November Birchbox 2013

nocbbholdWoo! This is one took forever, it shipped out 11/8 and I just got it on 11/18… my boxes usually come a lot faster but it seems like it stays in one place for a long time.

If you don’t know what Birchbox is, you’re in luck! For $10 you get 4-5 deluxe samples (in some boxes full sizes products). You can customize what you want by altering your quiz and earn points for free products.

novbbcardfrontThis month’s theme is More Good. Each holiday is a treat- Birchbox usually releases a limited edition box (visit my Snow Day post for this month’s goodies).

Let’s see what came in the mail!


novbbchella 1. Chella Highlighter Pencil. Retail: $18.00. This awesome pencil does everything! It highlights, conceals and brightens your features. I already got one from Ipsy so I’m trying to trade to get something I want. I think everyone should have one of these pencils- its super versatile and its super creamy making it blendable.

novbbpc2. Paula’s Choice RESIST BHA 9 for Stubborn Imperfections. Retail: $4.00. (I got this one already in my “messed up” box). It looks like a perfume sample but it’s actually for your face. It’s a nightly serum for stubborn imperfections- it tackles acne scars, rosacea, wrinkles, blemishes, and so much more… I like that it has a lot of benefits- I just think using a tiny (smaller than a perfume sample size bottle) serum wouldn’t give me a chance to see if it’ll work. The sticker on the packing says that I can get another free sample but honestly- I don’t think its worth it. The full size bottle costs $40 for 3 oz (my sample was .03 oz) so even if it does work- that’s pretty pricey bottle!

novbbbee3. BeeKind Body Lotion with honey and organic chamomile extracts. Retail: $1.88. I’m not sure if I like the smell but its a really strong lime/lemon smell. For something that has honey and chamomile the lemony-acidic smell is really strong. This is a good size lotion for my hands for on the go. I like that everything is organic however it I don’t see it working too well for extra dry hands like I have.

novbbchoco4. Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate-honeycomb. Retail: $0.84. I love it! I just wished that they gave more than a dinky size sample. Honestly, this chocolate “bar” which is really a leaf shaped piece is pretty expensive for the size. I do appreciate all the different and unique flavors they have though like Potato Chip (kettle chips and sea salt in milk chocolate), Orange A Go Go (dark chocolate with candied orange and orange bergamot), Maple Bacon (crisp bacon with a dose of maple sweetness and smoked sea salt in milk chocolate), Salted Chocolate Crunch (toasted breadcrumbs with sea salt in dark chocolate), Pop Corn Pop (puffed whole grains and toasted corn chips with a hint of sea salt), Spicy Maya (a spicy blend of pasilla chile, cinnamon, and cayenne in dark chocolate), and Firecracker (chipotle caramel fudge dotted with popping candy and salt in dark chocolate).

novipsypolish5. Color Club® Cocktail Hour Collection-Dark N’ Stormy. Retail: $4.00. This is a sample size the full size is double the size. I have a ton of grey nail polish so this one didn’t impress me. Both Ipsy and Birchbox had the copper or silver color polish for this month and they BOTH gave me silver. Now I have 5 grey polishes- yippie. =P


As an addition, we got a catalogue of all of Birchbox’s goodies. You can browse via this mini magazine to see some of the holiday products and the price. You can always browse the online store and find free samples and other full size products along with your order!

novbbinvite     novbbinvitehold

Overall, this month’s box didn’t impress me like my other boxes. But it is definitely worth more than I paid for it. This box is worth $28.72, not bad but this is one of the least expensive box I’ve gotten.

As always, if you like Birchbox please use my link to sign-up! If you sign up, you’ll be automatically entered to win a Kate Spade Saturday bag worth $50! You can see/read more details in this post. Good luck!


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