February 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag with coupon codes!

febipsyholdThis month Ipsy Glam bag took FOREVER to get to me! I was raving last month how fast it took but since mother nature kept dumping her load on us every other day- the post office decided to stock pile mail for a good week. Snow + the weekend + President’s day = EXTRA slow mail but yeah, my bag was shipped out on 2/8/14 and I just got it on 2/18/14. As you can see my bag is a little bit different this month- its BIGGER!

(If you want to learn more about Ipsy check out my Ipsy Timeline Breakdown)

Let’s get straight to the goods. The first two products were two items that every Ipster had to get were the:


1. Pop Beauty Plump Pout Lip Gloss-Fushsia Freesia. Retail value: $7.53. This color is uberly bright but I decided to keep because I don’t have any color like it. This is my mom’s favorite color- once I had it on she told me to give her that lipstick! haha It’s a nice gloss- its super smooth with a great color payoff but there is a strange smell when you first take it out of the packaging however it doesn’t bother me when its on my lips. Another plus- its not sticky and has no taste. I need to find a nice lip liner and a base lip stick for this one. What your seeing is one coat of lip coat btw.

febipsyzoya2. Zoya Nail Polish. Retail value: $9. I usually like Zoya polishes so I’m excited to try this one out. I was hoping for the purple color but I got the pink color instead. Its a nice color- I have light pinks that are shimmery so I’m keeping this one for a base color for french manis.

They were good choices even though some ladies don’t want nail polish. The other three were supposed to be according to the quiz we all took but it seems just random to me.

I was really hoping for the eyeshadow palette, clay cleanser, blush, or the waterproof eyeliner. But I ended up getting my “meh” products and a “I really don’t need this” product.

febipsymask3. Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud. Retail value: $13. I didn’t mind too much getting this but I would have loved to trade this for a Mally eyeliner. I really needed some waterproof eye pencils so after researching- I found a great set on Birchbox- 10 different colors for $50- it’s literally a steal (each one by itself costs $18) and I’m using my Birchbox points to get it for FREE! But yeah, another reason why I didn’t like this was because its a foil packet which means you get one use out of it.

febipsytini4. tini beauty Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base- Violette. Retail value: $18. This is quite the expensive eye base cream that I could potentially use but e.l.f. has a similar item for $2 so I ordered in in a more natural color. I want to keep this but I’ll see if I can trade it for something else later if the elf primer works well.

febipsylashes5. J. Cat Beauty Eye Lash EL 13. Retail value: $3.99. I’m trading my least favorite product with another person for the product I really wanted- the matte blush. I have way too many lashes already and I’ve tried them before and I’m not a huge fan.

As a bonus product I picked out the nail kit by Kiss! They have tons of tools and decorations to choose from so I’m super excited to try it out.


That was my bag! Isn’t that print gorgeous? Even though it was worth $51.52 I felt it wasn’t the best bag for me but its okay because I’m trying out this trading site called eDivv.com where anyone can put up their unwanted samples and products to trade. I think this is far easier than the swap forum they have. I’m updating products constantly so you can check out my store here.

As always, here are all the February 2014 coupon codes for Ipsy:

PoppingPout: 25% off any purchase at popbeauty.com 

IPSYZP4: Buy any 2 Zoya Polishes get 1 FREE Zoya Polish and FREE Zoya Remove at zoya.com 

IPSYLOVE: 50% off any purchase and FREE nail polish at tinibeauty.com 

eyeluvjcat: 25% off any purchase at jcatbeauty.com 

ipsy20: 20% off any purchase at pacificabeauty.com

IPSY: 25% off site wide at mallybeauty.com 

14IPSY20: 20% off your entire purchase at citycolorbeauty.com 

IPSY30: 30% off any purchase at uberliss.com 

IPSY: 20% off any purchase at firstaidbeauty.com 

IPSY20: Get up to 20% off of Velvet Gel at myphyto-c.us 

IPSYFSM: 50% off one product and 20% off additional products at skyniceland.com/IPSY 

IPSYDRLIN: 50% off any purchase at drlinskincare.com/IPSY 

nipsyparty50: 50% off plus FREE shipping and FREE Classic Curling Wand at numeproducts.com 

IPSYFEB2014: 20% off any purchase at jessesgirlcosmetics.com 

Hoped you guys found this post helpful, if you want to join Ipsy, join ASAP because the waiting list is really long. I think using a referral is faster but they have a facebook option that gets you in instantly. So sign up here, go on Ipsy’s facebook dig a little for the skip the line link, and get your bag next month for just $10.


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