Stunner of the Month September 2013

septstunnerholdI started a new subscription with Stunner of the Month because it was a free offer for first time subscribers.

I signed up on 8/21/13 for my free sunglasses, they usually bill/send them out in the beginning of the month so when I got them 9/2/13 I was pretty impressed with the speedy delivery (with Labor Day weekend time).


When I opened up the box there was a bottle opener (with the logo) taped on the lid. I thought it was so cute! The back says, “I’m a stunner!” I also liked the casing as well its a simple black and white logo design in a soft drawstring bag. It also came with the Stunner of the Month card and a description of the sunglasses. I was hoping for the sunglasses tool but I guess they ran out so I got the bottle opener instead.

Normally the sunglasses are $9 a month but I used the promo code: trystunner to get mine for free.


I got the Siamese Stunt- it’s super dark and even with flash people can’t see your eyes! My sunglasses were shades of blue and white. It has a tie-dye effect on the sides and the frames. I wasn’t in love with the style so I sent Stunner an email telling them. (If you are unsatisfied- you should let them know.) You can’t pick your glasses but you can tell them the gender preference male, female, or unisex.





Overall I can’t complain too much, they were for free but I noticed the sides had minor scratch marks on them even though there were plastic covering. This has happened to me before with my other sunglasses purchase from a different store- for some reason even though it was in a bag/plastic wrapping my sunglasses was damaged in some way. Must be bad luck!

If you want to get your free sunglasses use this link and put in “Jenny Hang” as your referrer and “trystunner” in the promo code. It has to be lowercase and you won’t get a confirmation email or tracking code but you will get an email when they ship it out. Remember to rate the sunglasses and cancel (before the 5th?) if you don’t want them to send you more.

*Also, if you want to see the second glasses they sent me go to this link here!*

I hope you enjoy it!


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