Birchbox 2 September 2013

bb39_385x385_4Since my first Birchbox for September was ruined (the spray got all over the box), they graciously sent me a replacement after I sent them an email telling them so. They didn’t send me a new tracking link but the next day or so my September box (on the site) had changed to a completely different box.

I got my replacement on 9/24/13 so it took about a week to get it. If you want to see my previous box check it out here.

Here’s a more detailed look at what I got:


sept2bbmascara1. Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Lash Treatment & Mascara. Retail: $21.00. I got a full-size wand! I was really excited to try a restoring mascara since my lashes aren’t too thick and long like my hair… a lot of people said they didn’t see any results though. I actually bought a lash primer from e.l.f. so I switched to see if this did anything. It made my lashes super hard though and I didn’t like that. When I washed it off there were a lot of flakes and it took forever to take off which made my eyes hurt from constantly rubbing and washing.

Here’s what it looks like on my lashes… (please excuse my different eyes and the random flash)

sept2bblash1 sept2bblash2 sept2bblash3

The first image has one coat of mascara, second image has two coats and the third has three. As you can see it kinda gets clumpy when you put a lot of coats on it.

Reading Birchbox’s description, I think it’s misleading to call this a “restorative lash treatment and mascara” because all it really is a primer and mascara. It doesn’t make your lashes thicker the more you use it- its more like you use this to make your lashes “look” thicker WITH the mascara.

sept2bbruffian2. RUFFIAN Nail Lacquer-Fox Hunt. Retail: $10.00. Another Fox Hunt bottle I got like last time. BOO. I really wanted to try a different color but for some reason “orangey-red” is my go-to color according to Birchbox. (I got the Model Co. lipstick in an orangey-red color too and that was awful. I ended up using it as lip balm by adding petroleum to dilute it.)

It looks red on camera but it’s more orange in real life. I like the formula though because it lasted on my nails for a week before it started chipping a little and I was opening crab shells and using my nails like crazy. This is without top coat so good job on the long lastingness Ruffian!

Like I said before, its a great nail polish but for a full size its awfully small. I think people would invest in a bigger bottle since it would last them awhile.

sept2bbsugarbomb sept2bbsqueeze

3. Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss-Sugarbomb. Retail: $6.94. It’s a really cute small sheer lip gloss. For me it has no color- all I see is the glitter. It moisturizes my lips and its not sticky. Also, there is no taste but it smells super sweet!

I like the dip it has on top of the applicator- it forms to the shape of your lips! This is great for traveling and re-moisturizing your lips on the go.

sept2bbflashlips sept2bbnoflashlips

Flash and no flash

sept2bbegypt4. Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. Retail: $0.95. Apparently this moisturizer cures almost anything. I haven’t tried this either but when I do I’ll let you guys know. I don’t like foil packets either since you can only use it once. Based on other reviews I saw its a thick formula that you can use for your face, hands or body. It has a lot of healing ingredients olive oil, honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

sept2bbsmart5. Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting™ Polisher. Retail: $7.60. S.M.A.R.T. system stands for Smooths, Moisturizes, Anti-Aging, Redness-Reducing, and Tones. Yep, it does them all. A blend of fruit extracts—shout-out to watermelon, orange, and lemon—tones and hydrates skin while lifting away the dull, dead bits. Meanwhile, the waterless formula uses a built-in neutralizer to help roll away impurities—which you can easily brush or wipe off. I haven’t used it yet but I will when I go to my friend’s wedding next week. It smells light and fruity. The downside so far is the size- it’s so tiny!

Here’s my look of the day:


My total retail value is $46.49! I always find a purpose for the samples I get so I don’t waste anything! It’s worth it to me so I’ll be keeping my subscription until I’m satisfied with my collection. =p

If you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox, I recommend doing it ASAP since they have a long waiting list.

If you do have a Birchbox already, what were some things you liked and didn’t like?

P.S. Did you catch a glimpse of my nails? I change them up every week!


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