Overview of All My Subscriptions

Hey subscribers, this is my first post for a round-up and upcoming subscription boxes to keep you updated. If you happen to really like a certain box let me know about! I love to learn about a new box or tell you more about one. =]

My Beauty boxes:

birchboxlogoMy past two Birchbox subscriptions were geared toward skincare products and I’ve been signing up for free skincare samples and getting them at Sephora/Origins so I have enough to last me for a while. So for my September’s box I’m adding make-up and tools to the mix. I bought a bunch of new make-up stuff but I can always use travel-sized make-up for on the go. I’ll be putting them in cosmetic bags for all my different purses (so I won’t have to take stuff out of my current purse).

ipsylogoI’m finally off the waiting list! I got my email this morning. =D I think it was a month’s wait… I was too excited to not check everyday… hehe! My Ipsy bag will arrive mid-month of September so I can’t wait for more make-up!

W logoI’ll be ordering Wantable’s make-up box for the first time pretty soon. I returned my accessories box so I should get my credits back soon to order their make-up box. The things I’m looking forward to is getting blush, brow pencil, bronzer, bright eyeliner, tools, or nail polishes. =] I have un-opened mascara and a TON of foundation/concealer so I don’t need those. Hopefully this is a good one, I hear great reviews about them! =D

Overall: I’m limiting myself to 2 beauty boxes a month (which is going to be super hard!) so maybe I’ll cancel Birchbox (I’m doing a project so I need at least 2 more boxes! 😉 Stay tuned for that. Once Birchbox is canceled I can try BeautyBox 5, GlossyBox, Sample Society, and Goodebox. It’s hard resisting to subscribe to so many boxes at the same time! I’m really eager to try different boxes but at the same time- I can’t afford all of them at once! Boo. Hopefully I get good deals in my inbox. 😉

My Apparel/Accessories boxes:

W logoWantable just came out with a NEW subscription box: Intimates- they have underwear, all kinds of bras, tank tops, socks, and tights. The quiz is pretty detailed so you won’t get anything you dislike, that’s the great thing about Wantable- you won’t get what you don’t like. If you get the Intimate box (let me know how you like it) you’ll get 4-5 items for $36 or $40 for a one time charge. Honestly their unsubscribe button is so easy- all you do is click the button and you can skip/unsubscribed so do the monthly sub. Check them out here.

julepLogoI’m skipping the Julep’s September box even though I am tempted to get the charcoal sponge-sounds kinda harsh but it’s infused with minerals and it cleans your skin really well! If you want to see what they have for September go to this link. I’ll be continuing back with Julep in time for October if I like what I see. I’ll keep you guys posted for limited edition/great deals. Tip: When you first sign-up you get to pick a free box from their starter box collection so it’s not that month’s box (you can buy it on the side for $20+up though). So my tip is get your free box ASAP and during the selection/skipping dates (20th-24th) you can pick the right box for you. If you miss it- they pick it for you based on the quiz you take.  Get your free box with this link and put in FREEBOX in the promo code.

littleblackbaglogoLittle Black Bag has so many new cute purses coming in all the time, I stop by every now and then to see what’s new. They have some pretty nice bags right now! With their new warehouse they’re collecting bags like crazy and it’s much faster shipping now too. I’m waiting till I see a great deal to snatch up these puppies. I’m doing the same with JustFab, I’ve been buying a lot of bags lately so unless I see a great deal- I’m saving my money for other boxes. =] JustFab can be cheaper than LBB so if you want to check it out/sign-up for freebies/promos by using this link. If you use this link, you’ll save 25% off of you first purchase at LBB. Hint: All the good purses are available by the end of the month or the very beginning. FYI these purses sell pretty quick so get yours ASAP, we got pretty aggressive shoppers on LBB.

stunner-of-the-month-77790578Stunner of the Month is a new subscription I signed up for. I’m getting a free pair of sunglasses next month, it’s only $9 a month for all different kinds of sunglasses. If you want your own sunglasses for free (first time customers only) sign-up here and put my name “Jenny Hang” in the reference slot and use “trystunner” =] I’ll be getting mine in September so I’ll let you know how I like them! P.S. They also come with a case AND a glasses screwdriver in case you need to fix it for FREE!


JewelMint is a luxury accessory box I’m currently checking out. They have a lot of unique jewelry made of real gold, silver and other natural materials like wood and minerals. It’s really high quality stuff. For my first purchase, I get to pick 2 items for the price of one! JewelMint is also connected with their MINT sisters like BeautyMint (Jessica Simpson), StyleMint (Mary-Kate & Ashley), ShoeMint (Rachel Bilson-from Hart of Dixie!), IntiMint (Brooke Burke-Charvet-from Dancing With the Stars) and HomeMint (Justin Timberlake). You can sign-up for free here and check their stuff out, maybe you’ll like what you see! 😉

Overview: There’s a lot of accessory boxes so I might just limit myself to two a month too. Moderation, baby! Yeah, it takes a lot of will to not buy a new box but that’s not gonna stop me from check out more boxes. =]

My Food boxes:

goodiescologoI decided to skip Goodies Co. for 3 months so in December I’ll see if I want to go back to that. A lot of subscribers aren’t a big fan of it and I kind of agree- it’s not the best box but it’s also the cheapest. So in a way, you get what you pay for. I’ll see if other subscribers get a good box but in the meantime I’m looking for other food boxes to test out.

lovewithfoodlogoMy most favorite is Love With Food so I’ll be buying the 6 month boxes! I know right, commitment! I only got one box so far but they have a great variety and they have Ming from Food network curate one of their boxes! They also have a larger box for $19.95 with 16-10 snacks! That’s a whole lot of goodies, I don’t know if I can handle that. Order your free box here. Please note that you might pay for shipping depending on the subscription you pick. Trust me, Love With Food is worth it!

Overview: I love my food boxes but I couldn’t keep all of them so I am going to pick a max of 2 food boxes per month. I wanted to get the free Goody Gorilla box but due to high volume of sign ups, I’m on the waiting list so hopefully its over soon. I’m looking for new food boxes so I’ll keep you guys updated about it.

Other news, I’m thinking of doing a “Recommendation of the Month” post where I would give you guys recommendations for Beauty, Accessories, and Food boxes for three different prices: Affordable, Moderate, Luxury priced boxes. What do you guys think? Like this post if you like that idea!

Thanks for reading!



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