Stunner of the Month 2 September 2013

septstunner2holdI received my first free sunglasses from Stunner of the Month not too long ago and honestly- I wasn’t in love with them so Stunner of the Month sent me another pair- for FREE! Wow, that was super generous and I really appreciate them.

Right after I told them I didn’t like it- they immediately sent me new ones and I think it was less than a week or maybe a week later I got this package.

I actually got them on the 9th so I was kinda lazy with posting this one right away. I wanted to do a bunch of posts when my Birchbox, Ipsy and Love with Food box when it got here but it looks like that won’t be till next week (I figured I would take pictures, edit them and post everything at the same time- oh well).

septstunner2cardMy first impression of the box was like what the heck kind of moto is “Supple Up” and why would you call your brand “Supple”? I don’t know… to me a cheetah is NOT supple…

Here’s what I got:

This is everything that was in my box. I really liked the sunglasses sticker they gave me, its actually partially clear/dotted where the lens are so whatever is the the background you can kinda see through that. I think thats awesome and creative! The blue cheetah thing is a sticker too. As always you get their Stunner of the Month business card and a info card describing the sunglasses. Then you have your glasses and the case and a free gift (stickers in this case).


I thought the lens was pretty unique it covered the entire frames and definitely blocks out the UV light. I wouldn’t recommend you wear these inside because like the other glasses- this one is super dark wearing it inside. A downside is that the lens gets super dirty if you touch it with your fingers. Def bring a cloth with you lol.


The sides have the Supple Up cheetahs which doesn’t bother me too much.

septstunner2modelSorry, I wasn’t really dressed up for a photo op… I don’t have make-up on. But I think it looks nice for any outfit.
If you want to see the first glasses click on this link I updated them with a picture of me wearing them (again with no make-up, sorry!).

If you really like sunglasses pr want to try them out visit their link and put in the referral box my name: Jenny Hang and in the promo code: trystunner and it’ll be free.

I hope you enjoy the sunglasses!


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