Birchbox 3 year Anniversary Celebration September 2013

bb11_385x385_3Hey all! I was soo excited to get my box this month- I always have a bad habit of peeking! I was most excited about my Ruffian Nail Polish. It’s their first nail polish line ever and ALL the Birchbox subscribers were lucky enough to try the fall line.

septbbholdLike always, you get the same size box every month. Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends you around 5 deluxe samples according to your needs (you fill out a quiz and they use that to pick your items). They usually have around 50 pre-set boxes so they try to get most of your preferences.

My Birchbox was shipped out on 9/9/13 and I got it on 9/16/13. This was pretty late than my other boxes so I’m not sure why it took longer…

When I opened up my box I noticed it had a stain (from the tissue paper)! Gross. I knew right there that one of my products leaked/exploded. =( I contacted Birchbox Ops right away! They told me that they put in a request for a replacement box or a compensation if they couldn’t send me another box. =] Thanks Birchbox ❤

This month’s theme is Hertiage and their 3 year anniversary! They are giving out random new and old subscribers 1,000 points ($100) to spend in the Birchbox store. Sadly I didn’t win.


But yeah, this was really upsetting because all the pink ink leaked on my box and the cards (I need them clean for my project I’m working on). Luckily I can clean off the actual products but aside from that there were dried and wet sea salt spray everywhere!


Here’s the cleaned up and out of the packaging! Look how tiny everything is compared to the hair spray! I really like the super deluxe size they gave me but I rather have the BHA 9 sample a lot bigger.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss. Retail: ~$14.00?. I think its a great sample size. I can’t imagine this being the full size but its not half of the normal lip gloss tube either… the full size version is $18.00 so I lessened it a bit for the sample I got. Anyways, this is a nice lip gloss it smells good (I don’t think it tastes like anything) and it goes on smoothly. I don’t see anything special about it but apparently the full size has a mirror on the tube.

septbbglossflash septbbglossnoflash

Flash and no flash. I put on a light coat so this is very sheer.

 septbbpchold septbbpc

Paula’s Choice RESIST BHA 9 for Stubborn Imperfections. Retail: $4.00. It looks like a perfume sample but it’s actually for your face. It’s a nightly serum for stubborn imperfections- it tackles acne scars, rosacea, wrinkles, blemishes, and so much more… I haven’t tried it yet but I like that it has a lot of benefits- I just think using a tiny (smaller than a perfume sample size bottle) serum wouldn’t give me a chance to see if it’ll work. The sticker on the packing says that I can get another free sample but honestly- I don’t think its worth it. The full size bottle costs $40 for 3 oz (my sample was .03 oz) so even if it does work- that’s pretty pricey bottle!


RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer- Fox Hunt. Retail: $10.00. For such a small (full size) bottle this thing costs a lot! I really wanted Delirium (purple) but I got this red-orange color. I’m not a big fan of it but it is a nice color and it goes on pretty opaque and smooth. I love the bottle design but not the color on me. Maybe I’ll get use to it. (There’s a picture with the hair spray of the color on my nails.)


Borracha Pearly Wipes- Mint. Retail: $1.16 for 2 wipes. The full size version is in a compact and has a mirror for $7.95 (comes with 15 wipes). I got mint scent instead of the wine scent they have- I think I got the better sample scent… =/ Don’t want anyone thinking I’m an alcoholic ;p I don’t think I’ll be using them anytime soon but I’ll keep them in my purse for emergencies. I read that they don’t taste like anything but it does give you a minty smell after you wipe your teeth. It’s suppose to clean and whiten your teeth. If you recall in my other post, I said I didn’t want this but hey, you never know when you’ll need it, right?


Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray. Retail: $21.60. The full size is 25ml more for $27.00, I think this sample is enough for me. I tried it the first time and all the spray was all over my hands (which did not feel nice at all- it’s rubbery and gross) but my bottle did leak so the second time I used it, it didn’t get all over my hands. I think it’s alright, it holds my curls but I am not a fan of the roughness (granted thats what sea salt does to your hair). I would have rather picked the blow out hair spray others got. I’m sure I’ll use it later on for my Ariel costume =] I still have my temporary hair dye I got from LBB too! The description they gave me was: use on wet or dry hair for texture and volume, anti-frizz, matte finish and hydrating.

So I tried again using it on a damp hair and spraying generously and tying it up in a twist bun. The next day I took out the bun it looked like this:


It held all day long and then some! I used too much so it was hard curls… it looked nice but it also took forever to get it all out! I had to wash my hair several times. This method works better with my hair than using a hot iron and hair spray. My hair is thick and long so keeping my hair in a twist bun (twisting a few hair locks too) for a long time will give me natural looking curls.

Overall, it’s a great Birchbox for me my total estimated retail value was $50.76! Crazy-ness! Aside from the leakage, I’m happy with my box- it was definitely worth the $10 I paid for it. I will keep you guys updated if I get another box. =]

Other news:

1. I’m still waiting for my first Ipsy bag which is taking forever!

2. I have a deluxe edition Love With Food box to review next. There’s so many snacks to taste but it should be posted in a day or two!

3. I ordered a TON of e.l.f. products which I’m debating whether or not to review them- there’s a bunch of new products too. Comment below if you do. (P.S. the picture above- all e.l.f. make-up! Whattt?? I have really bad skin without makeup FYI.)

8 thoughts on “Birchbox 3 year Anniversary Celebration September 2013

  1. I’m so curious about the sea salt spray. It’s a really nice size sample, but what did it do for the texture/lift of your hair? The Elizabeth Arden lip color is gorgeous…which you had posted a swatch! I just posted my September Birchbox review on my blog too. Three words: best box ever.

    – KW

    • The sea salt spray works really well after it dries- probably too good because its so hard to wash out! I love the outcome of the spray but if I did use it again I would have combed it out a bit or use less. I’ll post a pic!
      If I remember I’ll post a swatch lol I have to review my replacement box too so I’ll edit this post to link them together.

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