November 2013 M&J Trimmings Project DIY Jewelry Box


I got an email from M&J Trimmings asking me to review one of their boxes so I had to say YES. I love DIY projects in general so when I got my box I did a little research on their website to see what others did so I came up with a few designs of my own. I’m so excited to show you guys what I made!

Here’s a little more about Project DIY… for $30 a month (less if you choose a longer subscription) you’ll receive a box of 2-3 designer jewelry pieces and a free starter kit. These pieces are suppose to be fashionable so the great thing about this subscription box is that you get to personalize your own pieces.

The theme for this month is Joan of Arc so there’s a lot of metals. Also, this box has a starter kit so if you order your first box- you’ll get one too.

Sorry for the lack of the packing pictures- when I uploaded my pictures they got corrupted so I had to retake my pictures again- what a pain! However the packaging was very packed well- there was a lot of boxes and bags to protect everything. I had a opening a christmas present experience.

Let’s jump right to the content of the box!


This is the starter kit which has random pieces for you to make earrings, necklaces, and little rings for whatever else you might need.


I didn’t know what a jump ring was so I had to youtube it lol. It’s basically I ring with different sized slots in it to open up those tiny connecting rings. Very useful indeed. The best part of this kit are these three handy tools- Chain Nose Plier, Needle Nose Plier, and the Wire Cutter Plier all in a cute canvas bag. These pliers are pretty good quality so get your DIY on!

novdiynecklace mjback

The first jewelry piece is the Joan of Arc Shield Necklace. They have an example piece on the box but it’s totally up to you to customize it however you what. If you want to see a more detailed instruction visit to see how they made it. You can also see other people’s design too!


Inside the pillow box you’ll see the materials in plastic baggies and a quick intro. If you’re not to familiar with jewelry making I suggest visiting the website for more instructions. Read through everything first so you know what you’re getting into!

novdiycuff mjcufflayout novdiybraceletpiecesThe next piece I got was the Warrior Cuff. I actually tried this on and it wasn’t too big! I have very skinny wrists so it was a little bit wider (you can bend it to your size so do this before you decorate it).

You can cut up pieces and re-arrange it however you want.

The fake leather fabric is there to give it the medieval look- its very soft. I think it made the bracelet more comfortable to wear and to keep it in place on my wrist.


The bracelet didn’t fit in the pillow box so this was in it’s own velvet drawstring bag- how fancy!

So for the final result I wanted to use both materials from each of the pieces Project DIY gave me so I didn’t have to limit myself (although I didn’t use all the materials).

Here’s what I made!

novdiynecklace novdiybracelet

If you guys really like what I made I can do a quick tutorial and explanation- just like this post or comment. I had a lot of fun making these pieces even though it did take awhile- it was worth it!

Overall, I thought this box was pretty cool concept- if I can afford an extra $30 I would definitely order another box. So if you’re interested in subscribing visit their page.

Thank you Project DIY for introducing me to your box, I had lots of fun! Lemme know if you subscribed.

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