Graze 4 February 2014- More Free boxes!

graze4holdAs you may know, I’ve been getting Graze boxes a lot lately- not as much as they want you to but more than “once a month” so every 4 weeks I get a box full of 4 unique goodies. I actually pushed my boxes back by a month after this box because I’ve been shopping too much so this didn’t make the cut. Usually the boxes are $6 but if you refer friends and family and can get $1 off up to 4 times. If you use my link you can get your 1st and 5th boxes absolutely free- part of being my reader has its perks. 😉 Feel free to let your friends/family use my link. You can read more about my past Graze boxes here.

graze4cardgraze4layoutSo you usually get a really cute personalized booklet with your boxes- this month is about Perfect Portions so there’s a fun “portion” quiz and facts to learn along with cute tickets with your code and the ingredients and nutrition charts.

Let’s jump right in!

graze4caramel graze4caramelclose

My first choice to dig into was the Toffee Apple, basically a caramelized apple but dried and portion controlled. Honestly, I didn’t even have enough apples to eat all my toffee but it’s okay because that dip was so sweet and probably too deliciously-bad to finish. I wish there were more apples! (Sorry for the small picture- my picture got corrupted when I was uploading them. Grrr.)

graze4mango graze4mangoclose

The next snack I tried was the Fruity Mango Chutney, this baby was making my mouth on FIRE! I didn’t expect it but this thing is strong- good but strong as heck. I love mango but I just ate the crackers after that first dip. Then tried dipping it again and regretting it… lol. I didn’t finish the dip but the crackers were nice and crunchy but not too hard. Yummm…

graze4floratine graze4floratineclose

I was pretty curious to try the Florentine out, I love dark chocolate, cranberries and pumpkin seeds (separately) but I never thought to combine them together! This combo is sooo good! Must try, definitely. Even though I’m used to eating roasted pumpkin seeds this kind was still pretty flavorful. I wish there were more dark chocolate morsels though- those things are addicting.

graze4garden graze4gardenclose

Lastly is the Garden of England, a fruity blend- I can’t get enough of dried fruits. This is sadly the least favorite out of the bunch. I love the idea behind the blend but the strawberries and blackcurrants were so tiny and hard which I didn’t like at all. Maybe if they were more moist this would’ve been a great snack but the apples were nice- maybe I should’ve ate this first and use them for the first snack! It took me a couple of days to eat them so I “portion-control” myself. =]

Overall, Graze really did pick some tasty treats- I love trying exotic and new blends so this is great for me. I had sweet and savory, spicy hot mango, sweet and nutty, and dried fruit mix a well mixed palette if you ask me. Hope you guys liked my review, feel free to ask any questions below.

If you’re interested in a free box use my link (invitation only) and you’ll receive a free box along with a second free box if you choose to stay for the 5th box.

Hope you guys enjoy- if you want to sample another box like this (also for free) check out my Nibblr post!


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