Birchbox 2 September 2013

bb39_385x385_4Since my first Birchbox for September was ruined (the spray got all over the box), they graciously sent me a replacement after I sent them an email telling them so. They didn’t send me a new tracking link but the next day or so my September box (on the site) had changed to a completely different box.

I got my replacement on 9/24/13 so it took about a week to get it. If you want to see my previous box check it out here.

Here’s a more detailed look at what I got:


sept2bbmascara1. Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Lash Treatment & Mascara. Retail: $21.00. I got a full-size wand! I was really excited to try a restoring mascara since my lashes aren’t too thick and long like my hair… a lot of people said they didn’t see any results though. I actually bought a lash primer from e.l.f. so I switched to see if this did anything. It made my lashes super hard though and I didn’t like that. When I washed it off there were a lot of flakes and it took forever to take off which made my eyes hurt from constantly rubbing and washing.

Here’s what it looks like on my lashes… (please excuse my different eyes and the random flash)

sept2bblash1 sept2bblash2 sept2bblash3

The first image has one coat of mascara, second image has two coats and the third has three. As you can see it kinda gets clumpy when you put a lot of coats on it.

Reading Birchbox’s description, I think it’s misleading to call this a “restorative lash treatment and mascara” because all it really is a primer and mascara. It doesn’t make your lashes thicker the more you use it- its more like you use this to make your lashes “look” thicker WITH the mascara.

sept2bbruffian2. RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer-Fox Hunt. Retail: $10.00. Another Fox Hunt bottle I got like last time. BOO. I really wanted to try a different color but for some reason “orangey-red” is my go-to color according to Birchbox. (I got the Model Co. lipstick in an orangey-red color too and that was awful. I ended up using it as lip balm by adding petroleum to dilute it.)

It looks red on camera but it’s more orange in real life. I like the formula though because it lasted on my nails for a week before it started chipping a little and I was opening crab shells and using my nails like crazy. This is without top coat so good job on the long lastingness Ruffian!

Like I said before, its a great nail polish but for a full size its awfully small. I think people would invest in a bigger bottle since it would last them awhile.

sept2bbsugarbomb sept2bbsqueeze

3. Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss-Sugarbomb. Retail: $6.94. It’s a really cute small sheer lip gloss. For me it has no color- all I see is the glitter. It moisturizes my lips and its not sticky. Also, there is no taste but it smells super sweet!

I like the dip it has on top of the applicator- it forms to the shape of your lips! This is great for traveling and re-moisturizing your lips on the go.

sept2bbflashlips sept2bbnoflashlips

Flash and no flash

sept2bbegypt4. Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. Retail: $0.95. Apparently this moisturizer cures almost anything. I haven’t tried this either but when I do I’ll let you guys know. I don’t like foil packets either since you can only use it once. Based on other reviews I saw its a thick formula that you can use for your face, hands or body. It has a lot of healing ingredients olive oil, honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

sept2bbsmart5. Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting™ Polisher. Retail: $7.60. S.M.A.R.T. system stands for Smooths, Moisturizes, Anti-Aging, Redness-Reducing, and Tones. Yep, it does them all. A blend of fruit extracts—shout-out to watermelon, orange, and lemon—tones and hydrates skin while lifting away the dull, dead bits. Meanwhile, the waterless formula uses a built-in neutralizer to help roll away impurities—which you can easily brush or wipe off. I haven’t used it yet but I will when I go to my friend’s wedding next week. It smells light and fruity. The downside so far is the size- it’s so tiny!

Here’s my look of the day:


My total retail value is $46.49! I always find a purpose for the samples I get so I don’t waste anything! It’s worth it to me so I’ll be keeping my subscription until I’m satisfied with my collection. =p

If you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox, I recommend doing it ASAP since they have a long waiting list.

If you do have a Birchbox already, what were some things you liked and didn’t like?

P.S. Did you catch a glimpse of my nails? I change them up every week!


Origins Hot Finds THREE sample deals- your choice!

I can’t believe the sale they are having at Origins, let me tell you they have great stuff! Everything is organic and there are NO harsh chemicals… the even better thing is that they are having a deluxe sample for FREE with FREE SHIPPING! How awesome is that??!! You get a cleanser, lotion and serum all your choice!

