Birchbox December 2013

decbbholdI got my Birchbox (quite some time ago) and I’m so excited to show you the goodies I got. I know it’s been awhile but its been hectic for the past few weeks for me. I had to pack, move everything from FL to NJ, unpack and deal with the holidays so you can imagine my stress. But yeah, look how adorable this box is! Everything is still the same size but BB changed up the box for this month.

If you’re unfamiliar with Birchbox they give you 4-5 deluxe (high quality) samples. Sometimes you get the full product, sometimes you get more a bonus 6th product. It really depends on the box you get based on a profile you fill out. Birchbox has over 50 boxes to choose from (they pick for you) so not every product might be a hit but there’s always something you’ll like-this month had 80 boxes! You get well over $10 worth of stuff and you get bonus points every time you review a product in your box (so $5 each month). Then you can use your points to buy full sized products. They have a tons of deals and ways to earn points. If you want to join do it now because the wait time can be up to a month (could be longer). If you send me your email address you could automatically skip the line and get your box as soon as the same day when I invite you via email (

The theme is Sparkle and Shine. I really liked the brands in this box because it’s brands I would never buy for myself- so in a way, I would never find out about them if it wasn’t for Birchbox. Best of all they are high quality and made with the best ingredients.

Here’s what I got:

decbbeyebrightBORGHESE Splendore Brightening Makeup. Retail: $30.00. This is used for covering up dark circles and brighten up your face, extra shimmer use over makeup, subtle look when you mix with foundation and apply, or for a sheer look mix with your moisturizer. I used this a little bit for my eyes but I use so much make-up already I can’t tell if it does anything! I really like the size they gave me though- the full size version is also 1 fl oz but it has a pump, mine is also 1 fl oz but I got a tube version so I was really happy Birchbox gave me a full size product- the product itself is nice and smooth, easy to blend and slightly shimmery.

decbbcreamEmbryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream). Retail: $1.87.
I heard from Birchbox’s video this moisturizer/make-up remover is really good from France so I’m excited to see why everyone loves this. Btw, did you know Birchbox has the New Year (January 2014) video sneak peek up already?? Man they are on top of that. This was one of the products actually so who knows maybe you’ll get this next month too. This is a super tiny sample so I’ll use it the next time I travel.

decbbtietwistband™. Retail: $2.00. I was wondering when this would pop in my box. I’m not too thrilled about this one but I always wanted to see what all the fuss was. I wouldn’t buy this on my own because who would spend $2 on ONE fabric hair tie when you can make from it from scrap fabric? My hair is long and thick so I go through hair ties like no other. These aren’t supposed to put dents in your hair but that’s how I get my waves! My hair is so thick- curling it is a pain and honestly tying up my hair so it gets curly looks better and it doesn’t require heat (just hair ties). When I saw how tiny the band was- I decided to get this to my little cousin since its so small. I do like the design though- very cute and festive!

decbbhairLulu Organics® Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder. Retail: $1.32. Another dry shampoo! Must be a trend to not wash your hair. :p This is an organic dry shampoo that won’t look powdery even on dark hair. I’m more excited about this dry shampoo than Sample Society’s dry shampoo but I’m not a fan of the packing for this type of product… I haven’t used any of them yet but I’ll keep you posted.

decbblipbalmSumbody Tinted Lip Balm. Retail: $8.00. More lip balm for everybody! It’s winter and we ALWAYS need lip balm. This one is pretty pricey- I like it better than the Moisture Lock Chapstick but it’s slightly bumpy for my lips. It’s completely organic and handmade. It has a light sweet taste and I really like the smell of it- lip balms for me don’t last very long so this wasn’t any different.

decbbextraThis month came with an extra bonus! Everyone got an iPhone reusable screen wipe. You can stick it anywhere on your iPhone and take it off to clean your screen. I like the idea but my case covers up my phone- but it works like a dream. Look how cute the logo is- I love things like these haha.

It’s nice to learn more about different brands and try new things- I love skincare and make-up so I’ll be keeping my subscription boxes for a while. My box was worth $43.19! The brightener really made the box worth it. If you want to sign up for Birchbox use my link or email me for a faster sign-up.


What did you think of this month? Was there anything you really liked?

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