Ipsy October 2013 with new coupon codes!


This month’s Ipsy bag was PACKED! My envelope was especially round and even unpacking my bag there was a product outside the make-up bag since it was too big to fit inside. They really did go the extra mile this month and I totally appreciated each thought that went into each product.

This month’s theme is Art of Beauty. Shipping was actually faster than normal- it shipped out on 10/10/13 and I got it on 10/16/13. It should’ve been quicker since its a state away but it’s in the shipping time-frame so I can’t complain.

Let’s get started:

octipsyzoyaoctipsynailcolor1. Zoya Nail Polish-Mason. Retail: $8.00. They gave a full size nail polish and I LOVE this color! On the site it shows it as a magenta color but its really not. It’s a shimmery deep purple with magenta flakes. Its a great color for halloween or fall in general. I might have to check out the other colors, Ipsy has an offer- buy 2, get 1 free- plus a free Zoya Remove+. Enter IPSYZ3 for this awesome offer.

Please excuse the tarte oil bottle- the colors matched so well (without flash).

octipsybella2. Bella Terra Mineral Cosmetics Mineral Shimmers-Navy. Retail: $11.99. Honestly I was hoping for the natural-ish purple color since it kinda would went with the nail polish color but I got navy instead. It’s SUPER shimmery.

Apparently, you can use it in 8 different ways… “a creamy eye shadow, matte eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip color, nail polish, mascara, body glitter, and hair color for fun hair streaks”. I doubt it works on dark hair as a color streak since it’s a powder and a shimmery navy color, I don’t see how it can be a matte eyeshadow since it’s literally made of 90% glitter and I’m interested in how you would apply it as a mascara.


I find that using it with a wet brush really gives it a nice dense color. If you’re scared to have too much color- use a dry application first and blend it out then using a small wet brush apply it as an eyeliner. As you can see the left is a light dry application and the right is using a wet application.


I’m a natural-kind-of-girl so I don’t use a whole lot of dark eye shadow but I’m sure I’ll use it on Halloween or some kind of party.

Without flash you get a deep navy color but with flash you see all the glitter and reflective bits of blue which is nice but a bit much for me.

It’s almost a full size sample but it’s only .5g less so I think it’s still a decent amount of eyeshadow. It’s normally ~$15 for a full size but Ipsy is giving us 50% off and free shipping when you use IPSY at the checkout.

octipsybrush3. Coastal Scents Medium Shadow Brush. Retail: $2.49. This brush is full size and the bristles are really soft. I bought more eye shadow brushes from e.l.f. so I’ll save them for later. Its pretty dense so its good for packing in color and blending that out using the tips. My brush was shedding a lot when I first used it but when I cleaned the brush- no hairs came out. It’s a pretty big brush but it does have a narrow tip that you can use to blend out, also its a decent brush for the price. Get 25% off any purchase when you use CS25 at the checkout.

octipsycloth 4. La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® Oil-Free Face Cleanser Wipes-10 count. Retail: $4.99. I didn’t use this because my face/eyes are really sensitive to make-up remover wipes. I start getting really itchy and red on my face and my eyes get really puffy and swollen- the only ones I used so far that didn’t give me a reaction are the lotion wipes from e.l.f. The e.l.f. lotion wipes comes in 15 count and they cost $3.00 (you can actually get them for $1.50 if you make a new account and find a 50% coupon for all the “studio” collection.) It’s a small count but at least it won’t get dried out easily and you can take them with you without it being so heavy.

If I feel brave enough to use them I’ll go back and edit this post. It’s pretty pricey if you buy in smaller counts but the 30 count is ~$10.00. These eco-wipes are better eco wise because they are biodegradable. You can get 30% off any La Fresh products at lafreshgroup.com when you enter IPSYLOVE30.

octipsyspray5. Sexy Hair Spray Clay Texturizing Spray Clay. Retail: $6.99. This is a smaller size than the usual full size spray (which is huuge). I like it because its a great size for traveling. based on a quick test- I like the smell- its not too strong at all and it doesn’t have an oily or sticky residue but leaves my hair dry. It says that it has “7” hold (out of 10?) and “1” shine. I guess its good on oily hair. The big size bottle is ~$17.00, Ipsy has an offer for $5 off $25 at Ulta (sexy hair products only) when you use 105339 at checkout.

Other coupon codes for October 2013:
LOVEIPSY: 20% off any purchase plus free shipping at olehenriksen.com
IPSY13: 25% off any purchase at h2oplus.com
IPSY30: 30% off any purchase at ofracosmetics.com
IPSY: 20% off $35 or more at starlooks.com

So in other news, Ipsy has finally created an individual feedback page based on the items you got on your bag. The quiz doesn’t really do too much selecting what you want so this way it really tells them how you feel about the particular company and the kind/color of samples you got. In addition, you get points! They say they monitor your browsing history and comments but I doubt that works.


octipsybagOverall, I really like my bag. I found a bunch of great stuff that I will use again and again. I also really like that Ipsy focuses on giving you a variety of samples for a semi-complete look. I love that you can always count on Ipsy to give you more than $10 worth of products, I got $38.46 worth of stuff and that’s not even including the bag! If you’re not a subscriber- I totally recommend you sign up ASAP. They have a long wait list that could last 2 months! Use my link if you want to sign up! Thanks!

Let me know what you got or if you want your thoughts on Ipsy!

One thought on “Ipsy October 2013 with new coupon codes!

  1. This was a pretty good bag. I would have loved to try the Bella Terra out. I love how versatile it is, but like you, have no idea how to apply it as a mascara. I like my eye shadow bold and bright, so that wet application is right up my alley! Great review 🙂

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