Little Black Bag February 2014 Review

marchlbbholdIt’s been awhile since I shopped at Little Black Bag, so when a great deal comes up- I gotta scoop it up! Every couple of months when you don’t shop at LBB- they send out emails giving you $10 credits to shop, so why not use that to your advantage??? I got one a couple months ago but I didn’t use it because I was too late. But luckily my birthday was around the corner and they happen to have a great deal on purses, shoes, and other misc. stuff. I also got a free gift for a referral so that was awesome! I ended up trading with someone else because that’s one of the perks of getting an unknown item. What more can I ask for? =]

If you aren’t familiar with LBB check out my other posts.

So here’s what I got for my bday present to myself:

marchlbblong marchlbbshortNila Anthony Small Bows Shoulder Bag in yellow. Retail: $71.00.
The picture looked like a cream color so when I opened up my box I was totally shocked that it was yellow. It’s not that bad but I would’ve liked it better if it were a neutral color. I only paid $16.00 for this bag so I really can’t complain.

There’s a short handle and a body chain so you can use either. It’s nice and compact but you can also put a lot of stuff in it because it expands! I love the design in the inside- white and blue stripes with a zipper compartment. Nice and simple.

marchlbbbottom DSC05630

marchlbbscarfBetsey Johnson Never End Roses Scarf. Retail: $42.00?.
Sorry I don’t know the true price of this scarf, this post is really late so this product was sold out and I can’t access the information. This is the item I traded for since the scarf they picked out for me was really ugly (in my opinion). Yes, it was worth double the price of this scarf but it doesn’t mean anything to me if I don’t personally find it appealing. I can’t remember who it was from but the knit scarf was chunky and it looked like a brown sock monkey in a scarf form. lol.

But yeah, this scarf is long and sheer. I love the pretty design- its great for spring!

marchlbblayoutOverall, I am happy with my purchase. I got $119.00 worth of stuff for just $11.90 (including shipping)! I don’t usually buy name brand stuff but when I do- I make sure it’s a good deal.

If you wanna check out Little Black Bag- use my link for 25% off your first purchase. I think you might even save more but I can’t remember. If it’s a good deal for you- snatch it up before it’s gone. I’m a savvy shopper so I only shop when I save.

Feel free to add your referral link so that others can use your link too- I don’t shop enough here to use all the “free gifts”. Hope this post helps.


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