Birchbox January 2014

janbbcardIt’s “Go Time” for Birchbox! This month we’ll see a bunch of new products and a weekly giveaway every Sunday for the month of January!

If you are already subscribed you have a chance to win new make-up/skincare products and $1,000 to spend in the Birchbox shop. There’s a second portion in addition to the grand prize so you can “instantly” win other stuff too. So don’t forget to enter every Sunday.



Birchbox is soo awesome when they send out their boxes super early. I was one of the lucky ones to get their box in the second week. My box was shipped on 1/7/14 and I got my box 1/10/14. I recently moved back to jersey so it helps that I’m a state away. =]

At a point I was sick of getting nail polishes but when I saw they had awesome nail polishes this month- it made me excited! I love that I got natural products from high quality brands as well. We got these cute postcard size info sheets too!

So let’s see what’s in my box!


janbbbbBurt’s Bees® Intense Hydration Day Lotion with Clary Sage. Retail: $2.52. This was an added bonus so it’s technically free but I calculated the retail price anyway. Burt’s Bees is a great brand and it smells great! I really like the glass jar they gave me too. Extra bonus for extra hydration and natural ingredients!

janbbjuicyJuicy Couture – Viva La Juicy. Retail: $1.32. I wasn’t too happy about getting perfumes but its bound to happen. Its not a bad smell but I usually give these away to other people or leave them in my purse in case I forget to put on perfume.

janbbnailrockjanbbtextureNail Rock- Sequin Green. Retail: $7.00. I love getting unique nail polishes, the one I REALLY wanted was the Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish that turns from gold to red with/out sunlight! How awesome is that? This nail polish however is a two step process- you paint on two layers of clear polish and dip your finger in the glitter. I’m not a big fan of these because its super messy with loose glitter and honestly you can do this with any polish and glitter you have laying around. I would have preferred a smaller glitter but I do like the green/blue colors- apparently this is the only one with big glitter.

janbbhairBeauty Protector Protect & Detangle. Retail: $2.74. This special hair spray is for protecting your hair- its a leave-in-conditioner that helps lock in colored hair, blocks UV light and heat, adds shine and moistures your hair. I like the scent- its light and floral. My hair needs extra moisture so this is great! I use it after my shower or when my hair is super dry.

janbbshadowbackINIKA Mineral Eyeshadow- Eternal Marine. Retail: $20.00. I thought this was a mini version of the full size but this is the real size! Its so tiny! No chemicals, no parabens- all natural stuff. The sample picture looks a lot more pigmented but from a dry swatch its really glittery that the color doesn’t pop out. It looks like white glitter with a touch of green in the right lighting. In my experience with loose/mineral/shimmery eyeshadows- they look the best using a damp brush.

janbbswatch janbbeslook

My box was worth $33.58 and I only paid $10 so even though some samples were tiny- two were full sized and quality triumphs quantity. I like sampling expensive brands so paying $10 for good brands don’t bother me at all- they actually last me awhile since I have so many!

I can’t wait to see what Birchbox is gonna send me next- I love my boxes! If you want to speed up the process of getting your first box- email and I’ll personally invite you so there’s no wait.

Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Birchbox January 2014

  1. I may have to change my preferences to getting no fragrances at all, because I keep getting perfumes I’ve already tried through them. I’ve tried the Beauty Protector last year, and I really liked it. It helped with my hair real well.

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