If you haven’t already done so sign-up for their newsletter and Facebook (for free coupon offers).

I just put in my order today so I’m excited to get my package =]

Here’s what you can get:





My favorite is Lilian’s Youth Protectors! The best part is that she’s a graphic designer too! Great coincidence. I love the A Perfect World cleanser- it smells great (everything smells great from Origins though) and it melts the make-up off off my face too! Especially my eye make-up, it doesn’t burn at all. I bought this travel sized version last time since I loved the sample I got at the store. It really is amazing how gentle and cleansing it is. I’m excited to try the lotion from that line.

These four different choices really hit every person, which I love!

Anti-aging, brightener, youth protecting, and home facials…

This deal lasts till tomorrow so hurry and get your samples! There’s no coupon code necessary and you get an extra sample (on top of the deluxe samples) with free shipping. All you have to do is buy ANY skincare product and pick out your samples. I bought from the “travel favorites” to save even more so if you’re on a budget- pick from there… if not go get your favorite skincare product! You can return anything if you don’t like it so here’s to finding great things! CHEERS!

I linked up the images to

*I used a reward program called MyPoints to earn points for gift cards. If you’d like, send me an email with your full name along using your preferred email address to for an invitation. It would help me out a lot but you don’t have to. You basically get 3 points for each dollar you spend. I joined in 2007 and have gotten over $200 worth of gift cards. You don’t need to spend money either to get points all you have to do is open their “5 points” emails and earn away. There’s a lot of emails- to fairly warn you, but it’s a great way to earn points without spending money. Also, survey emails earn you 10 points each and if you browse around the site- you can find more ways to earn points.

Cardpool Hot Finds!

Hey fellow bloggers and readers!


I just recently found this awesome discount gift card site called Cardpool! It’s basically a site where you can buy or sell your gift cards at a discount! It’s free shipping and a 100 day purchase guarantee. Talk about customer satisfaction.

Save up to 35% and never pay full price for the stores you love or buy them for the holidays (for yourself-I won’t judge or others). =]

This is such a great deal my favorite card to get is Sephora… I shop there ALL the time and saving where ever I can is great. You can save 15% off at Sephora!! I just got two gift cards today so it’s pretty legit. They ask you all kinds of security questions to make sure it’s your card- which could be annoying but hey they’re being cautious for your protection!

Check it out using my link here. They have a TON of different stores! Go now because they won’t last for long!

Shop on readers!


Julep Sneak Peek October 2013

julepLogoYup, it’s time to pick your boxes from Julep! This month’s treat has make-up! A black & brown eyeliner and a sharpener to be exact. For this month’s nail polish collection they have really cool metallic colors to glow-in-the-dark! How awesome is that? I’m kind of in the middle for October’s box so maybe I’ll make up my mind on the last day. I already got the kohl eyeliner pencil from my Ipsy bag!

Let’s see what they have in store…



  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener: Two intensely pigmented colors—carbon black and brown shimmer—that glide on smoothly and blend like a dream.
              • Two colors
              • Ideal for inner rims, tightlining, and smoky eyes
              • Blends like a dream—won’t drag or pull on delicate skin
              • Opthamologist-tested
              • Kajal-friendly, round-tipped, high-quality sharpener included
  • Mask Noir: A peel-off mask of gentle kaolin clay and black volcanic ash.
              • Black volcanic ash boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial peptides.
              • Kaolin Clay is as gentle as it is deep-cleaning.
              • Incredibly clean, visibly brightened skin upon removal
              • Enriched with Julep’s proprietary Power Cell Complex™, a trio of skin-boosting superstars:
                1. Rosehip seed oil – a nourishing oil (and natural source of vitamins A and C) that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and post-acne marks. Contains natural fatty acids that bond moisture to skin
                2. Malvaceae Lipid Extract™ – a lipid complex that provides immediate and long-lasting hydration and works to rebuild skin structure from the inside out
                3. Green coffee bean oil – a natural anti-inflammatory that promotes cell turnover



  • Dahlia Boho Glam: Goldenrod microglitter
  • Stevie Boho Glam: Concrete gray frost
  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener

Note: If you really like any polish from the October collection, you can add any of the October polishes up to 3 items to your cart for $5 & up.



