Birchbox October 2013

octbbholdThis month really impressed me, Birchbox was delivered so quick. When I got the email that my box was shipped out on the 7th (and I got my box on 10/11/13)- I was like WHOA, how did this get here so fast??? It was pretty awesome.

But yeah if you don’t know what Birchbox is- it’s a sampling box you get every month that costs $10. You get 5 deluxe samples of make-up, skincare, accessories and all kinds of beauty products really based on your profile quiz you fill out. They do a great job picking your box because they literally have 50+ boxes pre-packed so I’d say they have 4/5 chance of you loving your samples. You definitely get your money’s worth if not more. I think the best part of Birchbox is finding new brands and stuff you really like. For me, my face is constantly changing and I need to switch up my routine every few days so getting samples is perfect- I never run out of skincare products for my face and I save money buy not buying full size products that costs $30 or more. If you want to try it out use my link here! I think Birchbox is having a promotion for the next 10 new subscribers they’ll get a free Ruffian nail polish. I really recommend these- they last a long time- even without top coat! Hurry because it ends in two days.


This month’s them is Beauty Buzz, so there’s awesome samples that people love in the the past year in the box!

You can also browse the Birchbox shop for more beauty buzz, plus if you spend $85 or more you can get a free mini Amika hair dryer with a bag!


So here’s what I got! This might look familiar if you read my previous sneak peak post.


I like to skip the opening stage and go right to the products since it’s the same packaging every time- if you want you can see them in my older posts. They come in their own packaging box but if they don’t have one, Birchbox puts it in their own box/bag.


Each box comes with a card telling you what it is and how to use it and the full-size cost. If you log on to the site they give you more details like size and more instructions. Also when you review all of your samples you earn $5 back to spend in the Birchbox store.

octbbdermahold octbbderma1. Dermablend™ Professional Smooth Indulgence Finishing Powder. Retail: $25.00. This is the full size sample! I really want to try this out but I have two brand new mineral powders so when that’s done- I’ll open up this baby. It’s actually really cool because this powder is suppose to help with redness and neutralizing your skin complexion- something I need! You use finishing powder for setting your foundation but if you have nice smooth skin (without blemishes) this would be great alone or over primer. My skin is too dry to use alone so I need a liquid foundation and a finishing powder to keep it in place.

octbbhcbox2. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser. Retail: $5.60. I love the packaging  it reminds me of Tiffany’s jewelry box. This is my favorite out of the box! I tried the Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser with their muslin cloth and this works so much better for me. It takes ALL of my make-up off even mascara and eyeliner that gets stuck in between my lashes! And its gentle on sensitive skin- I would know because my eyelids are super sensitive. I also really like that it doesn’t dry my skin after I wipe off the cleanser. I would actually buy more when I ran out of cleanser. I switch up my routine depending on my how much moisture or cleaning my face needs.

I didn’t use it the way they told me but instead I used it on a damp skin (instead of dry). This way it opens my pores and I use less product to get the same result. You don’t need a lot- I use just enough to spread all over my face and rub in a circular motion until it disappears on my skin and then wipe it off with the damp muslin cloth.

It smells like vapor rub which kinda put me off at first but I got used to it…

octbbhc octbbhchold

3. Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth. Retail: $3.00. I haven’t used their cloth yet- I used my Soap & Glory one but this is thicker than the one I’m using. Its pretty big and super nice quality which is awesome!

octbblips4. theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac. Retail: $2.27. I was really excited to try this, I don’t really have too many lip/cheek stains. When I opened the wand portion- it seems super pigmented and glossy but when I put it over my lip balm lips/bare lips- it literally glided over my lips. I barely saw any pigmentation or color that transfered.


Yeah, I wasn’t impressed- I had to apply several coats to get a little color. Even using it as a cheek stain- I saw no color. It’s actually a good thing this wasn’t a full size sample because I wouldn’t use it. It also left my lips dried after half an hour later so this was my least favorite.

octbbpb5. ChapStick® Hydration Lock- Vanilla Creme. Retail: $3.00. Look at this cute zip-lock baggie it came in! How adorable. This was an added bonus- on the site it was $0.00 but the retail value was $3.00. I don’t particularly see anything too special about this chapstick from any other chapsticks but it did slowly help my peeling lips after a few of days of using it. It has a light vanilla smell so I like it! The thing with chapsticks is that you need to constantly re-apply because it wears off easily. I really appreciated the $1.00 off coupon they threw in.

octbbcoupon This box was worth $38.87 (without the coupon)! The Derma powder was full size so that was over the $10 mark. I love Birchbox!

I’m debating whether or not to sign up for the year subscription- I’ve been satisfied with all my boxes.

I actually used all of them for my project! You’ll get to see what I did with them… it’s pretty awesome! I love crafting and up-cycling stuff. I’m editing the pictures now so be on the look out tomorrow!

It’s finally up, click the picture for a tutorial!!


2 thoughts on “Birchbox October 2013

  1. This was actually a pretty great box. I would loved to have the Dermablend. My boxes have been so-so compared to others so I really need to fix up my profile to get better samples. I also got the Staniac, but haven’t tried it yet. I am surprised at the minimal coverage since their other products are usually so great!

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