some research and see where you can get a better price.

The reason why JustFab bags, shoes, and accessories are so low priced is because their bags are based on name brand styles and are redesigned and manufactured in LA. There is no middleman to marks up the price to 5 times the original price to make the products. If your not looking for name brand purses but something similar to it, check JustFab out. 

Little Black Bag has more name brands bags but it could be more pricey, discounted but pricey depending on your budget.

Here’s a bunch of cute bags I really liked from JustFab! (I got the the first one.)

362065-09-1_144x210 362065-14-1_144x210 362067-14-1_144x210 363046-20-1_144x210 363069-18-1_144x210 363059-13-1_144x210 363050-14-2_205x300 363047-33-2_205x300 363076-41-1_144x210  363068-01-1_144x210

When I was browsing their site and saw that they had a promotion! Get 50% off your first purchase when you sign up. Since each item was $39.95 my total price would be $20, not bad right? I picked out the Taj Mahal bag because I wanted a big neutral bag that had a little bit of style. I love big bags because I tend to be that “mom” that carries everything in her purse!

I really liked the gold studs on the bottom, it gave the bag a nice look and served as a stand when you place your bag down. Another different thing about the Taj Mahal bag is that it opens up like a doctor bag!

The hidden hinges opens up into a rectangle shape and makes it easier to find things. It has the standard hidden zip pocket and two pockets for your phone and misc stuff for easy access.

You can carry the bag by the arm or shoulder. The shoulder straps can be attached/detached. It also has a swivel lobster claw so it moves with your body as move and won’t tangle.

There’s a couple of things I didn’t like about the bag, I had trouble opening up the buckle that I had to press down pretty hard for the strap to pull out (I don’t know if its just my bag but I am NOT clipping the bag for a while. Since the bag is so big, if you don’t have a lot of stuff in it- it doesn’t stand up too well. The sides aren’t reinforced for it to stand up on its own.


The retail price of this bag was $69 and I paid $20. So I saved $49! The lovely and much needed shampoo and conditioner was an added bonus. I’m very happy with my purchase but I’m not sure if I’ll continue with my VIP membership. I have an option to skip each month if I don’t want to buy so I might just skip and see what other deals they have later on. If you want to join JustFab, use my link and get 25% off of your first purchase. =]

I’ll update you guys if you want to know about the deals, just let me know. I get a bunch of emails from all my subscriptions so there’s short term deals all the time. Maybe I’ll create a page for that what do you guys think? Should I have a “short-term deals” page?


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