March 2014 Ipsy Review with Bonus Coupon Codes!

maripsyholdMy Ipsy bag finally arrived! I was super excited for this bag although it’s the lesser quantity this month- Ipsy always pick out the best products for us to test out. Even though we’re getting 4 products- I kinda don’t mind getting any of the products they had except for one thing (the self-tanner)…

Remember how I predicted my bag in this post? Well, I got what I thought I would’ve gotten! The IpsyMatch worked  pretty well this time, and I’m very pleased with my selections but like I said before- there’s only a few products and I already liked most of them. =]

My bag was shipped out on 3/8/14 (my birthday!) and I finally got it 3/14/14. I loved all of my goodies!

Let’s see what’s in my “Destination Beauty” bag (look how cute “Palette Island” is):


maripsylip maripsylipcolorbareMinerals Marvelous Moxie™ Lipstick in Get Ready. Retail: $6.05. This is the mini version but I really love the color- its pretty neutral pink that is suppose to compliment most skin tones. It goes on smooth and its pretty moisturizing. The color looks a lot darker on the screen without flash but its pretty light and more pinkish with flash. I feel like it lasts as long as any normal lipstick- I like the compact size but I don’t think I’ll buy another one (just because I have soo many).

maripsyboraBe a Bombshell Bora Bora Eyeshadow Quad. Retail: $16.00. This was the most exciting product I wanted to try- finally some COLOR. I only tried two of the colors on my eyes the blue and gold which is gorgeous! They are smooth indeed and they do blend well. I used primer but I think the color is the same without it but it really depends on your skin type. I find oilier skins have brighter pigments without primer but at the same time wears off quicker because if you touch your face- the make up comes off faster. I was hoping the orange color would be more orange but it has a more reddish-brownish color to it. This would be really nice for fall or even summer for that bronzy look. All of these are shimmery/satiny not matte. (See my eye look below.)

maripsytip marcheyelookChella Indigo Blue Eyeliner. Retail: $24.00. I was also really excited to try this eyeliner when I found out it was a pen! It’s supposed to be water-resistant and smudge-proof so after trying it out- I found that it does stay put until you take it off but beware because it is NOT waterproof. It probably won’t smudge if it dried but once water hits it and you rub it- it comes off. It is thin at the tip but I found it difficult to line my eyes after eyeshadow because not enough liquid came out and it was picking up eyeshadow on the tip, hence why I can’t stand felt tips. I love the color but it feel its best on bare eyelids that are not oily. You only need a light hand to apply the liner to get an even line- I would’ve loved it more if it was a calligraphy pen instead of a felt tip.


maripsyeyepatchKlorane Smoothing and relaxing patches with soothing cornflower. Retail: $5.14 for two packets. I haven’t tried these yet because there’s in ingredient that my eyes are highly allergic to. They say you can use one pair up to three times so the fact that Ipsy gave us two sets makes it so much more fun! You can do it with your loved one! These are supposed to reduce swollen/eye bags or just calm you down. Some put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to make your eyes feel even more relaxed. I don’t know if I’ll use these but keep your eyes open for a giveaway if you like these.

maripsyhighbeamBenefit High Beam. Retail: $26.00. This was one of the bonus items you can add on to your bags- once you have enough points. I thought these would be a mini version but it’s actually full size! Whoa! lol I hope you guys like this too because I’m not a fan of cream/liquid highlighters. Maybe down the road but I have a ton of different brands- even though I haven’t tried Benefit yet… I’m still gonna give this away or trade it in for something. If you really want this in a giveaway- lemme know.

My total bag value is $51.19 without the High Beam and bag! Crazy, right?

As always I include coupon codes in the end of my reviews:

IPSYBB: 25% off NYX Butter Lip Balm at

ipsy20%: 20% off any purchase at

IPSY: FREE gift with any purchase at

FlawlessPixi: 25% off any purchase at

IPSY40: 40% off any purchase and FREE Fuchsia Lip Crayon at

EYELINER: 25% off any purchase at

IPSY: 15% off any Klorane purchase at

Hope you guys enjoy! If you’re considering joining do it ASAP because it could take longer than 2 months! If you go to their Facebook page you can find their skip to waitlist link (if it’s still there). Or you can just use my link and wait it out. It’s so worth $10 a month for all the great products you get.


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