Box #1 December 2013 with special coupon code


decgrazeholdI just finished “nibbling” on my first graze box and I gotta say, I LOVE IT!

My first box was free and I’m kinda hooked for a next one. For $6 graze will send you 3-4 snacks either weekly, bi-weekly (2 weeks), or even 4 weeks apart. You can change it up anytime (before it ships out of course). Best of all YOU get to choose what you get by choosing to trash, try, like, or love any of their creations. They tell you the ingredients and you can look up by ingredients for stuff you like or don’t like. The site is so easy to browse through- anyone can customize their box.

decgrazeticketsdecgrazenutritionEverything can be found on the site- ingredients recipes, calories- whatever.

There’s also a piece of personalized card that has the info (of what is in your current box) on it too.


I love how cute the design is! Also the box and card is made of recycled paper. They donate to charity as an option too! Everything was thought out to be as efficient as possible- seriously.


So let’s see what picked out for me!

decgrazeherb decgrazebreadtext

For my appetizer, I got the herby bread basket… this was so good! It reminds me of these garden pocky sticks I eat all the time when I was little. This one had blends of oregano and basil in the mini breadsticks and rice crackers. Those two were my favorite to eat since they were light and crispy. The mini garlic-bread crouton was a bit too hard to munch on but I still liked it! This was a “love” for me.

decgrazeshangrila decgrazeshang

As my non-alcoholic beverage inspired drinks graze picked the tropical daiquiri blend and the shangri-la blend. Both of them were kind of similar but unique in their own way. As a fruity cocktail the tropical daiquiri was very sweet for my taste- this was probably the least favorite of the bunch. It was very yummy to eat each fruit on its own. I love pineapples but I have to say Naturebox’s Pineapples are way better but graze’s was much juicier. The lime raisins was a bit of a surprise it did balance out with the added sweetness of the green mango strips but it wasn’t a great combo for me. I had to “trash” this snack but I was happy to have tried it.

decgrazedaq  decgrazedaqtext

My other “mocktail” shangri-la was pretty tasty. I went straight for the pineapples of course! After I tried the nuts with the fruits- I decided I enjoyed them better individually. The pumpkin and almonds would have tasted better if they were toasted but it was still good. I got to taste a new berry I never knew about called lingonberries- they are like cranberries but much smaller and milder-I love them! This snack was a “like” for me.

decgrazecheese decgrazecheesetext

My last snack was saved for last- I had the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake for dessert! Let me tell you this- this was my FAVORITE. Everything was so delicious and I honestly thought it was going to be gross. Boy was I wrong… I had marked all but one white chocolate buttons from my box but this one slipped through- and I’m glad it did because the white chocolate buttons are amazing!! It’s so smooth- it just melts in your mouth and the combo of cranberries makes it divine! The tiny hazelnut was just a topping to this scrumptious cheesecake. I totally “love” this snack over and over. And it’s not too sweet- which white chocolate is basically made of sugar. This is a must try.

BTW each snack smelled amazing when it was opened… so fresh and fruity! It’s also a perfect portion for me since I like to munch in tiny portions.


As a bonus you can get your first AND fifth (1st & 5th) box free too! There’s a limited amount of referrals I can give out so if this is what you what- go grab it while it lasts. Use my link (invite only) and you should be good to go. Just remember that all subscriptions renews itself until you unsubscribe. It’s super easy to stop- you can’t miss it. If you want you can add your link to this post and others can use it and give you a $1 off your next box (or you can donate it to graze school of farming).

Hope you enjoyed this post, happy snacking!

3 thoughts on “ Box #1 December 2013 with special coupon code

  1. Thanks for this blog about Graze. I have a couple different beauty subscription boxes and have been searching for a subscription box for my fiancé. I think this will be the perfect box for him since he loves food/snacks. It’s a surprise that he is sure to love! (I hope)

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