Graze #3 January 2014

jangraze3holdSo this is my 3rd box from– I get them every 4 weeks. Graze is a natural snacking box that includes 4 personal sized snack blends perfect for on the go, snacking at work, putting in dishes or just for your eating pleasure. They have all kinds of different treats that you can tell them whether you want to “try, like, love, or trash”- with that they pick 4 and send them out to you every week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Since I contacted Graze about my 4 referral limit- they generously gave me unlimited 1st & 5th boxes FREE for my readers! Go ahead and tell your friends and family about the free snack boxes regularly $6 each. This is invitation only so make sure you use my link. After that, you can share your link to 4 of your closest peeps for $1 off your next box (up to 4 times).  If you need more- feel free to use my link. =]

Here’s what I got in this box:


Each box comes with a personalized card that has “tickets” for you to pass out to your friends and family along with a nutrient chart of what was in your box.

My first tasting were these Black Pepper Pistachios- I had the Naturebox ones and they were super peppery. These ones from Graze were much better! They didn’t have a ton of seasoning all over the shells but you can still taste the black pepper- its so yummy and perfectly seasoned. I’m glad I tried them!

jangraze3pish jangraze3pishclose

My next appetizer was these delicious Cheese Board- I LOVE cheese so this is a hit. The round cheesy herb crackers were the best- its so light and crispy the cheese tasted oh so yummy in my tummy. The cheese cashews were pretty good too- I would have never thought to combine cheese and nuts together… as for the salsa corn sticks- they were okay it was crunchy yet had a firmness to it. Its weird to describe maybe stale but not stale?

jangraze3cheese jangraze3cheeseclose

I don’t know how these got in here but I definitely didn’t want to try anything with bananas since I was allergic to fresh bananas. I’m glad I got these because I loveee dried bananas now. I got a dehydrator and I’ve been going over board drying everything. The bananas were soft in a way but was still chewy- just how I like them. Oh man these pineapples!! So soft, sweet and chewy (unlike last time)- *drools*. I love dried fruits- they just disappear when we’re in the same room. My least favorite were the mangoes- don’t get me wrong they were good but there were only two and they were HUGE- too big to chew so it took a while to finish those. I really like these mangoes over the green ones got in my other box for sure.

jangraze3fruithold jangraze3fruitclose

Yummm…. I saved the desert snack for last (for real this time) everything is really yummy. The cookies were nice and crunchy, the chocolate was delightful- I wanted more! And the hazelnut was actually pretty good- last time they weren’t as good but for some reason these were so good! Its toasted and with the chocolate and cookies- its a great combination. The sunflowers seeds were like- why are these in here? They were good but I didn’t get why it was in this blend and there were too many, they should have added more chocolate chips instead.

jangraze3cookies jangraze3cookieclose

This is my most favorite box because I loved just about everything! Omg, if you saw me eating this box you would’ve thought I was a starving child haha. I tore this box apart in 5 minutes!

If you want to try a box for free use my invitation link and your 1st and 5th box will be free. =]

Don’t forget to enter my Panty By Post Giveaway ending 2/7/14- it’s a great V-Day present! 😉


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