A new box for men (and ladies too)- one word, bacon.

Bacon on Wood Board

Yes, I said it BACON haha! I have some exciting news for all you BACON LOVERS! We can’t always eat healthy so to indulge- why not do it with bacon? Is your mouth watering yet? lol

Basic RGB

Batch5280, a bacon company in Colorado specializes in finding the BEST bacon around the country and they wanted to give me a great deal just for my readers. 😉 ❤

A little bit more about Batch5280:

– they have passion for all things bacon – whether its unique smoking techniques and flavors, bacon creations whipped up by food artists, products crafted from the finest quality pigs/meats

– they’ve found the best of them and wrapped them up in what they call a Batch to have it delivered to your door

– their “6-pack” bacon deal is a limited quantity (5,280) of artisan produced, handcrafted bacon from around the country for $99!

-each box will contain at least 6lbs worth of bacon!

So, here’s the deal- the first 500 people to pre-order their special limited edition “6-pack” box will get a special surprise gift for two AND get first dibs (shipping-wise). They only have a limited quantity so I’d hurry and order now.

This is great gift for your hubby who absolutely LOVES bacon and ya just don’t know what else to get him. He can share if he wants to- but I wouldn’t count on that! Most men are crazy about their bacon. Get some bacon education by visiting their site.

The best part is that they are offering SubscriptionBoxaholic readers $10 off when you use promo code BLG002 at checkout.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

Enjoy bacon-lovers! 😉

*Please note that I am NOT getting paid for writing this post, I might receive a free box. Also, this is NOT a subscription box- this is a one time purchase. Although, you can buy multiple boxes. I think each box is filled with different products that will probably overlap if you buy more than one box.

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