November 2013 Birchbox vs. Ipsy Match-up

Okay, so I thought it would be a fun idea to match up this month’s box with two of the most competitive subscription boxes against each other- Birchbox and Ipsy. (It’s kinda unfair but Ipsy stepped-up their game this month.)  I thought it’d be fun to see how they compared to one another.

So let’s get to it!

1. Eyes

3605970514266_S1177900_WATERLINER_PDP_MAIN_HERO 500mi-hnrx5xzipvxzqn0  500mi-hnrzubuu25xh1wa chella_highlighterpencil_ivorylace_900x900

Ipsy this month focused a lot on my eyes! It’s awesome because I LOVE eye products. I really wanted the em cosmetics waterliner because I don’t have anything like it and even though I told Ipsy I didn’t want to get Starlooks again- I’m glad they didn’t listen because this a different eyeliner that’s not black. I bought a silver eyeliner from Sephora Collection so I’m so happy I got the purplish color-Amethyst. Also from Ipsy- I got false eyelashes which I kinda already ordered 20 pairs on ebay for less than $2! It hasn’t arrived yet so I’ll add these to my growing collection. I’m excited to try the tool out since the first time I put on false eyelashes- they weren’t exactly on close enough.

Finally, Birchbox gave me a Chella Highlighter which I already have thanks to Ipsy! It’s a great pencil but I might have to trade it for something I want more.

Props to Ipsy for knowing what I like (even though I already bought most of the stuff!)… Ipsy takes the win for the eye portion.

2. Lips

500mi-hnrvqohbuffmc2s chuao_bar_honeycomb_900x900_1_2

Ipsy gave me a Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless. I couldn’t help but make my own berry-colored lip balm and but a ton of lipstick/lipgloss/tinted gloss from e.l.f. I really should stop shopping for make-up because I end up getting such great “samples” from Ipsy. I actually end up using the lip crayon from last time in my almost-gone lip balm and adding the blue mineral eye shadow with a super bright red lipstick to create my own berry lip balm. I think I like the berry colors more for fall/winter than red/pink.

As for Birchbox, my lips will be munching on delicious dark chocolate filled with Honeycomb bits! YUM.

I think Birchbox wins this round since I loveee dark chocolate and sweet things.

3. Face

500mi-hnrx2t11zhluoy2 beekind_bodylotion_900x900 paulaschoice_bha9_900x900

Ipsy picked out this lovely light “bronzer” but I think I’ll use it more as a highlighter than a bronzer. It’s shimmery and slightly lighter than my skin tone so this is something I’d want to use.

Birchbox knew I love skincare products and that’s something Ipsy doesn’t really give me. Since I  have extra dry skin this season, the BeeKind lotion helps me keep that under control. Even though I got the BHA 9 serum before I never used it because it was such a tiny bottle, now that I have two I’ll use it and see if it clears my pores, lines, and any blemishes.

I like both subscriptions’ focuses. Ipsy has affordable but full-size make-up products and Birch has expensive skincare samples with some affordable make-up as well.

Birchbox wins it in the face category.

4. nails

mi-hnrwr57tyqn4nan colorclub_fiestacollection_ontherocks_900x900

I love nail polishes- I have so many it’s kinda getting ridiculously heavy. lol

Ipsy and Birchbox gave me polishes for the fall- I love the glittery copper and silver colors for this season but honestly I already have these colors! I’m running low on the copper color-why couldn’t they both given that color. I love that color for all year round really but for some reason Ipsy and Birchbox gave me the same color I picked out from Avon, Julep, and Sephora. So now I have 5  grey nail polishes!

Since Ipsy has a bigger bottle, Ipsy wins this round.

It came out to be a tie! But since I received a 6th bonus product and a clutch bag, Ipsy really takes it all. Birchbox was a little disappointing this month but they always give it their all. They’re both great subscription boxes however and I’m happy to get the each month. They compliment each other in a way because I get what I need from both boxes. =]

——————————————-Extra bonus post!——————————————-

So this is kinda unfair for Ipsy because I haven’t gotten as many boxes as Birchbox but I wanted to compare categories but for all the products I’ve gotten so far!

1. Eye/shadow/liner/highlighter

octipsybella septipsynyx septipsychella  septipsystarlooks novipsysl  novipsyem  novipsylashes  augbbeyecream novbbchella

It’s no brainer that Ipsy will always beat Birchbox in this category… the only time Birchbox sent me an eye item is the eyecream and the highlighter in November’s box. Ipsy will always make-up for that but sending me an eye item in every bag.

2. Mascara

septipsymott sept2bbmascara

Even though both subscriptions sent me one mascara, I think Birchbox gave more of an advantage with the duo purpose wand.

3. Lips

500mi-hnrvqohbuffmc2s septipsypop augbblipstick julybblips sept2bbsugarbomb octbblips septbblipgloss

This is a tough one but Birchbox definitely stepped up on quality-wise. I get more of a variety from Birchbox and got two lip crayons from Ipsy. Maybe down the road I’ll get more lipstick or something from Ipsy.

4. Face

octipsycloth novipsybronzer augbblotion julybbbb julybbtan  julycoola octbbhchold octbbdermahold sept2bbsmart septbbpc   sept2bbegypt novbbbee

There’s no doubt that Birchbox wins the face category because they always give me great face serums and awesome customized products. Ipsy is a bit weary when it comes to picking something for my face because they tend to pick universal products.

5. Hair

octipsyspray septbbspray  julybbhair

Hmm… this is also a tough one… Ipsy will have to take this round because even though Birchbox gave a huge sample- it didn’t work too well with my hair if it stayed in there for too long.

6. Nails

octipsyzoya novipsypolishhold sept2bbruffian novipsypolish

It’s hard to choose between the two but Ipsy gives me the best size nail polishes so this is all Ipsy.

7. Tools

octipsybrush septbbwipes augbbstickers augbbwipes

I love brushes but Birchbox gives me more “tools” like fashion tapes, teeth wipes to feet wipes so Birchbox wins this time. I love Birchbox for innovations but the brush will last a lot longer than a single use wipes.

Birchbox wins overall! It can go either way with me but like I said both subscription boxes gives me what I need all together. If you want to sign up to get these awesome products for fraction of the cost use my links for a quick waitlist! Birchbox/Ipsy? Maybe both!

2 thoughts on “November 2013 Birchbox vs. Ipsy Match-up

  1. Hey Jenny I love this comparison. I hv aBirchbox sub, got my first box yesterday, and dint knw abt Ipsy until now. Birchbox gave me very tiny samples . I want to know what kind and how much wud I get from Ipsy & beauty box. Both are $10 I think.

    • Saba, Ipsy is $10 a month and you get around 5 (mostly or all full sized) make-up products and a bag… beauty box 5 is kind of the same thing (maybe more samples than full size) but they include skincare and accessories, they go from $12 or $10 depending on how many boxes you buy at a time. I haven’t tried Beauty Box 5 yet but I can tell you Ipsy is worth the money and time. Hope that helps!

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