  • Valerie – Bombshell: Teal with iridescent microglitter
  • Cleopatra Bombshell: Black latex crème (*no latex in formula)
  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener

Note: the cleopatra polish is matte you can apply top coat to the tip or design to make it a glossy/shiny design with the matte polish.



  • Winona – Classic with a Twist: Buff greige crème
  • Anisa – Classic with a Twist: Deep burgundy crème
  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener



  • Kendra – It Girl: Army green frost
  • Ciara – It Girl: Vampy magenta with teal microglitter
  • Missy – It Girl: Titanium metallic 



Upgrade to The Rebel Set (a $180 value) to get all nine NEW October colors, plus Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener and Mask Noir.

  • Dahlia – Boho Glam: Goldenrod microglitter
  • Stevie – Boho Glam: Concrete gray frost
  • Valerie – Bombshell: Teal with iridescent microglitter
  • Cleopatra – Bombshell: Black latex crème (*no latex in formula)
  • Winona – Classic with a Twist: Buff greige crème
  • Anisa – Classic with a Twist: Deep burgundy crème
  • Kendra – It Girl: Army green frost
  • Ciara – It Girl: Vampy magenta with teal microglitter
  • Missy – It Girl: Titanium metallic
  • Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener
  • Mask Noir 

Here’s an extra bonus you can add to your cart:

add-beatrix  add-casper  casper-sw
 If you want to see more or order your October box use my link to sign-up, pretty please? =]

Hurry, the selection process is until the 24th! Also for you free starter box read about it in my September blog.

Ipsy (with bonus coupon codes) September 2013


My look using only what’s in my bag!

septipsyholdI waited and waited and waited some more! Finally the it’s here! My FIRST Ipsy bag ever! I was on the waiting list for about a full month. Sadly, I didn’t get the August bag but at least I didn’t miss out on the September bag. =]
For those of you who don’t know about Ipsy, it’s a make-up bag subscription that sends you about 5 items in a cute make-up designed by Ipsy all for $10 a month. You get full or deluxe sized items based on your quiz and reviews (a new edition they put in). You can interact with the site and the members to win giveaways and other promotions by uploading pictures and tutorial videos.
I’ve been really excited to try Ipsy for a while now and I finally got off the waiting list if you what to get an Ipsy bag sign-up ASAP! You can always choose not to buy the subscription but trust me, after seeing what everyone got- you’ll want to jump on that offer pronto. Some people love it and some people hate it- I just think you should try it out anyways… if you still hate it throw it away or give it to someone who wants it. Ipsy also gives the members exclusive promo codes to the items in the bag, so if you didn’t get something you wanted (or want to get more)- you can use the code to buy it. I actually took up on one of this month’s offer so read on. 😉

On to the reveal! =D


septipsyemThis is what I pulled out of my shiny pink envelope: Classic Beauty theme card with a list of discounts and brands for this month, em michelle phan’s new life palette make-up sample (career life) and the Ipsy make-up bag with the 5 products!

I thought it was pretty cool Michelle gave us a taste of her line, if you subscribe to her site you can get great deals on her new make-up line (I don’t post up everything so if you want to try her stuff sign up on her page).

Here’s what came in my bag!


septipsykohl septipsystarlooks1. Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil. Retail: $12.00. Get 20% off of $35 or more using (IPSY) coupon code. The size is larger than most eyeliner pencils so you are getting a lot out of this eye liner pencil. The only downside is that it doesn’t stay put- it’s meant to smudge and have a smokey eye look but I used it as a eye liner and there were a few times I had to wipe the excess liner that smudge in the wrong place. The color is great, the size is awesome and the application is nice but the durability kinda sucks (sorry). I used primer and a sealer and I guess the area I didn’t prime/seal started getting flakes or smudges. So I would only use this for short amount of time not the whole day kind of look.

2. Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. Retail: $18.00. Use (Chella) coupon code to get 20% off any order. I LOVE this pencil. I’ve been eyeing this from the past bags and I’m so glad they recycled this great pencil. Every girl really does need this. You can use it for highlighting your inner corners of your eyes, outline your waterline, highlight the eyebrow bone, lighten up dark circles, highlight the cupid’s bow- whatever you want to stand out really. My eyes are really big so the mascara, eye liner and highlighter pencil is kind of unnecessary but I used a little highlighting around my inner corners. Sorry I guess I forgot to take a close up of the tip but if you click on the other picture you can see it’s slightly pink. The formula is creamy and not shimmery so it has a nice natural look to it. The pencil is actually pretty thick but that doesn’t change the application. My only concern is that the biggest sharpener doesn’t fit this pencil =/ guess I gotta find one that fits… or just do it old school and razor it =p

septipsybig septipsymott3. Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara. Retail: $8.00. Ipsy has a 50% any purchase coupon code (ISPYBIG). This isn’t the full size but I think it’s a pretty decent sample size to try. I like it, it makes my lashes darker and thicker without clumping too much. I probably need to throw out a bunch since it’s been longer than 6 months for some of my mascaras. lol I had a new one ready to open but since Ipsy gave me one to try- I might as well use it! The wand is pretty cool it’s an hourglass shape twisted- I thought it separated my lashes nicely.


I forgot to do my lower lashes but you can see how dark/fuller my lashes are compared to the top lashes.

septipsypop septipsypoptip4. POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon-Rose Romance. Retail: $4.17. Get 20% off any purchase using (POPpout) coupon code. I wasn’t a big fan of this color… it’s the fadest/nudest/lightest pink ever on me. I’m pretty tan so my lips are pinker than this color. It almost look nude on me but I rather use it as a faint blush. I had on lip balm and no color went on me, when I took off the lip balm it didn’t turn out so smooth. I think I might have to apply additional lipgloss or lip balm after because it doesn’t look good on me by itself. On the up side, I thought I had to sharpen it like the Chella pencil but the bottom twists up so I think that’s pretty awesome.


Yeah, it’s not so pretty my lips look extra dry. EW.


septipsynyx5. NYX Single Eye Shadow in Fantasy. Retail: $4.50. Ipsy has a 30% off of high definition/eye shadow bases (IPSYPRIME) coupon code. This is a small (almost) full size sample but its still a pretty decent amount- I know I wouldn’t use the entire thing unless it was the only eye shadow I have. I was thinking of buying some other colors since my Fantasy color wasn’t creamy like other Ipsy members described (it was dry/dusty) but I might have to hold off on it for later. I ordered from e.l.f.’s new geometric line so based on the eye shadow I used NYX and e.l.f. are pretty similar on my lids. For some reason the eye shadows disappears when I put it on my lids even when I prime it and put a good amount on- it seems to disappear. I might have to experiment a little. It’s a great color for me- I love neutral colors so it’s great for blending with a pop of color. I really like the design with the pyramids- love dimension!
septipsyvsfdholdseptipsyvsfdfrontI didn’t get the Victoria Jackson Taupe Eyebrow Pencil but I did see a great deal on the free Foundation Duo. If you put in VJFREE in the coupon code after checkout the Foundation Duo is free- you just pay shipping ($5.95) which is still a great deal! The cream foundation comes with a sponge applicator and the darker color can be used to create your shade or contour the face. Its a pretty decent size and cool packaging for free so hurry and get yours before they run out! You can pick your shade, I got medium and the lighter side is lighter than the typical medium color so I had to mix the darker color to get the right shade. It’s a “No Make-Up Look” but I found out that cream foundation/concealer doesn’t go well on my face. ;(


If you like some of the deals you should sign-up for Ipsy. They have a bunch more coupon codes for even better stuff I think. I would have loved to get the Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or the Butter London Nail Polish or even the Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm but I’m pretty content with my complete look.

My overall retail price was $82.57 including the foundation price and shipping and all I paid was $15.95 that included the Ipsy bag and the shipping price of the foundation. That’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. =]

What did you think about my bag?

In other news: I’m working on this really cool chart of all the boxes (with coupon codes) I think are worthy so it’ll be something you come back to again and again. I use it all the time so I know you will too. Trust me, it’s something to look forward to. If you follow my blog, you won’t miss it. (Scroll all the way down and enter your email on the right and click follow.)

