Ipsy December 2013 Sneak Peek!


I love getting sneak peeks because I can’t wait to be surprised haha! It could still be a surprise when you get your bag but at least you’ll know what you can get.

Spoiler alert! If you like to be surprised don’t read this post.

So December’s theme is definitely celebration- New Years, Birthdays, Christmas…. whatever you’re celebrating this month.

I like to start off with the bag, so this is the image Ipsy posted.

Black diamond weave is the new trend. This may or may not be the actual bag so the design is a part of the “real” bag. There’s usually a pop of pink somewhere- the zipper maybe?

The first clue is a Be A Bombshell product- no surprise here… Ipsy sneak these in a lot. For me- I like to see more variety in products and brands. The Be A Bombshell- The One Stick can be used for the eyes, cheeks, AND lips! Something I really want to try since my blushes are in a powder form and a liquid. This would be great for the purse stash.

734491_594431173937541_749650425_n  flustered

Next up is POP Beauty. I love the soft purple/pink hues! Obviously this is a sample of a full sized eyeshadow palette (in the original pan size). I haven;t tried POP Beauty yet so I hope this is in my bag.

1472828_596740327039959_1877105645_n  Popbeauty_Dev-1374766332-Bright-Up-Tour-Life-Smokin-Hot-27APR13-web

Next. NYX and Jcat Beauty. Something everyone has seen in previous Ipsy bags…

1456588_596869600360365_614388286_n  Picture 1  1058

I love lip stuff so I hoping for the NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick over the J.cat Beauty’s The Big Fat Lip Pencil. Both of these brands are affordable so you can always get one yourself.

The last big clue has a bunch of products!


300  Picture 3  Picture 2

I got false lashes last month so I definitely don’t want more (I also bought 20 pairs of lashes before knowing I would get them in November’s bag). There’s 3 different false lash brands: Andrea Strip Lashes, Salon Perfect Perfectly Natural, Ardell Natural Lashes. Lot’s of options for you falsies fanatics.

There’s always nail polishes in our bags for some reason, I’m not complaining but my collection is really piling up! Woo! We have another 3 options of nail polishes… Jessie’s Girl JulieG Holiday Gum Drops Collection, Starrily Bzzz Bzzz, and Nicka K New York. I’m really digging that gum drop glitter.

DownloadedFile  1381834_500138423416484_712735056_n (1)  900x900px-LL-20852500_500mi-hovvjadrccvt121v

Something new (at least for me) are the 2 perfumes: one by English Laundry and the other roll-on perfumer- Demeter. Honestly I don’t wear perfume or sprays that often so these aren’t my thing.

500mi-hovu6utrolbkzb6   21VhFa4PyZL

As for the last product we have the Mirabella Eye Blender Brush! I could always use more brushes. =]


Tons of great stuff! Hope you enjoyed.


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