Goodies Co. August 2013

My first Goodies Co. box arrived Friday and I couldn’t help but try each snack right away (sorry for the lack of pictures)! I peeked the day before so I knew what I was getting and prepared myself for extra SWEET snacks! Goodies Co. is owned by Walmart so their boxes are cheap and affordable, in fact it’s only $7 (per box) a month to get one or two different kinds of boxes. The first is the Taster’s Box, a general snack box that has all kinds of different snacks and the second is a Kid’s Box, I’m sure you can figure out who the box is for. Each box comes with 5-8 different kinds of snacks or beverages. You can get two boxes or just one and skipping a month (or three at a time) is easy (with a click of a button).

Since this is one of the cheapest food box that I know of, the waiting list is pretty long. If you subscribe now, you have at least till the next month to get your first box. The billing cycle is the first of each month so it could take more than two months. Goodies Co. recently had a promotion where you can “skip the line”… I was already in line by then so I didn’t use the code. I think I sign-up in July, they shipped my box 8/13/13 and got my first box 8/16/13 (but it ships from Georgia) so I’m sure the wait can’t be that bad.

Let’s see what I got!

Here’s my oh so pretty green box. I really like the size of this box, inside there’s a cardboard divider so I’m thinking of using the box for storage of some kind… maybe for all my unused make-up samples? lol There’s plenty of space for those! Or perhaps my polishes, my collection is growing, and growing FAST!

Time for the reviews!

Hershey’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix. Retail:$2.28. I haven’t tried making cookies yet but I’m sure they taste amazing. I love that I got a full-sized box! I was actually debating whether or not to buy a cookie/cake mix, but I didn’t! =] I got the premade one’s from Pillsbury. BUT now I can make cookies when I’m done with those.

Poplets – Sea Salt & Butter. Retail: free sample. These are half-popped kernels called “Poplets” it’s suppose to be crisp, buttery, and salty. I tried a couple and to be honest- I didn’t like it at all. I tried a few more but it was too hard to bite on. I love popcorn and I was expecting for it to be a little more “popped” but if you like the extra crunchy kind of popcorn, this is for you! I don’t really eat the last kernels when I pop popcorn but this is the unpopped, or almost popped kernels.

Fiber One – Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Retail: $0.50. This rich, chewy, chocolate chip, fudge brownies are delicious! It’s 90 calories and rich in fiber! I really like these, it totally satisfied my sweet tooth. And you can’t go wrong with brownies.

Tangy Zangy Twisties – Wild Berry. Retail:~$0.34. I also love sour patch straws! So I really liked these. I couldn’t find these online in the sample size but I found a bulk candy site that sold them and calculated I got about 2 straws (at most) worth. I kind of have a high tolerance for sour candy so it wasn’t sour at all. But I like the new concept. =]

Granola Thins – Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. Retail:$0.30. These are thin granola bars with peanuts and a dark chocolate layer for 80 calories. I thought these sounded delicious and couldn’t wait to try it but to be honest these weren’t what I thought it would taste like. Each bite created more crumbs and basically fell apart. I thought the dark chocolate would hold it together but it was melty- but it could be the hot weather.

Mott’s Medley’s Assorted Fruit Snacks. Retail:$0.17. Like any other fruit snacks they are chewy and sweet. Each flavor had its own shape. There wasn’t anything special about these, I’m sure most of us have already tried them.

Pronto Coffee – Southern Pecan. Retail: $1.00. A concentrated liquid coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. I wasn’t expecting this to be liquid, I mostly see powder version of instant coffee. I’m not a big fan of pecan flavor but I figured I would give it a try. I added the packet to a tall iced cup added my creamer and milk and topped it off with caramel syrup. It wasn’t that bad! I could still taste the flavor but I kinda drowned it with sugar, just how I like my coffee! haha

To summarize my August box theme I would call it: Sweet & Savory! My total retail value is $4.59, it’s usually $7 (includes shipping) but I only paid $0.00 so it was FREE! I plan on keeping my subscription because I’m sure there will be new and better snacks available. After all it is just $7 so it can’t hurt to try another box.

If you want to get your own box, visit Goodies Co.

Happy snacking!

3 thoughts on “Goodies Co. August 2013

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  2. This was my first month too but my box was pretty terrible, even for free. I would have loved the cookie mix but instead I got a drink with chunks of aloe floating in it, vegetable chips and ranch sunflower seed in the shell, in addition to the sour candy and the half popped popcorn you also received. Yikes, it is bad. I think your box has a higher value than mine and yours still isn’t very good. I am giving them one more month and then I’m out if this is how it is now. it seems they have gone way downhill based on the reviews I have read of past months!

    • True, it wasn’t a great box. You know what’s funny- I actually like Aloe vera drinks, veggie chips and sunflower seeds! lol
      I also read other reviews too and it doesn’t look like it gets better… I’m tempted to just cancel it completely and just keep my Love With Food box. Hmm… decisions, decisions…

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