Ipsy Glam Bag Timeline Breakdown!

Ipsy Glam Bag Breakdown! Must read for new Ipsy subscribers or pending Ipsters!

I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for almost 6 months now and if you are observant enough- you’ll pick up a few things like I did.

If you are still on the waiting list- it could take up to 2 months to get off the waiting list based on how you sign up. If someone used your referral– it could potently help you get off quicker but without one it could take a month or two. I think there is another way to skip everything but you have to do some digging on their Facebook page (it changes every now and then).

So here is Ipsy’s monthly subscription timeline breakdown:

1. When you get off the waitlist, your credit card is billed the FIRST (possibly the second) of each month. If you get off the waitlist anytime after the 1st/2nd- you’ll get next month’s bag.

2. The first of the month (as of 4/1/14), Ipsy will release the first clue to the theme on Facebook. It used to be the first full week but they like to please us so they made it the first of every month now! Yay Ipsy!

3. Depending on the theme/bag that month Ipsy usually will post at least 5 individual clues the same time everyday for that week on their Facebook page (usually 11am EST). They list the number of items you will get from that sneak peek- usually one item from the 1st and 2nd sneak peeks and vary from 1 or 2 for the rest). I think they post it on Twitter and Instagram too. Pay close attention to the wording of each sneak peek because they have double meanings!

4. The week after that (aka second week) your Glam Room will be updated (again-the same time as the sneak peek time) so you can see the brands, colors, description, size, and coupon codes (if available) for all the products.

Also, around the second week- Ipsy ships out your bags from North Carolina to your designated DHL carrier, Canada gets theirs first then it varies in the USA because Ipsy sends it out in batches- west coast first, then mid coast (central area) and then the east coast gets delivered. They are pretty good at sending them out the end of the first week but Ipsters tend to get their bags around mid-month. If you don’t get your bag by the 25th contact ipsyCare.

5. The tracking number is sent out the 2nd and 3rd week. You might get your bag (depending on how fast your post office is) before you get an email from ipsy with your tracking number. Ipsy uses DHL (which is slow in general) then gets transfered to your local post office- USPS.

6. The rest of the month Ipsy will post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram giveaways and contests that you can participate in to win goodies.

Some other useful information for first timers:

1. You can swap products you don’t want to use on Ipsy’s Facebook page under- “Swap Forum”. Beware of scammers- Ipsy does NOT monitor this so this is up to you guys to do the transactions. Another site that I’ve been using is called eDivv.com this is a community of all “subscriptioners” to trade whatever samples or full sized products you want. This is slightly monitored by Divvy but its up to each other to send out the items like the Ipsy Swap.

2. You can get ipsyPoints when you invite friends, review your bag/products, and sharing a post (when your bag arrives) via Facebook using the Ipsy app to get more goodies (you need to turn on Facebook sharing in “My Account”. They change when each full size goodie runs out. Read more about the bonus points program here.

3. If your bag is ever damaged or lost you can contact ipsyCare and they will send you a replacement or help you find your bag. They are very generous and it’s part of the reason why I stick around (plus they have awesome make-up products for so little).

4. Not that everyone will use this but, Ipsy has a new shopping feature on YouTube. You can actually buy stuff on Ipsy’s YouTube videos (only for some videos). If you link to YouTube they will let you know when a product is available.

5. You can customize your next bag (must do before the first) to your style preference via ipsyMatch. Ipsy doesn’t guarantee you’ll get those items but it help the computer generate bags (like for your skin tone or skin/hair needs). When you review your items- it really helps narrow it down for next time, for example if you don’t like a certain brand/product/color- you can rate it as “not for me”. Also, you can rate the items in your current/past bags to further customize your next bag by going to your Glam Room.

6. You can interact by uploading “looks” to your Ipsy page or share your feedback on the Ipsy homepage via reviewing your bag or commenting on the any product page. You can also watch/share tutorials on the Ipsy homepage- they have eyeshadow, contouring, looks, nail tutorials and a bunch of other stuff.

7. You can find sneak peeks (before the official Glam Room update) of the actual products here on my blog! I do a ton of research so its pretty accurate. Follow my blog so you don’t miss the updates. Ipsy is one of the cheapest/bestest subscription I’m subscribed to so I’m pretty on top of their stuff.

8. If enough Ipsters want something- Ipsy will take it under consideration and put it in a future bag. For example, we got em Cosmetics sample in our bag in September(?) and we actually got full size products as a BONUS in November (so we got 6 items instead of 5)! They really do strive to perfection. =]

I hoped you enjoy this post- let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions!

Also, if you want to join Ipsy for $10 a month use my link and visit their Facebook for how to skip-the-waitlist, thanks for reading!

There’s a Valentine’s Day Contest you should check out too- hurry because it ends 2/7/14!


10 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag Timeline Breakdown!

  1. Thanks for the information. i have seen their name float around, but didn’t know much about it. Seems way too complicated for someone with fringe interest like me. I have to say I got a good chuckle out of mid-coast. I have never heard that before!


    • Hahaha. I guess you would call it central area? I don’t know- it sounded weird but the middle portion has at least two states that can qualify as “mid-coast”.

      But yeah I think Ipsy is really one of the best subscription service for your buck- especially if you love make-up. Its nice to see what other people get first then sign up when you want.

      I personally can’t wait for the Valentine bag- its like getting a present! =]

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  4. Hmm. I was referred, and have still been on the wait list since January 15th. I ditched Facebook about a year ago, so skipping the wait isn’t an option.

    Trying to be patient but looks like I’m not getting a March bag either… 😦

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that, I guess it depends on the time you sign up. I know that Ipsy just posted up another fb skip the waitlist link for existing waitlisters… you could create one and delete it if you really want the next bag.

  5. To get off the waitlist fast someone needs to sign up using your personal link 🙂 if anyone would like to help me out here’s my link…

    Join me on @ipsy! http://www.ipsy.com/r/a7uf Makeup bags for just $10/month. Use my link & I get a free goodie.

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