Love With Food Deluxe Edition September 2013

septlwfholdI was really excited to get this box because Love With Food just came out with their NEW deluxe box with more than the usual box. I was invited to try the deluxe box so naturally I couldn’t refuse! This month’s box was curated by Chef Ming Tsai also, everything in the box is gluten-free! I’m not allergic to gluten but I wanted to see how it tasted.

The normal boxes have 8+ snacks but the deluxe has 16-20 snacks and you only pay $19.95! I don’t think they released it out to the public yet. I’m sure this will be a hit, people love organic boxes and $20 isn’t too bad for a bunch of healthy and organic snacks. I love that you don’t have to worry about eating any of these snacks- everything is natural and has no chemicals or preservatives! Awesome!


Ta-da! Look at all the goodies, I only showed one of each unique snack so the duplicates are on the bottom.


Here’s a laid out version that was in my box. I got a list of the products and ways to eat/use them.

Starting in no particular order:


100% Natural Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips from Bare Fruit. Retail: $2.89 sale price for 2. I was really excited to try these! I’ve been looking for a crunchy version of apple slices and these were soo yummy. I love cinnamon and apples so these had great flavor without being too sweet. I’m glad they gave me two!


Betty Lou’s All Natural & Gluten Free Blueberry Fruit Bars. Retail: $2.66 sale price for 2. I haven’t had the craving to try these yet but I’ve been getting all kinds of fruit bars lately so these will be eaten when I’m on the go and I need a snack. I love blueberries so I’m sure they will be delicious!


Cosmos Creations Heavenly Morsels of Baked Cinnamon Corn. Retail: $2.55 sale price for 2. These are a combination of fluffy popcorn and churros in my opinion. Its light and crunchy because of the sugary coating. Its a good portion for one person.


Beanfield Bean & Rice Chips- Pico de Gallo and Nacho. Retail: $2.08 sale price for 2. I love these chips! But I just love chips in general. The flavor is bold yet it doesn’t over whelm my buds. When I first opened the bag a ton of flavor and spices rushed to my nose- so good!


Licious Organics Cherry Berry Raw Cookie. Retail: $2.25 sale price for 2. These weren’t my favorite at all. I didn’t know that there were coconut pieces in them so it made it gross for me to eat the whole thing. I like my coconut in a drink not food for some reason. It could be the texture now that I think about it. Aside from that the berries had a sweet and tart taste and the cookie was very moist since it wasn’t baked.


YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks. Retail: $2.00 sale price for 2. I’m not a big fan of fruit snacks so my hubby ate these. According to him each flavor tasted like the fruit and it was a little too sweet for his liking (and he loves sweets). The banana and peach flavor was something new I noticed. His favorite was peach- hands down.


Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Dip. Retail: ~$0.80 sale price depending on how much you buy. I don’t eat hummus either but I tried the Sundried tomatoes from Sabra and I don’t think I’m a hummus person. So I’ll save these for some other time… like a picnic. I like that it’s in a to go container so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.


Nutty Bean Co. Organic Crunchy Sesame Seed Chick Pz. Retail: $4.17 sale price. I love sesame but I don’t think I like chickpeas? The combo wasn’t too bad. It was crunchy and tasted like sesame seeds.


Millies Savory Sipping Broth Teas: Indian Spice and Spicy Tortilla. Retail: $3.33 sale price for 4. I didn’t know what to do with these when I first saw them. I was like, really? Indian Spice and Spicy Tortilla tea? Why would I drink that?? But I read the description and apparently you can brew it into a sauce/broth and use them to cook in food as an alternative. Cool. Haven’t done that yet but I’ll let you know how it comes out.

My total retail price is $22.73 (for 18 snacks) these prices were based on large quantities and it was they were on sale too so prices may vary. I paid $19.95 for this box-not too bad, I definitely paid for the box itself but I don’t know if  I need that many snacks each month. If you liked the deluxe Love With Food box sign-up and get a box I’m sure they will send you a link to be on the waiting list if you really want the deluxe box (if not email them). I will probably skip next month’s and order from Naturebox (I need to restock on my pineapple slices– its soo good).

So how did you like the deluxe gluten-free september box? Is it worth it? Did you get one?

