Birchbox 2013 DIY Make-Up Drawer Project


I’m so excited to show you what I made out of my Birchbox boxes! I love crafting and up-cycling stuff (I literally keep every box I get especially nice boxes). So in this post you’ll get to see how I made this awesome make-up drawer totally made from Birchbox boxes, decorative paper, and lots of tape!

I have to warn you ahead of time- this is not a simple box to make but I’ll do my best to show you the process in pictures.

This box is designed to be pretty sturdy and it will really hold a lot make-up or whatever you want.

Difficulty Rating: 4/5

Materials Needed:

  • 4 Birchbox Bottom Pieces (the taller box)
  • 5 (or 4) Top Birchbox Lid Pieces (the shorter box)
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Clear Scotch Tape
  • Packaging Tape
  • Washi Tapes (Decorative/Colored Tape)
  • Pack of (at least 10 sheets) Decorative Letter-size Paper
  • Credit Card/Gift Card
  • Bonefolder/Metal Nail Filer
  • Razor/Box Cutter
  • Metal/steel Ruler

You can find these items around your house or the Dollar Tree, for the Washi tape I got mine from Target in the school supply aisle the tape came in a pack of 4 for about $2. I haven’t tried the Dollar Tree Decorative Tape yet but I would use scotch tape to hold the paper together and them use the decorative tape over it just in case. I don’t recommend using glue because that will create bubbles and an uneven surface. The double-sided tape and box cutter can also be found at the Dollar Tree, its not the greatest brand but it gets the job done. The bonefolder/nail filer is to help you create a crease and fold the paper easier and the credit card is to help smooth out the tape application.

You can opt out for the additional mini drawers on the bottom if you don’t have 5 top lids, also you don’t need Washi tape- its mainly for decoration but I do recommend you use decorative paper to cover up the back portion and the shelf.

Some things to keep in mind while making this make-up drawer box is that you should constantly be aware of how much paper and tape you put on the boxes because the more you put on the boxes- the stronger and bigger it’ll be so make sure everything fits and is not too tight or loose. This is solely my design but you can make your own alterations according to your needs.

So let’s get to it!

The first thing we need to make is the structure of the drawers, you’ll need 3 top lids.  In this portion, you are creating three drawers. The top drawer will be the tallest/biggest drawer and the second and third drawers will be the bottom/taller lid size. Work your way from the bottom up. To make the side supports:

  1. Cut off the long sides and use those to create shelf supports for your drawers, be sure to cut off the excess.
  2. Use the taller box to see where the supports should go, remember that you need a little bit more room so you can slide the drawers easily.
  3. Use scotch tape to tape (top and bottom of) the shelf supports and use the credit card to smooth out the tape and keep the support straight.
  4. Create two of these and make sure they are even. Cut the top short end to about 2 cm and leave the bottom short side alone.

It should look like the picture below.


Next, take the third top lid

  1. Cut off the long sides leaving the shorter ends attached.
  2. Using the ruler, mark the shelf height and cut in notches on the sides. They will have to be cut a little thicker so the shelves can easily slip through the notches.
  3. Repeat on both sides.

This will be for the back support for the sides you just made. It won’t cover the entire shelves so we’ll create the rest of the back later.


After you created the backing, slip both sides into the backing so that it creates a seamless frame like the picture below.

bbprojectbacksupport bbprojectback

It doesn’t have to be perfect but it should be even, you’ll end up cover this with decorative paper. On the inside, tape each tab down so that it doesn’t move all over the place.

  1. Next, you’ll be making the shelves stronger by cutting out the decorative paper and taping it to the supports like so. Make sure you cut the paper a little bit longer so that you can wrap around the supports creating the illusion of shelves.
  2. Use the credit card and bonefolder/nail filer to create an illusion of thicker edge. To do this, place the card flat where the crease is going to be and run the smooth side of the filer on the opposite side and fold over the card to get a double line. You can skip this step but it’ll look nicer if you create this illusion.
  3. Tape down the extra paper and the bottom to the support.



This is optional but in this picture you can see an extra part on the bottom. I used the short top lid piece to create a stand/fourth and fifth drawer. All I did was tape it upside down to the bottom drawer.

To make the drawers:

  1. Take your Washi tape and fold over itself as straight as you can and tape the bottom to make sure it stays in place.
  2. Cut out a sized piece to cover the front and tape it in place with double-sided tape.
  3. It’s up to you but I cut out decorative paper to cover the inside. I used Washi tape to seal up the edges.
  4. For the smaller boxes I used a top lid piece and cut it in half. I stripped off the glued edges and cut a cm off of the top, then I had to trim the middle so both boxes would fit and created a false side with scrap paper and packaging tape.

bbprojectsmallbottom bbprojectsmalltop


Next, we’re going to cover up the sides of the outside structure.

  1. Measure and cut to size leaving a few cm to wrap around the inside. Use double-sided tape to keep the paper down. The back will still be bare.
  2. With the excess paper, cut a trapezoid shape where the shelves are and tape down the sides.
  3. Repeat to both sides.

bbprojectsidecuts bbprojectsidefinished

Now, we’re making the top and the rest of the backing!

  1. Use 1 tall drawer and cut out all the sides. You’ll need the two long sides to cover up the back and to create the front lid.
  2. Lay out the three pieces like so.


  1. Since the lid isn’t big enough to sit on top of the box, you’ll need to cut out a rectangle piece that’ll fit the top.
  2. The front flap lid isn’t going to fit completely over the top drawer so you’ll need to cut out another scrap paper so that it touches the first drawer. Place a drawer piece on the first shelf and eyeball where you want the lid to end.
  3. Tape the scrap pieces to each cardboard piece.
  4. Lightly tape the three pieces together (without the decorative paper) to see if it drapes/fits over the box nicely. You’ll need enough spacing in between the pieces so that you can open the lid and have it drape over the corners.



I taped an extra cardboard piece where the two backing pieces met to create a stronger hold.

Laying the entire box down like the picture below, place your back piece, top lid and front lid on a decorative paper. You’ll need enough paper hanging out so that you can fold over into the front lid. Make sure the paper is centered.


  1. Use the ruler to see how much paper you need to fold over the front lid.
  2. Score the sides and each fold using the ruler and bonefolder/nailfiler so you get nice straight creases.
  3. Cut triangles for each fold. See below for reference.


  1. Fold over the sides first and then the front flap.
  2. Continue the same for the top lid.



Don’t forget to cover up the bottom if you have a fourth and fifth drawers!


We’re so close to being done! All you need to do is cut out more decorated paper to cover up the inside top lid and the (first) inside  drawer space. I also taped the edges and the top flap where the lid lays on.




And voila! You’re done! Admire your piece and fill it up with goodies!


I filled my top drawer with powdered foundation and such since I have so many but you can put tall things in there too. That’s why you have so much space!


My second drawer is filled with liquid foundation! So many choices to choose from.


The third drawer is filled with eye shadows and my eyebrow kit! That thing is awesome!


Lastly, the smallest drawers are filled with lip balm/stain/gloss and the other with lipsticks! It’s a sad little collection but I’ll be filling it up soon. Don’t you worry.

Whew! That was a long tutorial/post! I know it’s a bit confusing so feel free to ask any questions. If you were bold enough to try this- post your design in the comment section! I’d love to see your creation!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it took me awhile to make it. I’ll be creating a new one (for tools) soon too once I get more boxes.

So what did you think about my make-up box?

4 thoughts on “Birchbox 2013 DIY Make-Up Drawer Project

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