Cult Cosmetics January 2014 Review


It’s a new year so I decided to try out a new subscription nail polish box because even though my box is packed with nail polishes- I still can’t get enough! I found a deal online via Facebook that Cult Cosmetics was having a penny box sale! So for 1 cent you can choose from the Blackbox Collection (3 different boxes). The catch is that you have to pay for shipping but for $5.01- getting three nail polishes that are HUGE- is a great deal in my book.


A little more about Cult Cosmetics is that they are 5-free which are free of toxic chemicals found in nail polish. Once you order the first box you are enrolled to the monthly subscription which cost $24.99 (includes shipping). However you can anytime cancel right after you place your order. It took me awhile to find the link but there’s not much to click around on the site. So you’re bound to find it if you browse long enough.

I wouldn’t bother emailing them because when I did- I got no response multiple times. If you want to pause or cancel- goto “My Account” (when you click/hover over the profile image), “My order” and click on the “Pause”/”Cancel” subscription link and voila! Done.

jabcultopenMy polishes came in a similar box like Julep- same size and same filler paper confetti.

I was really surprised how big the polishes were! I picked the City Girl set from Blackbox which included a basecoat, a nude color, a royal blue color, and a glitter blend with small/large glitter pieces with long slim glitter pieces. I really like the glitter combo. Ipsy gave out the Starily BzzzBzzz nail polish that was the same idea. Cult’s colors were more universal so I actually wanted that more.

Below are some designs I did using the three colors they gave me and a thin silver design polish. I really like the colors however it did chip after a day’s worth of chores- I did wash my hands a lot so I’d say the blue lasted a couple of days and the nude color was longer lasting. My only problem with the glitter polish is that the long pieces were hard to stay down- it stuck out so even with a coat of top coat it still didn’t stay down so I peeled it off.


My verdict is that this set is worth spending $5.01 but I’m not sure the next box is worth $24.99 for the next boxes. I think you get 3 polishes and a tool but there’s no knowing what you’re gonna get. If anyone is interested in the penny box deal- use PENNYPOLISH as the coupon code and it should take off $20. If you follow them on Facebook- you can find other deals too.

Hope you guys enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Cult Cosmetics January 2014 Review

  1. Been getting Blackbox for the last 5 months & I love the polishes. The art tools are just a bonus. I think the price is a little high but the quality is great. I’m very excited for February’s Blackbox with 3 new polishes.

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