Birchbox 3 year Anniversary Celebration September 2013

bb11_385x385_3Hey all! I was soo excited to get my box this month- I always have a bad habit of peeking! I was most excited about my Ruffian Nail Polish. It’s their first nail polish line ever and ALL the Birchbox subscribers were lucky enough to try the fall line.

septbbholdLike always, you get the same size box every month. Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends you around 5 deluxe samples according to your needs (you fill out a quiz and they use that to pick your items). They usually have around 50 pre-set boxes so they try to get most of your preferences.

My Birchbox was shipped out on 9/9/13 and I got it on 9/16/13. This was pretty late than my other boxes so I’m not sure why it took longer…

When I opened up my box I noticed it had a stain (from the tissue paper)! Gross. I knew right there that one of my products leaked/exploded. =( I contacted Birchbox Ops right away! They told me that they put in a request for a replacement box or a compensation if they couldn’t send me another box. =] Thanks Birchbox ❤

This month’s theme is Hertiage and their 3 year anniversary! They are giving out random new and old subscribers 1,000 points ($100) to spend in the Birchbox store. Sadly I didn’t win.


But yeah, this was really upsetting because all the pink ink leaked on my box and the cards (I need them clean for my project I’m working on). Luckily I can clean off the actual products but aside from that there were dried and wet sea salt spray everywhere!


Here’s the cleaned up and out of the packaging! Look how tiny everything is compared to the hair spray! I really like the super deluxe size they gave me but I rather have the BHA 9 sample a lot bigger.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss. Retail: ~$14.00?. I think its a great sample size. I can’t imagine this being the full size but its not half of the normal lip gloss tube either… the full size version is $18.00 so I lessened it a bit for the sample I got. Anyways, this is a nice lip gloss it smells good (I don’t think it tastes like anything) and it goes on smoothly. I don’t see anything special about it but apparently the full size has a mirror on the tube.

septbbglossflash septbbglossnoflash

Flash and no flash. I put on a light coat so this is very sheer.

 septbbpchold septbbpc

Paula’s Choice RESIST BHA 9 for Stubborn Imperfections. Retail: $4.00. It looks like a perfume sample but it’s actually for your face. It’s a nightly serum for stubborn imperfections- it tackles acne scars, rosacea, wrinkles, blemishes, and so much more… I haven’t tried it yet but I like that it has a lot of benefits- I just think using a tiny (smaller than a perfume sample size bottle) serum wouldn’t give me a chance to see if it’ll work. The sticker on the packing says that I can get another free sample but honestly- I don’t think its worth it. The full size bottle costs $40 for 3 oz (my sample was .03 oz) so even if it does work- that’s pretty pricey bottle!


RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer- Fox Hunt. Retail: $10.00. For such a small (full size) bottle this thing costs a lot! I really wanted Delirium (purple) but I got this red-orange color. I’m not a big fan of it but it is a nice color and it goes on pretty opaque and smooth. I love the bottle design but not the color on me. Maybe I’ll get use to it. (There’s a picture with the hair spray of the color on my nails.)


Borracha Pearly Wipes- Mint. Retail: $1.16 for 2 wipes. The full size version is in a compact and has a mirror for $7.95 (comes with 15 wipes). I got mint scent instead of the wine scent they have- I think I got the better sample scent… =/ Don’t want anyone thinking I’m an alcoholic ;p I don’t think I’ll be using them anytime soon but I’ll keep them in my purse for emergencies. I read that they don’t taste like anything but it does give you a minty smell after you wipe your teeth. It’s suppose to clean and whiten your teeth. If you recall in my other post, I said I didn’t want this but hey, you never know when you’ll need it, right?


Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray. Retail: $21.60. The full size is 25ml more for $27.00, I think this sample is enough for me. I tried it the first time and all the spray was all over my hands (which did not feel nice at all- it’s rubbery and gross) but my bottle did leak so the second time I used it, it didn’t get all over my hands. I think it’s alright, it holds my curls but I am not a fan of the roughness (granted thats what sea salt does to your hair). I would have rather picked the blow out hair spray others got. I’m sure I’ll use it later on for my Ariel costume =] I still have my temporary hair dye I got from LBB too! The description they gave me was: use on wet or dry hair for texture and volume, anti-frizz, matte finish and hydrating.

