Love With Food August 2013

It’s August and fall is coming quick so light up your grill before school starts and summer will officially be over!

Love  With food is a gourmet/organic/healthy food box that gives you 8 or more snacks in each box. They also donate a meal to a hungry child for each box they sell. I think almost all the boxes are doing that now, it’s awesome!

So for my first Love With Food subscription box, I signed-up on 7/24/13. My first box was shipped on 8/13/13 (so the whole process was fairly quick). The billing starts in the beginning of the month so my timing was perfect. =] I received my box on 8/17/13, it was shipped from Georgia so getting to Florida was pretty fast.

When I got my box I could definitely smell the BBQ seasoning even though it was wrapped in plastic! My box was pretty packed… I could see that the contents in the box was forcing the box to stick out from its normal shape. =] The more goodies the better!

I also peeked online the day before I got this box so I was excited for my BBQ themed box.


Here’s all my goodies nicely placed in my box, you can tell it was packed!


Sahale Snacks’ All-Natural Fruit & Almond Crunchers. Retail:$1.00 (sale price). OMG these are amazing! I can’t tell you how good it tastes! Orange blossom honey glazed almonds with cranberries covered in sesame seeds= really really yummy. I’m definitely buying these!

Haverst Snaps’ Gluten-Free Baked Snapea Crisps. Retail:$0.77 (sale price). These are baked and lightly salted peas. YUMM! These are really good too! Its light and crunchy and if your kids hate peas- they’ll definitely like these. It’s like eating extra puffy chips but they’re really peas!

Rip van Wafels’ Caramel-Filled Amsterdam Waffle Cookies. Retail:$1.60 (sale price). I haven’t tried these yet but they sound delicious! They recommend you eat this Polish cookie with a hot beverage like coffee or tea. I’ve been eating/tasting too much sugary treats lately so I’ll hold these off for a while. Sorry guys, I devoured the Goodies Co. box yesterday and that was all sweets!



Project 7 Sugar-Free Fresh Mint Tubes. Retail:$1.17 (sale price). These aren’t really different from your regular mints but I absolutely love the packaging! The mints are in a test tube with a cork as the cap, how adorable is that? For every tube they sell, Project 7 plants a fruit tree.

Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust All Natural Spice Rub. Retail:$1.00 (sale price). I haven’t tried the dry rub yet but it smells like a mesquite flavor. The sample size is enough for some pork or you can rub it on a (half rack) spare ribs. They have a lot of unique flavors you can buy too. I might check it out.

El Pinto All-Natural Salsa. Retail:$0.00?. I think they were giving these out as a promotion so there wasn’t a price at the Love With Food store. I got a medium spicy salsa- I don’t really like eating super spicy foods but this was spicy! My mouth was burn-ning. lol But some nacho cheese helped a lot. I really like the sample size they give out, it had a lot in it so you can actually enjoy a bag of tortilla chips with it.

Aunt Sally’s Praline Shops Creamy Original Pralines. Retail:$2.50 (sale price). I didn’t know what pralines were but I think they are extra buttery caramel pieces with peanuts in them. Its pretty good but I wouldn’t eat too many because they are extra sweet! There’s nothing “healthy” in these but it’s definitely a gourmet candy you don’t see every day.

Good Boy Organics’ Organic BOPS Sea Salt Potato Crisps. Retail:$1.38 (sale price). This isn’t your regular potato chip… its gluten-free and organic. I read some of the reviews before I tried it and not a lot of people liked this… when I first ate one it reminded me of shrimp chips. Not a lot of people are a fan of them but I love Calbee’s Shrimp chips. BOPS chip on the other hand, was not that good. It wasn’t what I expected I thought they would taste like Clancy’s veggie chips (that come in a potato, spinach, and tomato flavors- now THOSE are banging!) the BOPS chips have a stale taste but its crunchy so its not really “stale” if you get what I mean. This was the least favorite for sure. Everything else (that I tried) was pretty darn good.

The total on-sale retail price is $9.42 but if these weren’t on sale It would’ve been over $12.00 (the price of the box including shipping). I didn’t count the salsa but it’s so worth more than $0.00. As an added bonus, they also gave me coupons! One for the El Pinto salsa and one for the Snapea Crisps! ❤

I think it was a pretty good box, not everything was BBQ related but the box had a lot of sweet & salty snacks, which I really appreciated. I paid $2 (shipping price) for this box so it was worth it to me. I’ll be continuing with this box for next month so stay tuned!

If you want $5 off of your box ( I also get$5 off), order yours now using this link. The offer is valid for this month so hurry!

Happy Snacking Everyone!


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