Naturebox August 2013

augustnbholdYay! My Naturebox came today and I’m impressed with the timely shipping. My first box arrived the 27th so I was expecting for it be arrive around then too but I checked my shipping status and BAM- it was here! When I get a food box- I dig right in!

Naturebox is an organic healthy snacking company that gives you an option to pick your own snacks or leave it up to them to surprise you. On top of your 5 full-sized snacks, you can add more bags for $4 for the first and second bag, $2 for the third and fourth bag, and $1 for the fifth bag. You can always upgrade and get 10 snacks for $30 (save $10) or 20 for $50 (save $30) depending on how big your family/appetite is. augustnbopen

They are still in the process of changing all of their bags to a new design so they put in a “Pardon our crumbles” card if you get an old bag design. As for their new design- I like it. =] I really like the leaf-shape window and the bottom has a green color with the slogan “happy snacking!” and their logo.



augustnbpepperpistachiosI love that you can pick your own snacks- I loved my Peppery Pistachios! It’s just salt and pepper pistachios. I had them in my July box. Since the pistachios were so good I ordered a different flavor- Chili Lime. It’s very spicy so beware, it has a ton of flavor (for both kinds). I’ve been going through a pistachio phase so I bought other brands of pistachios but honestly didn’t taste as good as Naturebox’s. If you love pistachios (or don’t) I recommend you try these- you’ll love them! There’s something about organic pistachios that makes it taste so much better than preservatives ones.

augustnbfiggybarThe Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars are pretty good. Its like a Fig Newton bar but with wheat and it’s a lot bigger. The bag came with only 5 (individually wrapped) bars =( I wish there was more. These are great for a quick filling snack. You might want to eat two since they are half of the size of regular bar (or triple the size of regular Fig Newtons).

augustnbpineappleThese Big Island Pineapples are amazing! I’m addicted to these. I thought they would be crunchy but it’s not, it’s actually soft and chewy. I really like it! Its not dry at all- its pretty moist and flavorful. My bag will be empty soon =( I need bigger portions!

augustnbmangobitesThe Mango Almond Bites are light and crunchy squares. It’s made out of rice cakes, sugar cane, almonds and dried mango pieces. It has a very light in flavor and taste so its not too sweet. If you need to snack on something after eating-these are perfect because it won’t fill you up.

This box is normally $19.95 however I wrote to customer service about my problem with the yogurt covered pretzels and they gave me a $5 credit. A+ for customer service! They pride themselves on customer satisfaction so if you have any issue- send them an email or call them up and they will take care of you. =]

I really liked everything in my box. I might order more of the Big Island Pineapples next time. I won’t be getting September’s box but I will check out the new snacks they have and order a bigger box if I like what I see. =]

If you want to try your first box use my link and put in the promo code: SHARE10 for $10 off or you can use REFER25 for 25% of your first box.

Happy Snacking!


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