So I tried again using it on a damp hair and spraying generously and tying it up in a twist bun. The next day I took out the bun it looked like this:


It held all day long and then some! I used too much so it was hard curls… it looked nice but it also took forever to get it all out! I had to wash my hair several times. This method works better with my hair than using a hot iron and hair spray. My hair is thick and long so keeping my hair in a twist bun (twisting a few hair locks too) for a long time will give me natural looking curls.

Overall, it’s a great Birchbox for me my total estimated retail value was $50.76! Crazy-ness! Aside from the leakage, I’m happy with my box- it was definitely worth the $10 I paid for it. I will keep you guys updated if I get another box. =]

Other news:

1. I’m still waiting for my first Ipsy bag which is taking forever!

2. I have a deluxe edition Love With Food box to review next. There’s so many snacks to taste but it should be posted in a day or two!

3. I ordered a TON of e.l.f. products which I’m debating whether or not to review them- there’s a bunch of new products too. Comment below if you do. (P.S. the picture above- all e.l.f. make-up! Whattt?? I have really bad skin without makeup FYI.)

Stunner of the Month 2 September 2013

septstunner2holdI received my first free sunglasses from Stunner of the Month not too long ago and honestly- I wasn’t in love with them so Stunner of the Month sent me another pair- for FREE! Wow, that was super generous and I really appreciate them.

Right after I told them I didn’t like it- they immediately sent me new ones and I think it was less than a week or maybe a week later I got this package.

I actually got them on the 9th so I was kinda lazy with posting this one right away. I wanted to do a bunch of posts when my Birchbox, Ipsy and Love with Food box when it got here but it looks like that won’t be till next week (I figured I would take pictures, edit them and post everything at the same time- oh well).

septstunner2cardMy first impression of the box was like what the heck kind of moto is “Supple Up” and why would you call your brand “Supple”? I don’t know… to me a cheetah is NOT supple…

Here’s what I got:

This is everything that was in my box. I really liked the sunglasses sticker they gave me, its actually partially clear/dotted where the lens are so whatever is the the background you can kinda see through that. I think thats awesome and creative! The blue cheetah thing is a sticker too. As always you get their Stunner of the Month business card and a info card describing the sunglasses. Then you have your glasses and the case and a free gift (stickers in this case).


I thought the lens was pretty unique it covered the entire frames and definitely blocks out the UV light. I wouldn’t recommend you wear these inside because like the other glasses- this one is super dark wearing it inside. A downside is that the lens gets super dirty if you touch it with your fingers. Def bring a cloth with you lol.


The sides have the Supple Up cheetahs which doesn’t bother me too much.

septstunner2modelSorry, I wasn’t really dressed up for a photo op… I don’t have make-up on. But I think it looks nice for any outfit.
If you want to see the first glasses click on this link I updated them with a picture of me wearing them (again with no make-up, sorry!).

If you really like sunglasses pr want to try them out visit their link and put in the referral box my name: Jenny Hang and in the promo code: trystunner and it’ll be free.

I hope you enjoy the sunglasses!

Birchbox September 2013 Sneak Peek

I’m pretty excited about the September box… this sneak peek video has been out for awhile but I’d thought you would want to see if you haven’t already…

The theme is mixed with Heritage and their 3 year anniversary! So to celebrate you could win 1,000 Birchbox points which is $100 worth in the Birchbox store. You don’t need to do anything to enter, they’ll randomly pick new and existing subscribers. So if you haven’t already sign up by the 14th to get your September box here.

I made my profile geared towards make-up and skincare products this month to switch it up a little. I always need skincare and I’m just seeing what other make-up I will like. I basically have all the make-up I need but hey, every girl can have a little bit more right? 😉

I’m really excited to try the RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer apparently everyone is getting one! I love nail polish. =] All the colors are really pretty so I wouldn’t mind getting any of the colors but what I really want is the Delirium color- its a sparkly purple, how cute is that? It’s so fall. =]

benefit_theyrereal_900x900The Benefit They’re Real Mascara in the video got me all excited too but it looks like that won’t be in my box (but I’m not that upset since it wasn’t in any of the 50+ boxes). I accidentally peeked so I already know what I’m getting. If I win the 1,000 points- I’m so getting that! I got a sample size of it for my birthday present at Sephora and it’s awesome!


