Origins Hot Finds THREE sample deals- your choice!

I can’t believe the sale they are having at Origins, let me tell you they have great stuff! Everything is organic and there are NO harsh chemicals… the even better thing is that they are having a deluxe sample for FREE with FREE SHIPPING! How awesome is that??!! You get a cleanser, lotion and serum all your choice!

If you haven’t already done so sign-up for their newsletter and Facebook (for free coupon offers).

I just put in my order today so I’m excited to get my package =]

Here’s what you can get:





My favorite is Lilian’s Youth Protectors! The best part is that she’s a graphic designer too! Great coincidence. I love the A Perfect World cleanser- it smells great (everything smells great from Origins though) and it melts the make-up off off my face too! Especially my eye make-up, it doesn’t burn at all. I bought this travel sized version last time since I loved the sample I got at the store. It really is amazing how gentle and cleansing it is. I’m excited to try the lotion from that line.

These four different choices really hit every person, which I love!

Anti-aging, brightener, youth protecting, and home facials…

This deal lasts till tomorrow so hurry and get your samples! There’s no coupon code necessary and you get an extra sample (on top of the deluxe samples) with free shipping. All you have to do is buy ANY skincare product and pick out your samples. I bought from the “travel favorites” to save even more so if you’re on a budget- pick from there… if not go get your favorite skincare product! You can return anything if you don’t like it so here’s to finding great things! CHEERS!

I linked up the images to

*I used a reward program called MyPoints to earn points for gift cards. If you’d like, send me an email with your full name along using your preferred email address to for an invitation. It would help me out a lot but you don’t have to. You basically get 3 points for each dollar you spend. I joined in 2007 and have gotten over $200 worth of gift cards. You don’t need to spend money either to get points all you have to do is open their “5 points” emails and earn away. There’s a lot of emails- to fairly warn you, but it’s a great way to earn points without spending money. Also, survey emails earn you 10 points each and if you browse around the site- you can find more ways to earn points.

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