Cardpool Hot Finds!

Hey fellow bloggers and readers!


I just recently found this awesome discount gift card site called Cardpool! It’s basically a site where you can buy or sell your gift cards at a discount! It’s free shipping and a 100 day purchase guarantee. Talk about customer satisfaction.

Save up to 35% and never pay full price for the stores you love or buy them for the holidays (for yourself-I won’t judge or others). =]

This is such a great deal my favorite card to get is Sephora… I shop there ALL the time and saving where ever I can is great. You can save 15% off at Sephora!! I just got two gift cards today so it’s pretty legit. They ask you all kinds of security questions to make sure it’s your card- which could be annoying but hey they’re being cautious for your protection!

Check it out using my link here. They have a TON of different stores! Go now because they won’t last for long!

Shop on readers!



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