Beauty Bar Sample Society December 2013

BeautyBar-Sample-Society-Logo-with-tagline-image-e1360959652160My free Sample Society box is here! I’m so excited!! If you haven’t already I suggest you sign-up at BeautyBar for the Sample Society Box… I got my free code in an email they sent me so they might still be doing that. It doesn’t hurt to try. Shipping was really fast it was sent out 12/6/13 and I got it on 12/11/13!

decssholdFrom what I read on their site, each box costs $15 and you get 5 personalized full-sized (or deluxe sized) products. Looking at past photos from other blogs the deluxe sample is pretty big so you’re basically getting all full sized stuff. Along with your 5 beauty products is a $15 coupon code to spend at the site!

Sample Society could be better than Birchbox in a way because you get bigger name brand skincare/haircare stuff and a discount to their store (You just need to spend $35+ if you want to buy stuff). It all depends on what you want really. Make-up, skincare, tools… etc. I like skincare stuff so these mini samples really cover my daily regimen. I still have a ton of samples from Birchbox, Sephora, Origin, and Clinique. Now I have more!

If you want to subscribe to Sample Society please use “boxaholic” in the promo code, thanks in advance! (By using my code I’ll be more likely to subscribe longer and show you more discounts and promos.)

So let’s look at what’s in inside Kit C!


decssshampooAlterna Caviar Dry Shampoo. Retail: $0.83. I’m excited to get this because I bought a different version that’s a spray. I got the Poo-Poo Hair Spray at Sephora- this one is good for extra dry hair because it puts the oil back in my roots. Whereas the Alterna Shampoo is used for oily hair. The powder is suppose to soak up the excess oil so I have it all covered! I haven’t used this yet but man man is this thing tiny!

decssdermdermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Retail: $9.00. This is also a powdered version which is not new for me either. My e.l.f. Mineral Cleanser is a powder form too so I’m kind of excited to see how well the powdered version works. My face is darker than the rest of my body so hopefully this will help even out my skin tone. I’ve been using this for a couple of days in the morning (they suggest morning and night) but my face is too sensitive to use that much. It really does smooth my skin out which is pretty rare to see. My only problem is that it works too well that when I go rehydrate my face with lotion- it stings and burn a little. I like the results but I won’t buy the full size since it’s a whooping $52! This sample is small too but it’s enough for maybe a week? Maybe longer since I use it once a day.

decsslashJane Iredale Lash Conditioner. Retail: ~$4.25. Hmm.. I have like 3 different lash primer which is also like the conditioner. I have two opened mascara primers so I won’t be needing this. Even though my lashes aren’t long- they are thick and straight (like my hair). Using mascara primer/conditioner/treatment helps you get longer fuller lashes and can help them grow faster while you are wearing it. The main reason of this is to protect your natural lashes from constant use of mascara. The sample is super tiny like smaller than my pinky by a lot. I heard great reviews but maybe I’ll give it a try when my other 2 primers are gone.

decsshopePhilosophy Hope In A Jar Night Intensive Retexturizing Moisturizer 2oz $48 .4oz $9.60
I’ve tried the Hope In A Jar Time In The Bottle as a sample and I really liked it… it was a tiny sample so this is nice to have a bigger version (even though it’s not the same one I tried). I like to change-up new skin treatments since my skin seems to change a lot. Maybe this will smooth out my pores! *Fingers crossed* I used this for the first time and it literally burned my face. It stung so bad but I kept going. Strang thing was it only burned where my problematic areas were (huge pores, acne, bumpy skin…) crazy! But the results were fantastic, my skin looked so smooth and poreless- I loved it. Even my hubby said I looked glowing with just the lotion on. Is the saying “pain is beauty” true?

decssbbcreamIPKN Moist & Firm BB SPF 45 – 1.35 oz-02 Light-40 ml $35 5ml $4.38
I’ve been trying to try out BB & CC creams to see what really fits me but for some reason my skin is always changing and it just doesn’t seem to look right. I get darker/lighter or my face gets all red/acne/uneven… so it’s hard to find the right product. Until I went to Sephora to find my right shade I’ve been using the wrong shade and apparently the wrong type of medium and I was using too dark of a color. It took a lot of experimenting to find the right kind of product for my face and even finding that- I run into other issues. lol I tried this for my under eyes since it helps with fine wrinkles and firms it up. My verdict- not so great for me… it looks dry and settles into my fine lines even with finishing powder. Its too dry and its the wrong color. I think I put my profile as light but I couldn’t find the link the change it to light medium.

My total retail value of my box is $28.06. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the sizes. They claim to be (mostly) full size but all I see are deluxe sample sizes. It’s the same as Birchbox’s sizes to be exact and Birchbox is $5 cheaper and you get $5 that you don’t have to spend $50 to get $15 off. This might work for others but it doesn’t work for me. Since this box is free it doesn’t bother me but if I’m going to spend $15 I want more than $30 worth of products because let’s face it- companies inflate their prices by more than 50% so Sample Society could have at least thrown in one full size product to make it worth while. The promo was to lure people like me in but I personal don’t feel like I would want another box for this price. There’s Glossybox that’s $21 thats all full size and I would much rather spend more than double Birchbox/Ipsy to get all full sized products. I might have been a little harsh on SS but hey, I’m giving my honest opinion. Looking back photos are sometimes misleading and that is why I show my photos holding the product.

So that was my box! I’m pretty happy with the selection but the the size. I’m not sure if I will continue for next month but maybe the preview will keep me interested enough to stay. I pretty much have everything I need for my face but for some reason I keep wanting to get more boxes! Subscription Boxaholic!!! What do you guys think I should do? lol

If you want to subscribe and get 20% your first site order- use “boxaholic” in the Promotions & Savings box at checkout. I think it’s used for shopping on the BeautyBar site. My advice would buy something you really want that isn’t usually on sale anywhere else. Check out the “Steals & Deals” page for more discounts… it’s always a great way to get presents for everyone. They have a little bit of everything from beauty products to home, kids, pets, toys, food, and baby.

What do you think of this month?

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