Sephora’s FLASH Beta Exclusive Deal


I love Sephora! I’ve been shopping there a lot lately so I’m sure they would send me this kind of invitation and I love it!

Like this post if your a Sephoraholic too!


Q: What is the Sephora FLASH Beta Subscription?

A: It’s a FREE unlimited 2-day shipping (no minimum) for one year!

Awesome right? All it costs is $10 for a whole year! I think it’s pretty awesome… I always get sucked in to buying $50 or more to get free shipping along with their super-cute free deluxe samples with a purchase of $25 or more. Yeah it’s kinda sad that I get sucked in for that but this is a great deal and I am definitely taking them up on this offer. =]

If you love scoping out great Sephora deals- sign up for this! With every order you get 3 free samples you can pick out. Also the Weekly Deals (deluxe) samples are pretty awesome too.

Unfortunately if you didn’t receive the email you have to be invited. If you click on this link you can sign up to be on the waiting list. The enrollment period ends on 9/5/13. So decide fast.

*I read the terms/restrictions and it is a yearly subscription so if you want to cancel, just contact them via phone or email. Make sure you read the term agreement-knowledge is power!*

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