Wantable Make-up August 2013


Hey all, I’ve actually had my Wantable make-up box for awhile but didn’t get a chance to write a review until now. If you read my other reviews, you would’ve noticed that I didn’t have much luck with their Accessories box. I saw their Intimates box but I really wanted to try the Make-up box first.

My returns has always gone smoothly so I had no trouble with the processing, shipping and getting my money back at all. They are really good at that so I’m always willing to give a box a try.

All the boxes are pretty much a standard size (at least for Accessories and Make-up box). The shipping is crazy fast it was shipped on 8/28/13 and I got it on 8/30/13- that’s two days!


Everything was nicely packed in their packaging. I had black styrofoam like my other August Wantable Accessories box to keep everything in place. I got two different products from the same product line twice so I think its nice to get a set that went together. I never tried any of these companies before but I like how most (if not all) my products are natural, eco-friendly and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. Plus, I got an extra coupon and a bonus product! =]

I kept my profile quiz pretty simple/natural. I choose NOT to receive mascara or lip products and requested for matte powder. This is the first time I got exactly what I asked for! =0



Laqa & Co. Nail Polish Remover Pads. Retail: $5.95. These came with 32 thin pads perfect for to go situations. I didn’t like the smell too much but it wasn’t acetone based- it had an oily feel to it so I had to wash my hands/feet afterwards. I thought it took awhile to take my old nail polish off but I only used 4 pads to get my nails and toes so its pretty good but it takes awhile. When I’m done using up the pads I plan to recycle by adding round cotton pads (peeling the layers as I go) and let them soak in polish remover.


Laqa & Co. Nail Polish Chubs. Retail: $11.00. These are about the same size as Julep’s bottle but I think they have a little bit more. I really love this polish! Its a gold shimmery color and it goes on beautifully in one coat. I didn’t put on top coat but so far it hasn’t chipped yet. It’s a reasonable price compared to Julep but I would have to try out their other colors to see if they are all that awesome. They gave me a $10 off coupon code if I spend $30 or more. The site is pretty small with limited products but I’m interested in the polish pens! I love decorating my nails so I’m excited to see how well they work.

augustwantablemubronzeaugustwantablemurebronzerholdLise Watier Havana Bronzing Powder. Retail: $29.00. I love the packing and design! The left picture is with flash, right is without flash. The powder is matte  and it’s such a pretty natural color. Its darker than my skin and  brighter so my “glow” will look natural/healthy tan. My face is pretty oily at times so instead of using shimmery bronzer that makes me look extra oily the matte powder will even out my shiny face. I love the shell design- makes me not want to use it and mess it up!

augustwantablemueyeshadowLise Watier Solo Eyeshadow Powder Prune Matte. Retail: $18.00. There’s an embossed “W” in the powder and it came with a eyeshadow tool. I got another matte powder because I have too many shimmery eyeshadows. I one thing I don’t like is the color, its the same color as my eye lids without make-up so when I put it on-my eye lids look tired and deep-setted. I have different kind of eyes compared to others- it huge eye, mono-lid, that pop out so hard to figure out how to get the illusion of normal eyelids.


Echo Vie Organic Body Oil Sample. Retail: $0.00. This was a bonus item! Its a mixture of Jojoba and sesame oils that restores moisture, naturally healing, loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, 10 premium essential oils that uplifts, relieves fatigue, stress and anxiety. Man, that’s a lot of things!
augustwantablemupenciltipAu Naturale Cosmetics Eye Liner Pencil Meadow. Retail: $18.00. I like the new different color choice! Even though I disagree that “Meadow” is a natural color for my eyes, this color is pretty unique. It has a shimmery green and gold color mixed together. If you look on the right its dark green (without flash) but on the right it has a pop of gold (with flash).
I really like this box a lot! I totally recommend this- I got a $81.95 retail value for $36.00 (which was paid in credits) so I paid $0.00 out of pocket. What a steal!
If you want to learn how to get your box for free- sign up for their site and check out their facebook promos. They are pretty generous for first timers… when I participated in one of their giveaways and didn’t win- Wantable personally emailed me a $35 credit for trying. All I had to do was get someone to sign-up through my referral link (worth $1) so BAM free box! =]
Here’s my Wantable link and my Give Good Face Giveaway/Besame Madmen Giveaway links. Good luck!



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