November Ipsy 2013 with Bonus Coupon Codes!

novipsybagholdThis month’s Ipsy bag is the best one yet because Michelle Phan is giving out full size make-up as a bonus product! You usually get 5 products but in this bag we got 6! They are always trying to top the last bag to keep us happy. =]

As a bonus Ipsy gives their subscribers a free bag with all your products. You can use promo codes to buy the products in the month’s bag when you check out the website- lucky for you… I did all the hard work and gathered them all up here!

The theme for this month is Glam It Up so there’s a lot of silver and gold or glitter this month.


novbbipsyswatchI actually don’t trust the hand/wrist swatching because when I actually do put it on my eyes or lips- the colors aren’t the same or they don’t glide the same on the hand (if you get what I mean). I swatched it for you anyways just to see the different colors clearly. You’ll see it on my face later in this post, don’t worry! =]

I know its light but starting from the top is the Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Sunkissed, next is the Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless , em waterliner in amazing grey, and Starlooks Gem Eyeliner Pencil in Amethyst.

novipsyemThe bonus product I got is the em cosmetics’ Waterliner Intense Color Eyeliner- Amazing Grey. Retail: $20.00. This was a lot smaller than I imagined but it has a sponge smudging tool on one end to get a smokey look. This pencil is designed to stay on your waterline (right above the lower lashes). This wasn’t my favorite color to get but I can’t complain because I really wanted to try this product. When I tried this on my waterline it seems like nothing went on…maybe this one is meant for the eye lids. It’s kinda light for my eyes but if you want a subtle lower lid color- this would look nice.

novipsylashesnovipsylashbackKiss everEZlashes Lash Double Pack #03. Retail: $5.99. I love these! I’m not too sure about the glue but I think I have to use my Duo false lashes glue but I like the eyelash tool.

I definitely need to practice more but I like the idea of false lashes because my lashes are short and they don’t seem to hold the curl anymore. Ever since I used the treat/prime mascara- my lashes have gotten a little thicker but they don’t stay curled… strange. Overall these lashes make my eyes pop and it’s twice the length of my actual lashes so I really like that! You can see my complete look in the end. 😉 lashes


Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer- Caviar Cocktail. Retail: $13.00. Another grey nail polish to add to my collection! I haven’t tried this yet but I’m lovin’ the size… maybe I’ll do a grey nail design with all of my grey polishes and see if you guys can tell the difference. I was really hoping for the pink champagne color so if anyone wants to trade lemme know!

The other eyeliner I got is a very pretty shimmery purple- Ipsy really knows I love eye stuff!

novipsyslStarlooks Gem Eye Pencil-Amethyst. Retail: $14.00. As you can kind of see in the swatch above its either a shiny dark purple with out flash or a light shimmery purple with flash. I know it’s hard to see since there’s so much purple but its the one closest to my lashes.


I really like how this glides over my eyes even over an eyeshadow so that’s awesome. The only down side is that it comes off a little when I go over my lash line with a black liquid liner. It’s a pretty unique color though so I’m really happy I got this color.


For my lip product I got the Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless. Retail: $14.00. I’m so happy Ipsy chose a darker shade for me, I usually get bright red or an orangey red. The flash makes it look reddish but its really a deeper red. I put two (sloppy I know) coats but in my complete look I did one so that my eyes will stand out more.


I would say this lip crayon is like a lipstick but in a fat pencil form. It glides nicely but it doesn’t stay on for long when I eat and drink so I have to re-apply frequently. Its moisturizing but my lips need more hydration during the cold seasons.

novipsybronzerFor the face, I got the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Sunkissed. Retail:~$4.00. This isn’t a full sized product but this is the only one that isn’t full sized. I don’t use too much bronzer but I like using this all over for a brighter complexion. Also it has a shimmery effect to it so it can brighten my face up or highlight certain areas. It’s pretty close to my skin color as you can see in the swatch but I don’t have anything like this so I’m happy with Ipsy’s pick. I might re-order since I do like the natural finish- plus the full version comes with a kabuki brush (I’m obsessed with compact brushes for some reason) and we get a 25% discount. =]

Speaking of discounts… I thought it would be easier to see all the codes all at once instead individually so here it is:

em michelle cosmetics

IPSY30: 30% off any purchase

Be a Bombshell

IPSY40: 40% off any purchase and a free Coco Delight Lip Gloss


ipsy4glam: 50% off and a FREE eyeliner with every purchase of $25 or more


BronzePixi: 25% off any purchase


IPSY: 40% off any purchase

Kiss everEZlashes 

IPSY: 30% off any purchase of Kiss or iEnvy Lashes


IPSY30: 30% off any purchase

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow

IPSYBH: 20% off Galaxy Chic Palette

IPSY30: 30% off any purchase

Whew, that’s a long list. Now for the finally!


I already told you about the Ipsy products I used in this bag but I got to use the Style Sexy Hair Spray from my last bag. I didn’t do any extra curling- I just sprayed over my slightly wavy hair and scrunched it up to better hold it in place. My eyeshadow was from elf’s 100 eyeshadow palette (the only two dark purple shades they had) and added some light blue shimmer to darken up the “v” crease of my eyes. I used a q-tip with a bit of water to give it a hard clean line. I added some white eye shadow to the end of my lids closest to the nose to brighten them up. Then I used the They’re Real mascara on my top and bottom lashes. The blush is actually a bunch of reddish-purple and red eyeshadows. (I’m working on creating a make-up tip blog to show you have to up cycle unused make-up). I also used a highlighter on my brow bone, cupid’s bow, and the corner of my lips.

I hope you enjoyed my simple yet “glam” look for the holidays. If you want to join Ipsy’s subscription use my link. I believe it takes up to two months so sign up now-you can choose to cancel anytime so it doesn’t hurt to sign up! Trust me, you won’t be let down if you want to explore using make-up.


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