March Birchbox 2014 Review

marbbholdMy Birchbox came so quick this month! I love it! Plus this was my birthday month as well so there’s lots of goodies this month. I have a ton of boxes to review so stay tuned for more reviews for NEW boxes.

marbbcardSo this month’s theme is Spring Forward, too bad spring is taking forever to get here! We had some nice weather days which is nice but I’m so sick and tired of snow, its time for 70 degree weather and cute dress weather!

My Birchbox shipped out 3/6/14 from TN? (this is new- they usually send it from NJ) and I got it on 3/11/14 which is still pretty early for these beauty boxes. Instead of getting 5 items in my box I had 7! Yes, 7!!! They were super generous this month- I love it!

Here’s what I got:


maripsycoolaCOOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30. Retail: $3.60 for .17 oz. I love Coola products so this is a good pick for my face- I need matte foundation since a lot of foundation doesn’t stay on my face. Only liquid matte foundation work- and I’ve tried misting sprays and finishing/setting powder. I haven’t tried this out yet but I heard its super sheer and lightweight. The only thing I don’t like about this particular sample is that there’s barely anything in the tube- they might as well use a foil packet for so little product.

marbbshamcondGilchrist & Soames London Collection Shampoo and Conditioner Duo. Retail: $5.44 for both samples. This is a pretty generous/luxurous sample! It smells like a perfume- very nice. I like that it has natural oils with no chemicals and cruelty-free. Plus, its great for my damaged hair!

marbbeyecream100% Pure Vitamin A & Coenzyme Q10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream. Retail: $3.18 for both samples. I got two foil packets PACKED with stuff so this will last awhile. I only really need it around my eyes and the corners of my mouth so it only need a pea size or so. Even just getting one packet would be enough for me but I’m so glad they sent me two. I can happily say that I’m set on eye creams. I haven’t even gone through half of my samples for eye creams so its gonna take awhile. Its supposed to brighten and firm up your skin so maybe after I use up everything else I’ll need to do my whole face- not that I’m hoping for it to happen! =p Again this products have no chemicals or preservatives and such. =]

marbblotionIllume Go Be Lovely Lavish Hand Creme in Anemone. Retail: $1.94. This came in a hard foil packet which I guess seems logical. I used it on my extremely dried hands and it does the job of moisturizing it. Although I didn’t like how strong the smell was- it was a nice florally smell but I prefer non-scented lotion.

marbbchocoGhirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango. Retail: $0.50?. This was a freebie so I’m assuming it costs 50 cents for an individual square. I love dark chocolate so this was a no brainer- loved it! It was rich, sweet and tangy yumminess. *drool*

My total box value came out to $12.72 which doesn’t really seem right but I still thought it was a great box. It’s not as high as my other boxes but the quality and amount of “samples” really impressed me. Usually we get 5 samples but I got 7. =] Plus, I’ll actually use everything (eventually).

For my next box I’m changing up my profile, I’m gearing towards haircare products, skincare products (as usual), and make up stuff (new). I still love skincare but I want more makeup! As always, I check off the natural/organic products and no fragrance samples.

So that was that- what did you think? I thought everything was well thought out for me. What else can I say- Birchbox knows how to pick out a good box. And I love that they send me all natural stuff so I’ll never have to worry about quality. So if you want to join, use my link! They have great perks like points to redeem free products, monthly contests, and other cool bonuses.


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