Birchbox August 2013

My Birchbox arrived! I was so excited. I tracked this box and it literally went down, up, and back down again, how inconvenient! BUT it did come fairly quick (shipped on 8/6/13 and arrived 8/10/13), however the back and forth was unnecessary.

This is my second Birchbox so instead of getting my box on the 23rd, the typical box is shipped during the first week. SOO my new billing cycle is the first and my box comes around the second week of the month. =]

Like the first box, August’s box was the same size as July’s. I think this is going to be the standard size. I haven’t gotten any of the limited edition boxes but I think it’s bigger than this size. I was tempted to buy the Mass Appeal box but told myself “No.” It has a lot of nice goodies I could’ve used but maybe next time!

This month’s theme is Finishing School! They collaborated with Ann Taylor so there’s an extra goodie to spend on her site. 20% off on one item or 30% for two or more!

As usual Birchbox has it’s pretty pink tissue paper when you open up their box. I kind of peeked on the site so I knew what I was getting in my box. hehe. I look at the other boxes and to be honest- there were others I would’ve prefered but they didn’t have too much to choose from. I saw some repeats from the last box so I think Birchbox is trying to get rid of their stock for the fall or something. For me, this box is still summerish.

Ta-da! My little box of goodies. I wasn’t too excited about the foot wipes but I could use them later down the road. I like that Birchbox planned this one from head to toe, literally!

1. For the face: Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer. Retail: $7. I love getting moisturizer! My face is always in need of this so I can never get too many. The smell is light but if there was a smell I think I would call it pepperminty? It’s so light that I can’t even smell it. I also love that it’s organic and oil-free. This month’s moisturizer is bigger than the last, definitely a big plus!

2. For the lips: Model Co Party Proof Lipstick. Retail: $8. I’m not a big fan of lipstick- I’m more of a lip gloss kind of a gal. I got “Disco Fever” out of the three- not really my style but I tried it on and I look like a doll! I’m not even sure if that’s a compliment or not but I would’ve preferred one of the other colors but oh well, maybe I’ll use this for halloween or something. I do however like the packaging! You can see the color from the top of the lipstick container window (something I haven’t seen from other lipsticks). The color looks nicer photo-wise but in person its a bright neon-ish coral color if that makes sense.


3. For the eyes: Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Retail: $6.09. This is suppose to brighten your dark circles AND refine the look of wrinkles/fine lines. Extra plus, SPF! Something you should use when you use eye serums so that you get better results quicker. You should always always SPF on your face so that you will prevent/slowly get wrinkles, dark circles, sagging, spots, freckles, and etc. The sun does a lot of damage if you don’t take care of your skin. Unfortunately you don’t see the results until your face stops producing collagen (getting old). I was kinda sad that this sample was so tiny… it makes it even harder to see results but I guess the full-size bottle is really expensive ($45). I swore I saw this on LBB (Little Black Bag) for so much cheaper… (maybe they sold out?) I’ll update about this once I see it on the site again.

4. For the body: ShowStoppers Designer Fashion Tape in Black. Retail: $.84. These are double-sided foam tape also come in the color nude. I haven’t tried them yet but it could come in handy for lining up your tank top straps and bra straps, t-shirt/dress cleavage control, temporary hems on your skirt/pants and such.

5. For the feet: Jasmine Seven Wipes. Retail: $.66. They have three different kinds of wipes the feet wipes are peppermint scented. There’s also a yoga mat wipe in lavender and a Kid’s feet wipe that smells like grapefruit.

There you have it! Head to toes for a retail price of $22.59! I think this is good for a night out prep bag. What did you guys get? Did you like this box?


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