Ipsy (with bonus coupon codes) September 2013


My look using only what’s in my bag!

septipsyholdI waited and waited and waited some more! Finally the it’s here! My FIRST Ipsy bag ever! I was on the waiting list for about a full month. Sadly, I didn’t get the August bag but at least I didn’t miss out on the September bag. =]
For those of you who don’t know about Ipsy, it’s a make-up bag subscription that sends you about 5 items in a cute make-up designed by Ipsy all for $10 a month. You get full or deluxe sized items based on your quiz and reviews (a new edition they put in). You can interact with the site and the members to win giveaways and other promotions by uploading pictures and tutorial videos.
I’ve been really excited to try Ipsy for a while now and I finally got off the waiting list if you what to get an Ipsy bag sign-up ASAP! You can always choose not to buy the subscription but trust me, after seeing what everyone got- you’ll want to jump on that offer pronto. Some people love it and some people hate it- I just think you should try it out anyways… if you still hate it throw it away or give it to someone who wants it. Ipsy also gives the members exclusive promo codes to the items in the bag, so if you didn’t get something you wanted (or want to get more)- you can use the code to buy it. I actually took up on one of this month’s offer so read on. ūüėČ

On to the reveal! =D


septipsyemThis is what I pulled out of my shiny pink envelope: Classic Beauty theme card with a list of discounts and brands for this month, em michelle phan’s new life palette make-up sample (career life) and the Ipsy make-up bag with the 5 products!

I thought it was pretty cool Michelle gave us a taste of her line, if you subscribe to her site you can get great deals on her new make-up line (I don’t post up everything so if you want to try her stuff sign up on her page).

Here’s what came in my bag!


septipsykohl septipsystarlooks1.¬†Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil. Retail: $12.00. Get 20% off of $35 or more using (IPSY) coupon code. The size is larger than most eyeliner pencils so you are getting a lot out of this eye liner pencil. The only downside is that it doesn’t stay put- it’s meant to smudge and have a smokey eye look but I used it as a eye liner and there were a few times I had to wipe the excess liner that smudge in the wrong place. The color is great, the size is awesome and the application is nice but the durability kinda sucks (sorry). I used primer and a sealer and I guess the area I didn’t prime/seal started getting flakes or smudges. So I would only use this for short amount of time not the whole day kind of look.

2.¬†Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil.¬†Retail: $18.00. Use (Chella) coupon code to get 20% off any order. I LOVE this pencil. I’ve been eyeing this from the past bags and I’m so glad they recycled this great pencil. Every girl really does need this. You can use it for highlighting your inner corners of your eyes, outline your waterline, highlight the eyebrow bone, lighten up dark circles, highlight the cupid’s bow- whatever you want to stand out really. My eyes are really big so the mascara, eye liner and highlighter pencil is kind of unnecessary but I used a little highlighting around my inner corners. Sorry I guess I forgot to take a close up of the tip but if you click on the other picture you can see it’s slightly pink. The formula is creamy and not shimmery so it has a nice natural look to it. The pencil is actually pretty thick but that doesn’t change the application. My only concern is that the biggest sharpener doesn’t fit this pencil =/ guess I gotta find one that fits… or just do it old school and razor it =p

septipsybig septipsymott3. Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara.¬†Retail: $8.00. Ipsy has a 50% any purchase coupon code (ISPYBIG). This isn’t the full size but I think it’s a pretty decent sample size to try. I like it, it makes my lashes darker and thicker without clumping too much. I probably need to throw out a bunch since it’s been longer than 6 months for some of my mascaras. lol I had a new one ready to open but since Ipsy gave me one to try- I might as well use it! The wand is pretty cool it’s an hourglass shape twisted- I thought it separated my lashes nicely.


I forgot to do my lower lashes but you can see how dark/fuller my lashes are compared to the top lashes.

septipsypop septipsypoptip4.¬†POP Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon-Rose Romance.¬†Retail: $4.17. Get 20% off any purchase using (POPpout) coupon code. I wasn’t a big fan of this color… it’s the fadest/nudest/lightest pink ever on me. I’m pretty tan so my lips are pinker than this color. It almost look nude on me but I rather use it as a faint blush. I had on lip balm and no color went on me, when I took off the lip balm it didn’t turn out so smooth. I think I might have to apply additional lipgloss or lip balm after because it doesn’t look good on me by itself. On the up side,¬†I thought I had to sharpen it like the Chella pencil but the bottom twists up so I think that’s pretty awesome.


Yeah, it’s not so pretty my lips look extra dry. EW.


septipsynyx5.¬†NYX Single Eye Shadow in Fantasy.¬†Retail: $4.50. Ipsy has a 30% off of high definition/eye shadow bases (IPSYPRIME) coupon code. This is a small (almost) full size sample but its still a pretty decent amount- I know I wouldn’t use the entire thing unless it was the only eye shadow I have. I was thinking of buying some other colors since my Fantasy color wasn’t creamy like other Ipsy members described (it was dry/dusty)¬†but I might have to hold off on it for later. I ordered from e.l.f.’s new geometric line so based on the eye shadow I used NYX and e.l.f. are pretty similar on my lids. For some reason the eye shadows disappears when I put it on my lids even when I prime it and put a good amount on- it seems to disappear. I might have to experiment a little. It’s a great color for me- I love neutral colors so it’s great for blending with a pop of color. I really like the design with the pyramids- love dimension!
septipsyvsfdholdseptipsyvsfdfrontI didn’t get the Victoria Jackson Taupe Eyebrow Pencil but I did see a great deal on the free Foundation Duo. If you put in VJFREE in the coupon code after checkout the Foundation Duo is free- you just pay shipping ($5.95) which is still a great deal! The cream foundation comes with a sponge applicator and the darker color can be used to create your shade or contour the face. Its a pretty decent size and cool packaging for free so hurry and get yours before they run out! You can pick your shade, I got medium and the lighter side is lighter than the typical medium color so I had to mix the darker color to get the right shade. It’s a “No Make-Up Look” but I found out that cream foundation/concealer doesn’t go well on my face. ;(


If you like some of the deals you should sign-up for Ipsy. They have a bunch more coupon codes for even better stuff I think. I would have loved to get the Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner or the Butter¬†London Nail Polish or even the Cailyn Cosmetics Tinted Lip Balm but I’m pretty content with my complete look.

My overall retail price was $82.57 including the foundation price and shipping and all I paid was $15.95 that included the Ipsy bag and the shipping price of the foundation. That’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask me. =]

What did you think about my bag?

In other news: I’m working on this really cool chart of all the boxes (with coupon codes) I think are worthy so it’ll be something you come back to again and again. I use it all the time so I know you will too. Trust me, it’s something to look forward to. If you follow my blog, you won’t miss it. (Scroll all the way down and enter your email on the right and click follow.)


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