Naturebox October 2013

I got my Naturebox awhile back (10/17) but I’ve been kinda busy snacking away on my goodies, hehe. In this box I reordered a bunch of my favorite snack so I only have three different kinds of snacks.

With Naturebox you can pick three different box sizes- the bigger the box the cheaper your bags will be. I got the smallest box so my box was $20… but if you use my link and put in the code REFER10 you’ll get $10 off!

Everything is natural and organic so picking your snacks will be super easy because you don’t need to worry about picking a “bad” snack. They have vegan snacks, gluten-free, and everything is 100% natural with no artificial anything!

Okay, so let’s get to it!

octnbcard2 octnbcard

Each box comes with a greeting card and of course your yummy snacks!


Each bag is a good size but they do go quick if you love that kind… I would know I literally ate a bag a day for the dried fruits, it’s so good!

octnbpineapple octnbpinappleslice

Big Island Pineapple- this is my all time favorite snack- I can’t find slice pineapple like this anywhere so I stocked up on three bags. Sadly they are all gone now! I tried to resist but I couldn’t help it. Normal dried pineapple pieces have these gross sugar-coated candy style pieces and it taste gross to me. These are all natural-straight-up pineapples so its nice a juicy without being watery-pineapples. I like to peel each slice off and munch on them but you can just dive in and bite into the slices.

The picture isn’t the biggest slice but they do have bigger rounder slices. There’s about 9 slices of pineapples in each bag.


Mexicana Mango- I love mangoes especially the orange kinds because they are so sweet and flavorful- the yellow ones are sometimes bitter but they can be sweet too. But yeah, these aren’t the juiciest mangoes but its not like its hard to eat. It’s a bit drier than I wanted to be but they are tasty.
I don’t think I’ll order more but I’ll definitely try other fruits since I really like Naturebox’s dried fruits. The picture is one of the smaller pieces since I forgot to take a picture of the bigger nicer piece.

octnbgranolabag octnbgranola

Vanilla Macaroon Granola- was really good too. I normally go for fruits and nuts but I wanted to try a granola and I’m happy with my pick. I can taste the vanilla and a hint of coconut and it had almonds too so I love that. It’s light and crunchy and not too sweet- its delicious with or without other foods. I might try some more granola when I order my next box.

I think the granola bags might be taller but it doesn’t mean there’s more. It’s one of the lighter bags but there’s a good amount in there.

So what did you think about my box? Are you or interested in subscribing to Naturebox?


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