Julep February 2014 Box with New Starter Box Selections

febjulepholdI finally gave in and started getting the maven boxes again! I do like the recent make-up boxes but I was waiting for the skincare deal since I have tons of makeup and nail polishes already. This box is wider than the typical boxes (which means more goodies)!

This month Julep is adding a free nail polish as a Valentine gift for everyone so I couldn’t resist! I’m really excited to try this lovely gold, pearl and fuchsia glitter polish.

A great thing about Julep is that for just $20 you get least $40 worth of stuff and you can actually add on 4 other items (at a discount of course) in the collection separately. You get a gift in your box  when you get 3 boxes in a row- there’s another gift in your box on top of the one already in your box! Its just little perks like that that keeps you coming back for more. If you were to buy these boxes elsewhere like Sephora it would be more than $20 for sure.

So let’s see the goods!


Julep usually has the main 5 beauty boxes and some bonus collections in case some of us like all the colors. I picked the newest box called the “Core Classics Box” which is the konjac cleansing sponge with the oil cleanser (worth $40), the duo eyeliner and sharpener (worth $22), and the added bonus- Love-Bombshell nail polish (worth $14). This was a great deal- I just wanted the cleanser set so I think the eyeliner pencil will end up in the giveaway pile. =]


I was kind of surprised that the Konjac sponge was soft- I was expecting it to be coarser like a regular sponge. I only tried this twice so I’m not sure if I’m in love with it. I used it with and without the cleanser. They say to wet the sponge and use it with or without cleanser. It does a good job gently scrubbing off my dry patch but it seems like it would take a couple of uses to get rid of it completely. I like that it comes with a hanging tool but the down side is that it doesn’t hang out far enough to dry both sides.


The cleansing oil is suppose to dissolve your make-up and clean your face from dirt. Usually it takes more than one wash to get rid of the film of dirt but if you don’t clean it well the first time- you see all the dirt you missed when you use the cotton ball and toner. I’ve been washing my face twice in the morning (cleanser then exfoliating) and then again twice at night (exfoliating then cleanser) so that my face is cleaner for make up/moisturizing at night.

My face is pretty difficult with things so I have to use multiple things to get a good result. I ‘d say this cleanser is like most cleansers- it doesn’t “deep clean” your face in one wash especially when you have a bunch of make up on. I used the cleanser dry and massaged (with my hands) about 3 pumps into my face and it did an okay job- my face was clear of foundation but the eyes were the trickiest. I had to use another cleanser to get my mascara off since it needed to have a “wet” consistency to wash them away. The oil cleanser didn’t have a strong smell and it didn’t dry out my face- in fact it was pretty moisturizing when I was rubbing into my face! =]


I didn’t do swatches because I was planning on giving this away- I have way too many pencil eyeliners that aren’t waterproof so if it were waterproof- it would have been a keeper. One lucky reader will end up with this super soft black/brown eye liner (with a sharpener).

I love pink/gold glitter polishes but I haven’t tried this yet. From far away it looks rose gold but up close you can see the touch of pink glitter. I’m actually wearing one of Julep’s rose gold polish in the picture so picture that with a sprinkle of pink! The gold top is so cute too- I love cute packing!

So that was my box! I kinda really liked the eyeshadow colors- I was worried it would be too sheer but it looks pretty opaque- oh well! Maybe next time they’ll have more in stock at a discount or something…

Speaking of discounts- if you haven’t already you should pick up your FREE Maven box! This is for first time emails/user so if you like the image below- you should jump on the deal before they are gone. When they are out- they have new starter boxes to choose from.


So the white pen looking thing is a Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum worth $28! The white Julep font on the bottles are nail polishes worth $14 and the eyeliner pencil you should recognize (worth $22) and the pink bottle with black lettering is the Julep Lip Gloss worth $4. If you pick one of these starters boxes, you’ll receive a free gift in your box. So click here, sign up, take the optional quiz, if you don’t like what they choose for you- pick a different box and when you checkout put in FREEBOX for the promo code box.

Disclaimer: this box is free but you do have to pay for shipping  ($3.99) but for $4 this is a steal! Also, if you don’t want anymore boxes you need to cancel/skip before the 20th-24th. To permanently cancel call their toll free number.

A giveaway you should check out is my Panty By Post Giveaway Contest ending 2/7/14!

That’s all for now, hoped you enjoyed my box. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and deals! Check out my other Julep posts if you are interested!

2 thoughts on “Julep February 2014 Box with New Starter Box Selections

  1. Julep recently changed their skip policy for new members. New sign ups can no longer skip, you have to “earn” a skip every 6 months. Pretty shady, especially since the haven’t been very forthcoming with the announcement.

    • Oh no! Thanks for letting us know Karen! I didn’t get anything from Julep but I did a little research and it says that any member who signed up before 12/18/13 aren’t affected however I do agree it stinks for new members since they can’t skip whenever they want. If anything, people can cancel before the 24th if they really hate ALL the choices. Maybe if they see a lot of people canceling because of that they’ll change it back to the old skip. I still think everyone should at least take advantage of their free starter box though- its a great deal for the price!

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