Another thing I saw at the Birchbox store was the amika Obliphica Perk Up Dry Shampoo- I always wanted to have a dry shampoo on me in case I’m out and my hair is gross for some reason. Definitely something to have on you for emergencies.


Something I never saw before were these teeth wipes, yes teeth “wipes” kinda like the feet wipes in my last box but for teeth. Weird huh? They make all kinds of wipes now.

I’m so excited to get my Birchbox soon, I’m tracking it like everyday! *Crossing my fingers I’m one of the winners*


What do you think of this month’s box? Anything you’re excited about?

JewelMint September 2013

img-thingI’m so excited to show you guys what I got from JewelMint! The “Mint” websites have all kinds of different stuff like jewelry, intimates, shoes, fashion and other celebrity picked styles (they are all linked together so you can buy from any site and have combined shipping). You can read a little bit more here or check it out here for yourself. I was checking out the jewelry site when I was disappointed with my Wantable Accessories box so I had to scope out a new jewelry box subscription. At first browsing through the pieces didn’t catch my eye but JewelMint updates their site weekly so they are constantly adding new things and having great promotions. They lured me in with their 2 for 1 discount so I got 2 pieces for $29.95 along with a free gift of my choice!

I ordered on 8/26/13 on got it 9/4/13 but it did come from across the states. I was kind of upset when I discovered that one of the items I bought was on sale for 50% off the next day! I bought it before the Labor day weekend so it was my fault that I didn’t wait a little bit longer. Right now they have up to 70% on select pieces and if you spend more than $75 you get 3 (surprise) pieces valued up to $80 along with a chance to win an Amex $1,000 gift card in your box! Talk about great gifts- if I had more than $75 to spend I would totally take them up on this deal.

They also have a few mystery boxes in three different categories so check that out while you are browsing. You get three pieces for the price of one.

Like I said this site is filled with luring offers so you might want to check it out if you love jewelry or want to browse “luxury” stuff.

So I’m guessing you are dying to see what I got huh??

Here’s my box! Look how big it is!


When I opened up the box one of the flap had text on it. I think it’s so cute how they gave a definition of each Mint site. I didn’t have that much stuff in my box but I think this is the standard box so when you do buy stuff they add on some goodies (like the mystery box you can randomly get extra pieces in your box)! I didn’t get anything extra though just extra paper =p


I took out all the extra bubble wrap/wrapping paper- they really pack these things well!



I’m a sucker for pretty packing so I tend to save everything that is well made hehe. I love the presentation of JewelMint- its really impressive how much the presentation effects the pieces. So classy!

These boxes are magnetized like those journals with a magnet flap (I love those!). When you take off the ribbon and open the bottom flap there’s an extra velvet cushion top to take off. I like that there’s a note when you open up the box- everything about this is so cute.


Here’s my Amour Web Ring I picked out! I was really excited to try this on. I read that it fades easily so I’ll be coating it with nail polish top coat to preserve it and make it even shinier. I was surprised how light it was- I thought it would be heavier but I guess its a lighter metal with gold paint over it. It covers a good portion of my finger and I can bend it (not all the way). I wish it was brighter and shinier but I love the delicate design.

septjmringhandseptjmringside septjmringtop

septjmnecklaceboxMy next item is the Ladder Fringe Necklace its silver with chains connecting with small metal in a chandelier form. The necklace goes down pretty far so if you’re wearing this with a dress it’ll be really pretty.

It came in the same style as the ring box with the same note.

I love the texture of this necklace its so elegant. The metal is pretty dark but in bright lighting it looks lighter.


Another detail I noticed was the JewelMint tag on the necklace… look how tiny it is! So adorable!


septjmlipglossMy third item (free bonus) I picked out was the London Butter Lippy lip gloss.  I heard great things about London Butter so I was excited to try their lip gloss! I picked a sheer glossy color called Hen Party. It’s super glossy and shiny which reminds me of my younger days where I would wear super glossy lips with little color. It smells delicious and has no taste.

Overall, JewelMint really impressed me, they had a lot of great deals that really made me happy and excited to buy their stuff.

You should check it out too or at least sign-up and see all the great offers. You can play games and interact with other Mintsiders to get points.

Here’s my link. If you give JewelMint a try let me know how you like it.