Wantable August 2013

augustwantableholdMy Wantable box arrived the beginning of this week, but I’ve been busy with things so now I finally have time to review my second Wantable box. This company actually just turned one! YAY! Happy Birthday Wantable! They started last year and I think the accessories box is fairly new. They are more known for their makeup, I will be testing that out for my next box. =]

Each month varies so they tell you ahead of time what you should get in your box-like how many items you’ll get and the type of accessories that are in style.

I ordered mine last month on the 14th so they use that date for the rest of my accessories boxes. My box was packed on the 15th and shipped out on 8/16/13, I got my box on 8/19/13 so the shipping is always quick! I think the more you pay for something, the faster it ships but that could be just me.

augustwantablecardLike last month, I was super excited to open my box! It was jutting out of the box a little (like they said it would-“filled to the brim”). When I opened up the box the usual welcome card was the first thing I saw, then the invoice of my loves, likes, and dislike and such. I noticed that this box used foam padding. The last box had bubble wrap and was individually wrapped in plastic bags with a cardboard picture. It could be a monthly difference thing.

augustwantablebraceletfront augustwantablebraceletsideNow for the goods:

1. Kora Bracelet. Retail: $32.00. The first thing that I saw was a HUGE bracelet! I told them I loved bracelets and I loved statement ones so yeah… I got a big statement alright. It’s “nice” but it wasn’t me, I was expecting statement color-wise. Another reason why I didn’t like it was that I have skinny wrists so if I get cuff bracelets they need to have a cinching option or else it won’t stay on. I bought a really pretty one from Charming Charlie and it broke since it had a delicate design that opened/closed (hmm, maybe I wasn’t suppose to do that? =/). Since this bracelet was really heavy and stiff, it fell right off of my wrist. So that was a no go.

augustwantablewatchaugustwantablewatchclose2. Millie Watch. Retail: $24.00. For second layer of my box- I found a leatherette watch and earrings. I specifically told them I dislike earrings and when you tell them that you “dislike something”- “it will never show in your box”. I was a bit surprised when I saw them however they didn’t list it in my invoice. But still I didn’t want earrings- period. The watch at first glance wasn’t that impressive to me- I found it stiff and cheap looking. The face of the watch had two handles that the band rested on so it looked weird and awkwardly shaped for my wrist. I tried it on anyway and surprisingly it didn’t look that bad. The top was awkward like I thought it would be but at least there was a  notch for my wrist size. This was probably the best out of all the things I got.

My invoice told me I got three things so I thought that was it. Another let down! I had so much faith I would love my next box too…

BUT wait, there was more! I took out the other foam piece and saw…

augustwantablenecklace3. Olli Necklace. Retail: $24.00. A necklace that matched my earrings. I wasn’t a fan of the necklace since I told them I wanted a medium length or short necklace- this one was all the way down to my stomach which is a maxi necklace (dislike on my quiz). The earrings were okay but the whole ring concept was too much for my liking.

augustwantablelayoutMy total retail price was $80.00 for the $36.00 I paid. Great deal but Wantable did not pick out items I loved- they listened but didn’t listen at the same time. They were going for a rocker theme but the bracelet seems more “glam” (a dislike) than a punk/rock theme.

I ended up sending back the box yesterday after talking to customer service (very quick response). I had to return it AGAIN (my second return) in order to 1. get a refund and 2. order my next box which will definitely NOT be an accessory box. I think I’ll be better off buying stuff I can try on and like. Maybe Wantable could be for you but it’s not for me. I like that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so returning is easy and free. You can’t get another box that month but you do get your money back. =/

Once my credits are returned I’ll order the make-up box. I was tempted to switch it but I didn’t! Grr. Oh well at least I know now that it wasn’t meant for me. A lot of the reviews I read- people seem to really love their box. Maybe I’m too hard of a person to get strangers to pick out for me.

If you want to try Wantable’s accessory box use my link here, the box is pretty popular and is currently sold out. So if you want to try it- try it ASAP because when someone drops out (like me) someone else will take it right away.

Let me know if you do use the link so I can fawn over the pretty things you get. =]


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