January Ipsy 2014 Glam Bag Review

janipsyholdIpsy’s January bag is called “19 Reasons” Which is the total of brands in January’s bag. Who doesn’t want to start the year off with a nice clean canvas? Although Ipsy is mostly (if not all) make-up products this month had tons of skincare products, I personally LOVE skincare so I was super excited!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ipsy- its a monthly subscription that delivers around 5 (sometimes more) make up products usually full-size or a decent sample size along with a reusable make up bag! For $10- this is a steal! The downside is probably the waiting list to get the bag so if you’re smart you’ll hurry and sign-up using my referral link.

janipsyblenderSince I had a bunch of awesome readers using my referral link, I pick out the Beauty Blender with a sample size cleanser. I actually don’t use this since I bought one from Sephora so this will be added to the “giveaway” pile. I shop way too much so there’s plenty of new make-up and goodies to give away. I buy extras for you guys! 😉 I saw the nail kit right after I picked the Beauty Blender so that will be in the next month’s bag. 🙂

When I first got my shipping tracking code- it had already arrived! So mine was shipped 1/11/14 and I got it 1/15/14- talk about a fast delivery! It’s funny because when I was in FL it took weeks to get to me but in NJ it gets here so much faster from NC- crazy!

Let’s get to the review!


First off, this is the “free” bag it comes with. I thought it was a little cheesy when I saw the preview but the bag itself is pretty durable. The downside was that it reeked! It made all the other products smell like it too so I washed it and sprayed it down with some soap and alcohol- it still has the smell but its not as strong. But on to the products!

janipsyhairBriogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask. Retail: 1 oz $4.95. I loved how ipsy knew to give me this! My hair is so dry and I have a ton of split ends to get rid of so this is perfect! It has a light scent and creamy like a conditioner. I’m not sure why they put it in a jar rather than a squeeze bottle since its used like a conditioner. This is a pretty decent size jar but I wouldn’t use it all over my head because I have really long hair and I would get one use out of it. I’m using this just on my ends so we’ll see how well this works.

janipsyepiceÉpicé Purifying Exfoliant. Retail: 1 oz $9.70. I love this exfoliate, it really is for sensitive skin. I think this works better than the Derment exfoliating powder I got from Sample Society. My skin was super smooth and bright after using this with my cleanser. It’s not too thick and the sand is super fine making it gentle on my skin. I will be using this one a week till I run out!

janipsylipbalmMicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm- Natural. Retail: 4g $7.20. I was really hoping for the other lip balm but I’m glad I got to try MicaBeauty. They say it’s equivalent to Cailyn and I haven’t tried any of those brands yet till now.

janipsylipcolorAfter trying the natural lip balm I wasn’t impressed, the color was okay but the lip balm felt drying rather than moisturizing and it didn’t last “24hrs”. It’s very sheer and I didn’t notice a big scent or taste which is fine but I probably won’t be using this. The jar itself is pretty so I might add in chapstick or some oils to make it better however the jar is pretty tiny for lip stuff so this might be a cream eyeshadow instead! Making a cream eyeshadow isn’t as hard as you think.

janipsyproactivProactiv+ Mark Fading Pads. Retal: 4 count ~$16.00. Most Ipsters didn’t want this product but I’ve always wanted to test out the new proactiv+ line but after trying the regular line after ten years my face was definitely too sensitive. I have some fine lines and large pores to fix so I might give it a try when my face clears up.

janipsyyabyyaby Liquid Foundation-Buff. Retail: 15.4 g $13.55. My most favorite product to test out! Its kind of sad that they only had one color to sample. I thought the color was too light for my face but I decided to try it anyway just to see how it felt. Surprisingly the formula felt very nice! I would recommend this for dry skin since it is a tad bit shiny but the formula is smooth and pretty sheer. I really liked how it covered my large pores making it invisible. I was surprised to find that this was a full size foundation since its so small. Since I’m not suppose to spend more money on things I already have- I’ll use this for mixing to get a lighter color.

janipsylookThe picture to the right is the foundation in a thin layer maybe two in some areas. I needed to add more coverage but what you see here is just the foundation- you can see the acne a bit on my cheek. Even though it was lighter than my skin after lightly buffing in elf’s high definition powder to set it in- it took away the shine and blended in to my skin a little bit more. Since this tube is reuseable-that’s what I’m going to do! I LOVE the concept behind these things- it just makes our lives so much easier.


So that was my bag! Ipsy has so many other great things this month that really impressed me. My bag was worth $51.40! How awesome is that? That’s not even the extra gift or the bag price included. I’m so staying subscribed for as long as possible because I love getting new fun products each month. If you’re dying to get your own bag I would use my link- I think using a referred link gets you in faster but I haven’t personally tried it. My wait was about a month without using a referral.

Hoped you guys enjoyed, if you haven’t already- check out my previous post for coupon codes and other product information this month!


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