March 2014 Mercobox Review

marmercoholdmarmercocardThere’s a local subscription box in Utah- you don’t have to live in Utah because Utah can come to you! Mercolocal delivers about 5 items from their very own merchants in Utah along with some coupons each month! The products are pretty diverse so it can be beauty, food, clothes, or even gadgets! The site tells you all the products, details and price of your box- yay for saving paper! Each box can range from $20 & up depending on which plan/box(es) you pick. So not only are you getting cool unique local products from Utah but you’re also getting coupons!

Mercolocal was kind enough to send me a Mercobox to review…

So, here is what the March’s box had:

marmercoscarf1. Infinity Scarf. Retail: $28.00. The colors varied for this one but I got the peachy one- its so cute! Its pretty long so you can triple layer it or double layer it for a loose look. Each scarf had triangle patterns in various colors- it kinda has of an Indian style to it you know? Tribal, perhaps? But yeah, the scarf itself is pretty sheer so I wouldn’t recommend it for cold weather… this will be nice for spring!

I also got a “business card” for $15 off of $50 purchase from Q. Clothing Boutique. Each card has the name, address, phone number, site, email, and facebook link- I thought that was pretty cute. Too bad I don’t live near Utah!

marmercobrowniemarchmercobrownie2. Wildflower Brownie Mix. Retail: $6.99. This treat is gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free. This brownie is pretty different- its very rich in chocolate and the texture is totally different- its more grainy when you bake it the first day but I think it tastes better the day after when you leave it out for awhile. The brownie itself falls apart pretty easily so I would be careful eating these. It tastes super yummy with ice cream- looks good doesn’t it? 😉

The card that came with it was $5 to spend at Edible Wilds– just because you’re awesome I’m sharing the coupon code/gift card code so you can get $5 off, just use “MERCOLOCAL”.

marmercotea3. Relaxed Mama Tea. Retail: $6.50. Chamomile and other relaxing teas in a cute resealable bag! I think this is enough for a few drinks. I drink a lot of tea but I rarely drink non-caffinated teas… maybe that’s why I stay up so late? Personally I don’t like non-caffinated tea- because they don’t for me but I’ll give this a try when I’m feeling stressed.

The Wild Grape gift card gave me $15 to spend however since there isn’t a code- I’m assuming it can only be spent at the store and not online. =[


4. Wrinkle Free Obsession Cream. Retail: $4.00. More eye creams! I have sooo many eye creams its getting out of hand using it all up. My eyes have been super sensitive lately so I haven’t been using them much. This is all natural and organic ingredients so A+ for that!

After reading more about this I learned that not only does them cream treats fine lines and wrinkles- it also helps with cellulite, stretch marks and scars all over the body! I want to use this but my entire body is super sensitive now so I’m not using any product on my skin except for non-fragrant, highly moisturizing lotion.

You can use the promo code: “MERCOMARCH” for 15% off of your first purchase at Raziehs Organic Skin Care.

marmercolotionmarchmercosoap5. Cherub Balm Lotion. Retail: $3.99. I wasn’t sure how to use this but apparently, its a dry lotion bar you can use for your body. I wouldn’t really recommend you use this on your face since it highly fragrant. It smells very citrusy with a blend of oils like lavender and vanilla. It actually melts in your hands when you rub the bar and your hands together. Again, completely all natural ingredients. My one concern is that it could melt in your purse/bag if its hot out but I do like the idea of a solid lotion bar. I thought the angel wing design on the soap was pretty cool too.

I- or should I say- “we” got a $5 gift card, just use “Mercobox” at

marmercokey6. I actually got a few bonus items, one is a Mercolocal key chain and the others are gift cards/coupons to shop at in stores! Great if you live in or near Utah. =p

My total retail value of the physical things I got was worth $49.48! Plus, I got high value coupons! I believe each box cost $19.99 a month but they have other boxes and bundles you can choose from too. There’s a Father’s Day Box for just $35! Since this is a local box- they don’t have large quantities-so order them quick if you like what you see. I wish they did this for various states- (I’m sure each state has something this) but I think they should link up with existing boxes so people can get boxes from a new state- say… one state at a time each month?


If you want to learn more about Mercobox visit their page here. I love how they list all the cool local merchants, have daily deals, and do a spotlight on a few of the shops for that month’s box. If I lived in Utah- I would totally check them out! Overall, this was a great “natural” box. I love to find new things!


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