February 2014 Nibblr Snack box- Free box offer!

febnibblrholdI came across this new snack box that really similar to Graze, called Nibblr. Each box costs $6 each (like Graze) and it also comes with 4 snack portions in a cute little box. You can choose to get it sent every week, two weeks or monthly- the difference from Nibblr and Graze is that with Nibblr you can choose to pause your subscription and restart any day, month AND year. Of course like any subscription you can choose to cancel at any time, to avoid getting charged- do it before your next shipment. They ship out their boxes on Wednesdays so if you want to cancel do it a week before. Another difference is that you can choose to pay for more than one box (making it slightly cheaper)- you can choose from 4 or 12 boxes at a time. Everything is super easy to manage/pause/cancel so there’s no obligation to stay if you don’t want to continue getting boxes after your free box. Also, I don’t think you have to be invited to Nibblr but if you use my referral code for your first box completely free! (Keep reading)


febnibblrbookThe packaging is minimal like Graze however the note inside is printed differently, they printed on a large (11×17″) paper and folded it into a booklet- I love this idea since I’m a designer and I’ve done books similar to this idea. I also love how the booklet becomes a poster! What a great way to encourage people to save paper and use it for decoration. The booklet has jokes, facts, and misc stuff as you open up the paper. I thought this was pretty awesome.

Enough paper talk- let’s get to the review!

febnibblryogurtnabox  febnibblryogurtna

First snack I got was the Yogurt-Na Love It, I wasn’t too excited getting this since I wanted to try more unique blends but I really enjoyed this combination. I might have to make a granola/almond/yogurt covered raisins for a quick snack in the near future. 😉 Each ingredient tasted yummy by itself but those yogurt covered raisins really made everything taste so much better.

febnibblrcashewsbox  febnibblrcashews

Next, I tried the Salt and Pepper Cashews, again not one of my main choices to get but I had to give them a certain amount of snacks to “try” since they need a handful to pick from. These were VERY peppery… I wish it had a little more salt to balance it out but yeah, I’d be careful eating these because it IS tasty but just have a drink nearby in case its too much. Not that creative compared to Graze but still a good classic snack.

febnibblrflaxbox  febnibblrflax

My next snack is called Stuck on Flax, this is pretty interesting- I’ve never had anything like it so its hard to describe. It’s a small candy-sized salty pretzel with a sweet crunchy coating. Flax is suppose to be good for you but you don’t taste any “healthyness” in this one. Is that a good thing? If you like a sweet and salty mix this is a nice snack for you. I think this was my least favorite out of the five but it wasn’t too bad- just different. Maybe this will be good with beer?

febnibblrberrybox  febnibblrberries

Last but certainly not least is the Berry’s Hat Trick which was a nice surprise. I had something very similar to one of my Graze’s snack but I like Nibblr’s version better. This had plenty of berries and it was pretty soft to eat- unlike Graze’s strawberries these were huge and way softer and juicier. I love dried fruits so this combination of strawberries, fruit bits, and pomengrate-cranberries were delicious! I also liked how this had plenty of snacks in the container. Some of the others weren’t so filled- booo!

Overall, I liked my selections but I will not continue to buy more boxes- I rather stick to Graze. Like I said before, some had a lot of snacks in the container and some did not. I do like that the ingredients and nutrition label are on the bottom so I don’t have to save a piece of paper to tell me all the info. Graze is like that but it doesn’t bother me too much. Nibblr doesn’t have quite as many selections and I don’t feel like its worth $6 a box. I’m kind of effy why they don’t have a referring discount like Graze does but it doesn’t hurt to try it out. After all your first box is FREE. Even though you can choose to pay for more than one box (making it slightly cheaper) in my opinion, Graze has a better deal (at least for me) because I get $1 off for each person that uses my link- Nibblr doesn’t currently offer any discounts other than saving at least 25 cents a box when I “buy in bulk”. But both has free boxes although Graze offers two (for my readers of course) whereas Nibblr only has one.

So if you want a free box, use the the code “3032” in the referral box to get your first box absolutely free! Don’t worry if you see the amount pop up in your statement bill- it’ll go away. Once you sign up, start rating the snacks to personalize your first box! If you really love it let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it.

If you haven’t already- check out my Graze posts for your first and fifth box free! Enjoy.

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