Love With Food Deluxe Edition September 2013

septlwfholdI was really excited to get this box because Love With Food just came out with their NEW deluxe box with more than the usual box. I was invited to try the deluxe box so naturally I couldn’t refuse! This month’s box was curated by Chef Ming Tsai also, everything in the box is gluten-free! I’m not allergic to gluten but I wanted to see how it tasted.

The normal boxes have 8+ snacks but the deluxe has 16-20 snacks and you only pay $19.95! I don’t think they released it out to the public yet. I’m sure this will be a hit, people love organic boxes and $20 isn’t too bad for a bunch of healthy and organic snacks. I love that you don’t have to worry about eating any of these snacks- everything is natural and has no chemicals or preservatives! Awesome!


Ta-da! Look at all the goodies, I only showed one of each unique snack so the duplicates are on the bottom.


Here’s a laid out version that was in my box. I got a list of the products and ways to eat/use them.

Starting in no particular order:


100% Natural Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips from Bare Fruit. Retail: $2.89 sale price for 2. I was really excited to try these! I’ve been looking for a crunchy version of apple slices and these were soo yummy. I love cinnamon and apples so these had great flavor without being too sweet. I’m glad they gave me two!


Betty Lou’s All Natural & Gluten Free Blueberry Fruit Bars. Retail: $2.66 sale price for 2. I haven’t had the craving to try these yet but I’ve been getting all kinds of fruit bars lately so these will be eaten when I’m on the go and I need a snack. I love blueberries so I’m sure they will be delicious!


Cosmos Creations Heavenly Morsels of Baked Cinnamon Corn. Retail: $2.55 sale price for 2. These are a combination of fluffy popcorn and churros in my opinion. Its light and crunchy because of the sugary coating. Its a good portion for one person.


Beanfield Bean & Rice Chips- Pico de Gallo and Nacho. Retail: $2.08 sale price for 2. I love these chips! But I just love chips in general. The flavor is bold yet it doesn’t over whelm my buds. When I first opened the bag a ton of flavor and spices rushed to my nose- so good!


Licious Organics Cherry Berry Raw Cookie. Retail: $2.25 sale price for 2. These weren’t my favorite at all. I didn’t know that there were coconut pieces in them so it made it gross for me to eat the whole thing. I like my coconut in a drink not food for some reason. It could be the texture now that I think about it. Aside from that the berries had a sweet and tart taste and the cookie was very moist since it wasn’t baked.


YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks. Retail: $2.00 sale price for 2. I’m not a big fan of fruit snacks so my hubby ate these. According to him each flavor tasted like the fruit and it was a little too sweet for his liking (and he loves sweets). The banana and peach flavor was something new I noticed. His favorite was peach- hands down.


Wild Garden Roasted Garlic Dip. Retail: ~$0.80 sale price depending on how much you buy. I don’t eat hummus either but I tried the Sundried tomatoes from Sabra and I don’t think I’m a hummus person. So I’ll save these for some other time… like a picnic. I like that it’s in a to go container so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.


Nutty Bean Co. Organic Crunchy Sesame Seed Chick Pz. Retail: $4.17 sale price. I love sesame but I don’t think I like chickpeas? The combo wasn’t too bad. It was crunchy and tasted like sesame seeds.


Millies Savory Sipping Broth Teas: Indian Spice and Spicy Tortilla. Retail: $3.33 sale price for 4. I didn’t know what to do with these when I first saw them. I was like, really? Indian Spice and Spicy Tortilla tea? Why would I drink that?? But I read the description and apparently you can brew it into a sauce/broth and use them to cook in food as an alternative. Cool. Haven’t done that yet but I’ll let you know how it comes out.

My total retail price is $22.73 (for 18 snacks) these prices were based on large quantities and it was they were on sale too so prices may vary. I paid $19.95 for this box-not too bad, I definitely paid for the box itself but I don’t know if  I need that many snacks each month. If you liked the deluxe Love With Food box sign-up and get a box I’m sure they will send you a link to be on the waiting list if you really want the deluxe box (if not email them). I will probably skip next month’s and order from Naturebox (I need to restock on my pineapple slices– its soo good).

So how did you like the deluxe gluten-free september box? Is it worth it? Did you get one?

3 thoughts on “Love With Food Deluxe Edition September 2013

  1. I received my Deluxe box too (I’m still working on my review). I actually wrote Love with Food an email telling them how disappointed I was that they came out with a “deluxe” box that would double the amount of the items of a regular box, only to have them just send duplicates of nearly everything. I expected 16 individual items. That was Monday and I still haven’t actually heard back from them. I’ll be cancelling my Deluxe box and just receiving the regular one.
    – Michelle

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