Little Black Bag August 2013

More presents! I was kinda iffy about Little Black Bag since a lot of their stuff was kinda pricey so I held off from buying right away. I signed up and got a bunch of promotion emails. They offered me a free gift worth up to $35, no purchase necessary all I had to pay was for shipping ($5.95). When I went to the site for my free gift, I got an extra two bonus items! So I get three items for free! Even with the shipping price- this was a great deal.

If you want to learn more read my description page. The thing with LBB is that after you check out, you have an option to trade with real members. You basically have a period of time to trade until your item is shipped. I wasn’t too impressed with the trading idea but I can understand why people would trade. When you buy an item, you get a choice to add two additional items for a low price, usually $10 more. The retail price varies but it’s more than $10 worth of beauty or accessories. I didn’t trade with anyone because I was okay with what I got, I got to choose my first item and LBB chose the two random items.

I signed up for Little Black Bag 8/1/13 and the trading period ended 8/5/13. For me a week to get my package is a long time, I received my package on 8/13/13. I didn’t know this before but LBB is actually moving their stuff from Cali to a bigger warehouse in Ohio so by 8/22/13 they will officially have faster shipping!

They have these live streaming video promotions where if you go watch the live stream- they give a coupon code for checking out their new products. Lucky for you guys, I was there! If you use the promo code LOVELBBAGSTYLISTS when you check out, you’ll get a free beauty item with your purchase. I haven’t used it but if you do use it let me know what you got.

Here are some of my favorite picks! (There’s no link because they sell out pretty quick so it won’t show up until you trade with others.)


On to my presents!

I actually took a picture of my box unlike my JustFab box… I got way too excited to open it and it was too late to take a picture. That box was partially opened! I swear! One of the flap was caved in and I could see inside my box. Yeah JustFab could’ve taped it a little better…

My LBB box on the other hand was so cute! I love the logo stamp design on the bottom! When I opened up my box there was a black tissue paper to keep all the product nice and cushiony.

Here’s what I got:

1. Professional Sebastian Shaper Plus+ hair spray. Retail: $17.00. I was pretty surprised when I opened up my box, I didn’t expect the hair spray to be that big! I’ve seen hair spray that tall but I didn’t think I was getting a bottle that big. I like it! I ran out of hair spray so this is perfect. It’s suppose to have humidity resistance so the Florida weather can suck it!

2. Clairol Professional Jazzing Cherry Cola temporary hair color dye. Retail: $7.00. I wasn’t too keen on my Clairol Professional Jazzing Cherry Cola temporary hair color dye but I figured a lot of people got them too. It’s actually pretty genius that they use the extra accessories to tack these babies to your order. Since I didn’t really pay for anything, I wasn’t too greedy to get something better.  It’s actually not that bad- there’s no ammonia or peroxide so it’s great for temporary hair color or semi-permenant color. I don’t dye my hair so I will give this away to someone.

3. First Aid Beauty Age Delay Dual Repair Power Serum eye cream. Retail: $16.00. The item I picked for my free beauty item in the first place! It rejuvenates the skin by reducing fine lines & wrinkles, correcting uneven skin tone and moisturizes/nourishes the skin. I have an obsession with skincare products lately. My birchbox gave me so many and I keep getting samples from Sephora and Origins for face stuff so why not add to my collection! Skincare is pretty expensive so free samples are awesome! I think I’ll post up my other shopping purchases, there’s a bunch of goodies I got. So be on the lookout for that!

I really wanted the AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask Tube but no one wanted to trade me for it. =[

BUT I did see that the August Ipsy glam bag had something similar to this! I’ve been on the waiting list for a while so hopefully they still have some left for the waitlisters!

The total retail price for my “presents” was $40.00 but I only paid $5.95 for shipping! I love great deals! If you want to sign-up for great freebies sign-up and use my link to get an extra 25% off of your first purchase. =]

Shop smart!

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